31 March 2013

~ 90/365 Happy Easter ~

Wow, not even at 100 pics yet for this year, so many to go still.  This one is my Easter Egg shot, since it's Easter baby!!! :)  This egg's being flanked by a Marine, SC2!!!! Hmmmm, talking about SC2, I better go play, Happy EASTER peeps!!! -Randy
~ 90/365 ~

30 March 2013

~ 89/365 Last day of my parents visit ~

Went out with my Dad to take some pictures at the Egg Park.  Love being with my Dad out taking photos....was great to be around my Mom and Dad for this break. :) -Randy

~ 98/365 ~

29 March 2013

~ 88/365 Mom and Dad and GOOD FOOD ~

Mom and Dad at our fave restaurant in Edmonton, Maurya Palace.  Had a GREAT meal with my awesome folks!!! :)  Sad to see them leave this Sunday but still great to hang and visit with them both.  -Randy

~ 88/365 ~

28 March 2013

~ 87/365 New Fridge Day ~

~ 87/365 ~
Today I spent WAY too much time with this beast!! We got a new fridge but the door handle was on the wrong side, so I spent HOURS switching the handle, hinges and such so it opened the other side.  I am the slowest handy man on the planet....wasn't fun.  Now we have a nice new fridge that will help my bad back and me to find yummy eats!!! -Randy

27 March 2013

~ 86/365 HDR Photography Sunset ~

Went out and shot a sunset with my Dad!! :)  We were able to see this big ball of fire melt in to the horizon to end the 86th day of 2013!! :)  -Randy

~ 88/365 ~

26 March 2013

~ 85/365 Cleaning the office ~

Spent the day hanging out with my Mom and Dad, also tried to clean the office, got like 1/2 done.....got a TAD sidetracked by the SC2!!!! But overall a good day.  Still got some work to do on editing and school related stuff, but I can stay up late and sleep in!!! Perks of being on Spring Break!!! :) -Randy
~ 85/365 ~

25 March 2013

~ Big D 84/365 ~

My Mom and Dad are visiting for Spring Break!!! Love my big D!!!  Had to make him my picture of the day!! -Randy

~ 84/365 ~

24 March 2013

~ 83/365 Nahla ~

Yeah another cat pic!!!! Thought I'd go with all 3 of my cats in a row, tomorrow promise no cat pics!!! But looking forward to my Mom and Dad visiting.  Prob gonna be a Mom and Dad Pond pic! :) -Randy

~ 83/365 ~

23 March 2013

~ 82/365 Caturday!! ~

Caturday!!! Tired and wanted to shoot my beautiful cat Scully.  This year I wanna shoot lots of my old girl as she isn't getting any younger. :)  She is still quite an active girl and still manages to get around like mad cat. :) -Randy

~ 82/365~

~ 81/365 Finny Cat!!! ~

Busy day, so I figured it was CAT time.  Shot this "little" dude on my way out the door. :) Didn't post it on the day I shot it, but still shot it on day 81!!! :)  Just means that day 82 gets 2 365 shots posted!!! :)  Well, loving my spring break and having some time to relax. :) -Randy
~ 81/365 ~

21 March 2013

~ 80/365 Spring Break BEGINS!!! ~

SPRING BREAK STARTED TODAY!!!!!!! Can't you tell??  hehehe, Sabrina was awesome in a last minute shoot to try and get some BIG snow flakes.  I grabbed the 70-200 and tried to get some but at the time we were out they were TINY!! But we still had fun and I cannot wait to post more from this shoot.  Sabrina earned the name Spidey Sabrina during this shoot.  What a crazy weather day! -Randy

~ 80/365 ~

20 March 2013

~ 79/365 OILERS!!! ~

Crazy weather day, buses called at 12:30 due to blowing snow.....found out they are cancelled for tomorrow too.....gonna be an early spring break.  Here is a pic of OLD me, sitting at my MESSY computer (which will be cleaned over spring break) and editing while streaming the Oiler game via a Russian website. :)  Wearing an old school Oiler uni! :)  Hope they close out this game vs the Sharks!!! -Randy

~ 79/365 ~

19 March 2013

~ 78/365 Sunny Day creating ICE!! ~

It has been cold lately, but during the day the sun beats winter up a bit and melts some snow.  Soon, we'll be basking in hot sunshine and I'll be venturing outside more for photos!! :) -Randy

~ 78/365 ~

18 March 2013

~ 77/365 Waiting for Spring ~

Waiting for spring to come, pretty soon there will be more melting snow and pictures of puddles.  For now all Albertans wait patiently and some impatiently for winter to end and spring and summer to arrive. -Randy

~ 77/365 ~

17 March 2013


HAPPY GREEN DAY!!!! Saint Patrick's Day!!!! Hope everyone had a fun SNOWY weekend.  Just had to find something GREEN today and this is it. :)  -Randy

~ 76/365 ~

~ 75/365 Chayla ~

Nice surprise today, I got to shoot with a model that has worked with the AMAZING Claudine Gladue (a photography I have huge respect for and hope to one day meet, hint hint, Claudine) :) Anyway, Claudine has an amazing photo of Chayla taken at a Saddle Lake Pow Wow.....love those pics. Chayla is going to be going in to a Miss World Pageant and I wish her all the best. Thankful that she allowed me to take some promo shots for her run at the crown. :) -Randy

~ 75/365 ~

15 March 2013

~ 74/365 Baroness ~

Iris and I discussed doing a Baroness theme shoot, so I had some shirts made, but she came up with this amazing look all on her own.  Michelle got in on the shot and wore one of the shirts I had made for the shoot.  Love how this shot turned out. :) Have a great weekend everyone and to nerd's everywhere, "you're welcome!!!" :D -Randy

~ 74/365 ~

14 March 2013

~ 73/365 Scully ~

Shot my kitty today as she lay on the bed watching me.  She is used to being a lil model.....prob thinking "here we go again with the camera!!!" -Randy

~ 73/365 ~

13 March 2013

~ 72/365 Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm ~

Better late than NEVER!! SC2 is here!!!!!!!!!! New sexy Collectors Edition!!!! My inner NERD is blissful today!!!  Goodbye world....if you wonder what happened to me, just check day 72....hehehhe....peace out!!!  Got some SC2 game action to get on!!!! -Randy

~ 72/365 ~

12 March 2013

~ 71/365 Kayleigh and Mitchell ~

Kayleigh and I had talked about doing a shoot years ago.  Today I was honored to have the chance to meet her and take some photos of her.  Her boyfriend came along and we were able to brave some cold wind and a fat studio cat that didn't like smelling dogs to get some photos done.  They are a really good looking couple, hoping they'll let me shoot them in some warmer weather this year.  Stay tuned! :) -Randy

~ 71/365 ~

11 March 2013

~ 70/365 ~

Decided to get out and explore a bit now that it is warmer.  Wanted to shoot a sunset.  Also decided today to stop branding my photos.  So from this day on I will be posting work as pure as I can without a logo.  I think it makes the work look better. -Randy

~ 70/365 ~

10 March 2013

~ 69/365 Reflective Day ~

Saw a melting puddle in front of my house this morning, so I texted Sabrina to see if she wanted to go out and shoot.  She was able to get ready quick and we went exploring for puddles for me to shoot some reflections.  This was one of my faves. :) -Randy

~ 69/365 ~

~ 68/365 Sabrina Sisters ~

So these two friends, "The Sabrinas" came over to shoot.  I got a bit confused when we were shooting, when I said Sabrina, they'd both respond, hehehe. But it was a fun time and had to make a photo of the day. :) -Randy

~ 68/365 ~

09 March 2013

~ 67/365 International Women's Day with Janaya ~

Happy International Women's Day!!! Shot the lovely Janaya again!!! Canada is lucky to have such a beautiful American model living here. :) -Randy

~ 67/365 ~

07 March 2013

~ 66/365 Oops, almost forgot ~

Got late and realized I was close again to missing a day.....fired this shot of some cat cuddling going down. :) -Randy

~ 66/365 ~

06 March 2013

~ 65/365 Janaya ~

Only 300 LEFT!!! and so happy to shoot with Janaya tonight.  It was COLD but she braved this shot.  All street light, hardly any editing at all here.  Just a naturally beautiful woman. :) -Randy

~ 65/365 ~

05 March 2013

~ 64/365 Gross Winter mix with Spring Day ~

Just a gross time of year....today was GROSS, if you're not sure why just trust me it was.  If you wanna know feel free to ask me privately.  However the snow is melting and exposing all the dirt and getting ready for spring.  Always a bleh time of year.  This shot is just to show the balance of melting and winter that is happening. -Randy

~ 64/365 ~

04 March 2013

~ 63/365 Banjo Monday ~

Yeah, another musical instrument shot, running out of them.  :)  Just think, soon there will only be 300 images left!!! hehehe, long road ahead. :) -Randy

~ 63/365 ~

03 March 2013

~ 62/365 Kitty Sunday ~

Fitting to have a cat as my pic today.  I had to deal with cats today, won't go in to details but it is gross.  I also am not feeling the best today, kinda sick. -Randy

~ 62/365 ~

02 March 2013

~ 61/365 GALINA!!!!!!!!!! ~

Had a chance to shoot with Galina.  She is a beautiful young model from Russia.  Have to admit, Russians are super cool!!! :D Must be that Dovich connection to that country. :)  Had a blast shooting with Galina, I am betting she makes a few more returns to my 365.  -Randy

~ 61/365 ~

~ 60/365 Alarming Picture ~

Sometimes I like to cut things close. :)  Very close to a FAIL on my 365.  This is a view I have every day...thought it might as well make my 365. -Randy

~ 60/365 ~