15 February 2011

~ Busy Month ~

I have not had a lot of time for blogs lately. I did my 365 and posted a picture everyday, but was not doing any writing. Personally I have always felt images are better for me anyway, since I feel writing to be a real weak area for me. I wish I could craft words together and make more sense then I usually do.

February has been busy. Coaching Jr.B boys basketball is driving me a bit crazy. I started with a pretty full team now that they see what basketball is like, most are dropping out. Not sure if it's because basketball is not as cool as their video games or probably more like they dislike the work it takes to improve. No one is coming to practice and games it gets even sketchier with their attendance.

Monday is Family Day in Alberta and I really look forward to a restful long weekend. I am looking ahead to Spring Break. I can't wait, some serious time to relax and hopefully enjoy some time with my family. I think my Mom and Dad want to come out and visit. That will be great, have not seen them since the summer of 2010.

Well, I am hoping that once basketball ends my life will slow down a bit and I can do some more photography. I shot with a model named Karenne during my Teachers Convention. She is actually a former student of mine from Saddle Lake. She was in grade 6 the year I was out there. Wow how time flies. This is the 2nd model I have worked with that I used to teach. I hope to work with Karenne again sometime soon. She is a beautiful model and I really think more First Nation girls should go in to modelling.

Hopefully this month is over quickly....March holds hope of some rest and recharging of the batteries. :)

~ Dottie ~
~ Dottie ~
~ Dottie ~