30 September 2013

~ 273/365 Jane in Vegreville ~

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A cloudy day, cold but we still went out and did a shoot.  Thanks to Jeff and Jane for coming out to do a photo shoot.  Jane is awesome, so much fun to take photos with. Great way to start a week. -Randy

~ 273/365 ~

29 September 2013

~ 272/365 Family Session Sunday ~

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Did a family photo session tonight with Beckie and her two children, was worried about weather but it turned out to be just right.  Had a really great weekend. -Randy

~ 272/365 ~

28 September 2013

~ 271/365 Caturday ~

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The Queen Cat!!! Scully!!!! Caturday!!!!

~ 271/365 ~

27 September 2013

~ 270/365 FRIDAY!!! ~

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This is a total not sure what to shoot for 270 straight days.......and I was just too tired to think of anything.  Happy Friday people!!! -Randy

~ 270/365 ~

~ 269/365 Kitty ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
A day closer to the weekend.  So tired.....snapped a picture of baby Nahla as she hopped up on the bed to snuggle in for the night.  -Randy

~ 269/365 ~

25 September 2013

~ 268/365 New Clothes ~

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NEW CLOTHES FROM THE USA!!!! but prob none are made there, but cheap cheap!!!  Students won't recognize me, been rocking the same clothes for a few years.....they will think they have a new teacher.

~ 268/365 ~

~ 267/365 Welcome Home ~

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Jenn arrived home!!!! Nahla was pretty stoked!!! Happy Day for all cats and one lonely hubby dude!!!

~ 267/365 ~

23 September 2013

~ 266/365 YAK CITY ~

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My first player crested Oiler jersey!!! Excited to see this RUSSIAN rock it up in Yak City!!!! -Randy

~ 266/365 ~

22 September 2013

~ 265/365 Happy Birthday Jenn ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
Today is my wife's birthday, I think she's 20 something....I'm old I cannot remember numbers anymore.  Had to take a pic of her fave cat for her bday since she is away in Ontario and misses her white angel.  :) 100 days left in this 365!!! -Randy

~ 265/365 ~

~ 264/365 Caturday ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
Caturday!!!! Scully being tired and lazy.....a day of REST for the cats and I. :) -Randy

~ 264/365 ~

Maximize Your Profits in Your Online Business

Maximize Your Profits in Your Online Business

You may sell handmade jewelry on Etsy, or clothing on Poshmark, or even Electronics on EBay.  You could even have your own online store.  In any case, you may wonder how you can maximize your profits and sell the most products.   Here are a few simple tips how.

1.  Get good feedback

It isn't in most of our natures to ask for something from a customer, but in the case of getting feedback, as an online seller, that is exactly what you need to do.  When you get confirmation that an item was received, send a follow up email asking the customer if everything was as expected and ask them to leave feedback for you.  If there is an option to leave feedback as a seller, do it as soon as possible.  Also, do everything you can to make sure you are doing something to leave good feedback for.  Ship quickly and give shipping upgrades for free if possible, be responsive to questions or problems, even think about leaving a thank you note to the buyer. 

2.  Improve the look of our product online

It is very important when you are selling online to have lots of really good pictures of your item.  If your item comes in multiple colors or styles, make sure you have pictures of each of them.  Part of that means getting special photography equipment to take the best pictures.  Think about getting a set of photography lights and a background for larger items or a photographylight box for smaller items.  Make sure you have a camera that takes very detailed pictures up close.  You can find photography equipment at websites such as YescomUSA

3.  Market with Social Media

Marketing your product with Facebook and Twitter is essential for spreading the word about your business.  Make sure it is obvious on your online store's landing page where they can like or follow your store.  Offer giveaways and discounts through social media and encourage your customers to spread the word.  Giving away or discounting merchandise doesn't have to be expensive, especially if you end up driving customers to your site who otherwise may not have heard of you. 

When running an online store, there are many things you can do to bring in traffic.  Getting good feedback makes customers more likely to buy from you rather than a competitor.  Having great pictures of your product helps customers answer their own questions about style or color.  Finally, strategic marketing on social media can go viral, getting you customers you may not have otherwise gotten.

20 September 2013

~ 263/365 Shooting with Iris ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
I got to go to Edmonton today after school and shoot with the lovely Iris.  We walked around the river valley and found some pretty fun spots to shoot.  Lovely warm Friday to go out to shoot pics.  Always awesome to work with a model like Iris. Really happy to end a pretty lousy week with a shoot like this.

~ 263/365 ~

19 September 2013

~ 262/365 Selfie Thursday ~

© www.randypond.ca
Got a haircut today from VJ, then came home and fell asleep after eating on the couch.  TFIG tomorrow.  So tired. -Randy 

~ 262/365 ~

18 September 2013

~ 261/365 ios7 Released ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
The big Wow from Apple today was the new ios7......the design I give a big fail.  Not a big fan of the visuals....I think it's a step back visually.  That green is awful.  I think the 80's isn't an era to be going back to as inspiration for design.....oh well....new stuff to play with to keep all the rats in the maze of technology. -Randy

~ 261/365 ~

17 September 2013

~ 260/365 GTA 5 ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
IGN rated it a perfect 10! and called it the Greatest Video game ever made.....bold words.  I also want to know what millions of children will be putting in to their brains as they enter my classroom, thanks to the parents that think their children should be playing it.  -Randy

~ 260/365 ~

16 September 2013

~ 259/365 FINNY MONDAY!!!! ~

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MONDAY is done, so tired....worked out....didn't sleep great Sunday night.  Looking forward to the weekend already! :) -Randy

~ 259/365 ~

~ 258/365 Summer Weather Sunday ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
Got to do a 2nd shoot with Amber today in Edmonton.  Was a WINDY and really HOT day but managed to get some really fun pics.  I think parkades are a lot of fun to shoot in. -Randy

~ 258/365 ~

14 September 2013

~ 257/365 Sabrina Portrait ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
A headshot from a mini shoot with Sabrina.  Felt sick almost all day, bad headache.  Rested and cuddled cats almost all day.  Another quiet weekend in Vegreville. :)

~ 257/365 ~

13 September 2013

~ 256/365 FRIDAY the 13th ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
Freaky Friday the 13th self-portrait on a HOT Sept night.  So happy it is the weekend. :)

~ 256/365 ~

~ 255/365 Almost Friday ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
Had a bad headache after work today.  Felt like death all night.  Tomorrow is Friday.....looking forward to a good weekend. -Randy

~ 255/365 ~

11 September 2013

~ 254/365 Wednesday ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
Cannot wait for the weekend.  So tired....wow the school year goes fast once it starts.  Education is a crazy roller coaster ride.  :)  It doesn't slow down until June. :) -Randy

~ 254/365 ~

10 September 2013

~ 253/365 Doodle Tuesday ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca
Another drawing tablet doodle.  Just another day in a 365.....counting it down. -Randy

~ 253/365 ~

09 September 2013

~ 252/365 Drawing on CS6 ~

© www.randypond.ca
Grabbed my tablet and did a sketch for today's 365.  Wanted to just post it but it's a photo a day, so I snapped this photo of it.  My goal is to do more actual drawing and art and balance it with photography. -Randy

~ 252/365 ~

~ 251/365 Football Sunday with Scully ~

© www.randypond.ca
Football Sunday, hanging out with the cats, doing planning and watching the Saints and 49ers WIN!!!! My fantasy team didn't win but it was still a great football day. -Randy

~ 251/365 ~

~ 250/365 Kitty Weekend ~

© www.randypond.ca
Beautiful cat photo for today.  Just a quiet weekend at home.  No photo shoots, just a chance to catch up on rest and some work. -Randy

~ 250/365 ~

06 September 2013

~ 249/365 Friday ~

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Wow this 365 is going fast.  Getting close to 300.....what a terrible finish to the week.  Hoping to recharge the battery for the coming week.  Nahla pretty much showing how I feel....tired. -Randy

~ 249/365 ~

05 September 2013

~ 248/365 NFL!!! ~

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NFL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!  Nuff said!! :) -Randy

~ 248/365 ~

~ 247/365 Apples ~

© www.randypond.ca
Picked some apples last night....so many this year on our 2 trees.  Not much else to say, was a HOT HOT day today. -Randy

~ 247/365 ~

04 September 2013

~ 246/365 Fantasy Football Time ~

© www.randypond.ca
Fantasy Football Live Draft went tonight.  I for first pick, not sure I like the pressure of first pick....but I'll take it.  Just hope my team doesn't tank with injury and poor performances.  :)  Gonna be fun!!!  I really do hope the 49ers have a good year again.  I wanna cheer them at the SuperBowl again!!! -Randy

~ 246/365 ~

02 September 2013

~ 245/365 BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!! ~

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My long weekend ends with me realizing that the 2013 - 2014 Season of Education and Mr.Pond mode is going to be a reality when I wake up.  I love my job, I love my job, I love my job!!! :)  I am actually really excited for this year.  Feeling a new sense of purpose and really excited to see the students tomorrow.  It's going to be a really good year I can feel it. -Randy

~ 245/365 ~

01 September 2013

~ 244/365 Crazy Lights in the Sky ~

© www.randypond.ca
Driving home I saw I could get my 244th pic of the year by pulling off and shooting some Northern Lights.  Thankfully I had a tripod with me.  Going to be nice sleeping in and waking up knowing my 365 is done for the day. -Randy

~ 244/365 ~

~ 243/365 Dancer ~

© www.randypond.ca
The long weekend is in full swing.  Got to shoot with the talented Katelyn today.  She's quite amazing and the moves she pulled off blew my mind.  Was so much fun to photograph.  Warm weather, awesome location, kudos for Katelyn for finding the perfect spot to shoot at.  :) -Randy

~ 243/365 ~