29 January 2010

~ 29/365 AeroGarden ~

~ 29/365 Aero Garden ~
My wife's areogarden. It's 3 weeks and the little tomato plants are starting to grow nicely.

26 January 2010

~ 26/365 Self Portrait ~

I had no great ideas today, so just used my mug for a shot. :)
~ Self Port 26/365 ~

~ Melissa ~

~ Melissa ~
~ Melissa ~
An edit of the lovely Melissa.
Entering a black and white phase! :)

25 January 2010

~ Day 25/365 Finnigan ~

~ Day 25/365 Finnigan ~
Our cat Finnigan loves to sit in the kitchen and look down the hallway to our bedroom. It's like he is waiting for an invite. He peeks around the corner and just watches. When we call for him he will happily scamper to us. He is the most adorable and good loving cat. :)

24 January 2010

~ 24/365 Nahla on Sunday ~

So torn, want the Saints to win, but also want to see Brett win too! Oh well, no disappointment either way.

Here is today's pic....gonna start a black and white phase.....:)
~ 24/365 Nahla Pearl Enjoying Sunday ~

23 January 2010

21 January 2010

~ 20/365 Music Magic and 21/365 Broken Down ~

~ Broken Down 21/365 ~
Feeling exhausted, stressed.....work is bleh!! Hoping the recharge on the weekend. This shot sums up how I feel.
Forgot to post 20/365 so here it is.......a bit late but it's a legit shot, taken yesterday!! :)
~ Music 20/365 ~

~ Melissa Edit ~

~ Melissa ~

Photography Comics » StudioLighting.net

Photography Comics » StudioLighting.net

19 January 2010

~ 19/365 White ~

~ 19/365 White ~
It was a beautiful white day today, frost everywhere. It made for some cool pictures and for my 19th picture of 2010! :) Lots more to go, sigh. :)

18 January 2010

~ 18/365 Funky Socks ~

~ 18/365 Funky Socks ~
My bball team won our first game tonite!!! Beat Mundare....our rivals. The boys were REALLY excited and HAPPY!!! I took this picture of the girls game that was before our game started. The girls from our school all wear funky coloured socks on the team, so thought it would make for a cool photo of the day.

17 January 2010

~ Nahla Looking out a Window 17/365 ~

Nahla Pearl, looking out at the world. Glad to see today that Favre advanced in the NFL playoffs. Now whoever wins out of the Saints vs Vikings game I will be happy for them. Hoping it's the Saints that win though. Glad to see them on track again.

Hope everyone has a good week and enjoys this nice winter weather while it lasts.
~ Nahla Looking at the world Outside 17/365 ~

16 January 2010

~ 16/365 Baby Feet ~

~ 16/365 Lil Feet ~
I did a maternity shoot with Sean and Dawn and was honored to shoot some photos of their baby, Thomas.

14 January 2010

~ 14/365 Team Canada and Coke ~

~ 14/365 Brought to you By ~

~ Wednesday's 13/365 Olympic Torch ~

Olympic fever hit Vegreville and the torch arrived. The school went for the morning and it was AWESOME! :) I had a lot of fun. It was really good to see the people having a good time and enjoying something that is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

~ Proud to be Canadian ~

12 January 2010

~ Elisha ~

Decided to do an edit quick before work.....shot in 2009 wish Elisha. Hope to shoot with her again in 2010. :)
~ Elisha ~
Here is my 12/365 Shot:
~ Day Light 12/365 ~

11 January 2010

~ Weights 11/365 ~

~ Weights 11/365 ~
Inspired to take a shot of weights today. What can I say, this 365 stuff is tough. Not sure what to do from day to day. Hopefully the I can get some outside shots soon. Never out in the daylight.

10 January 2010

~ 10/365 Playoff Sunday ~

Watched 2 NFL games today, Cards and Ravens win!!! Now hope the Saints win next weekend. NFL is fun, love watching it. Wish the Oilers were as much fun to watch lately.
~ Finny on a Sunday 10/365 ~

09 January 2010

~ Go Canada Go 9/365 ~

~ My Team Canada Uniform 9/365 ~

Thought I'd post a little inspired Canada pic. I really hope that we win gold, got a jersey and all. Womens Team and Mens Team are gonna OWN this year. I know that USA beat us in the juniors but this will be the BIG BOYS. I think Canada has a STACKED team as always and the USA team is just not gonna get it done. :) GO CANADA GO!!! That Pepsi Chant can go die a painful death, worst idea ever.....ashamed for ever drinking that product.

07 January 2010

~ Man Down 7/365 ~

I was SO tired today. Felt gross all day, fighting a cold, feeling sick, wanting to sleep....not wanting to be at work but life is so busy I pretty much have to be right now. This shot was taken with my Canon G7, love that little camera.
~ Man Down 7/365 ~

06 January 2010

~ Day 6/365 Self Portrait on a Cold -36C Morning ~

Woke up on a COLD morning. Snapped this shot quickly with my 50mm, 1.8 on 1000ISO, using light from a small ikea desk lamp and computer monitor. It was so dark and cold out, just feels like a good shot for this 6/365 image. Well, posting it and off to coach basketball.....
~ Self Portrait 6/365 ~

05 January 2010

~ 5/365 Canada wins Silver ~

~ Day 5/365 Canada Wins Silver at the World Juniors ~
Heart breaker as Team Canada loses to the Americans in overtime. However the bright side to it all was the play of future Edmonton Oiler, Jordon Eberle. He was amazing, makes the loss easier to take. That kids has serious hockey skills.

04 January 2010

~ 4/365 Oiler Cup ~

Today was a horrid day...back to work, had basketball practice tonite and had to stay late. Had the worst sleep, always do. I have never really met a teacher that sleeps like a baby the night before going back to work after a holiday. The brain just never ever shuts down enough to get a good night's sleep. Tonight I should sleep a lot better, doesn't take long to get back in the swing of things.
Busy month ahead but I am up for the challenge. I hope I can keep up my spirits. These last months of winter can be tough. I know once that spring comes it'll be all down hill from there. I look forward to this finish to the year. 2010 is good so far....keep it coming! :)

4/365 project photo.....okay, nothing too amazing here, just my Oilers cup! :)
~ Oiler Cup 4/365 ~

03 January 2010

~ Todd McFarlane is the Man 3/365 ~

To pay respects to my fave artist, creative imagination I took a pic of one of his action figures. This one is a Spawn Universe figure and was one of my first few I collected. It sits by my computer and inspires me when I am photoshopping it up. :)
3/365 (photo a day project)
~ Todd's Universe 3/365 ~

02 January 2010

~ 2/365 Christmas Cactus ~

~ Christmas Cactus 2/365 ~
So this morning it is like -20ish and I did not feel like going outside to do any photos, so took a quick shot of Jenn's Christmas Cactus.
The last holiday weekend for me and I am fighting a cold.......not so cool. Hope I can drink a LOT of water today and stay healthy enough to fight it off.
Hoping everyone else's 2010 starts better then getting sick like moi.

01 January 2010

~ Happy New Year 1/365 ~

Hi everyone and welcome to 2010. I am not sure what my resolutions are but I figure to keep them basic. Eat healthier, exercise more and try to be a more healthier dude.....pretty much the same every year...:)

I have always wanted to try and do a 365 project, my friend/photographer Owen, challenged me so I figure 2010 is the year to give it a shot. Perfect day to start on, Jan.1st 2010. So here is 1/365 of my project to take a picture every day. We have 3 cats so I am sure there will be plenty of cat images. I will try not to bore people with just cat images, but I might not be too creative....so you'll have to see a few cat pics now and again. :)

I hope that 2010 brings good things, it sure seems like the world is more and more tense times. The worries over the economy, the small wars going on around the world, terrorism, flu worries, global warming worries and just overall tension it seems...maybe it's just me but the world is not doing so hot. I hope 2010 is a better year. I hope in some small way I can do some positive things through my actions. I know it's hard for one person to create global changes, but I try my best. Hopefully as a teacher I can try and have a positive influence in the students I teach. After all, to be really cliche, they are our future. I hope the future is bright and that 2010 is a great year for everyone on this planet.

My prayers are with my friends and family and I really hope that I can develop some new friendships in 2010. I really do want to network more and have more opportunity to talk and work with fellow photographers. :)

Well, here it is the #1 shot of January 2010!!! :)
~ Nahla Pearl 1/365 ~