22 December 2012

BEST CHRISTMAS EVER, and Reflections on 2012


I am so happy, I was able to pick up a new camera, the Canon 5DmIII.  It's a full frame and my first time owning a digital full frame.  I am thrilled to own such an amazing tool.  I still believe that skill of photography comes from the person using the camera.  But this camera opens some creative doors to my work that my previous cameras were limited to.  It's just a fun new experience of photography for me.  The Canon 5D series has always been one I knew I loved, but convinced myself it was out of my league price wise.  I have not shot a lot with the 5dm3 but I am loving how the full frame captures the story of a picture.  It is an amazing camera and looking forward to 2013 when I start another 365 project.  

Heavenly Camera


I look back on 2012 and realize there was some really rough times.  It seemed like a year of stress and problems related to photography.  I started thinking today that it sort of makes sense why there is so much drama in the photography world.  I believe that art and photography has a LOT in common with romantic and intimate relationships.  Art and photography usually comes from the heart, for me it does at least.  Sharing art is exposing your feelings and emotions, it is a creation from you and when it is not respected or appreciated it can feel hurtful.  Many people get jealous of other people as well, much like a boyfriend can be jealous of his girlfriend.  I look back on 2012 and realize I had my feelings hurt by situations and people I was working with.  I look to the road ahead and realize I need to be more careful about who I work with.  The friendships can be fun, but it is a much more enjoyable road when you can travel it with people who have mutual respect with whom you can trust.  When I started out as a photographer it was my camera and I and as the new year is dawning on us, I feel excited that I am back to this, a new camera and myself.  I am going to enjoy my 365 and focus on growing my skills, I will still be helpful to others and collaborate, I am just going to be smarter about it.  It may sound mean, but honestly, the people not interested in being mutually respectful or kind to me are going to be left behind.  I have a passion for photography and being creative and I wanna travel through life with people interested in the same.  People that don't care for how I live my life or do the things I do can just please go away.  I am turning 40 this year, not interested in drama or conflict.  Let's just take our cameras and shoot the world and create beautiful things.  If you're in to bringing me down, or not wanting to enjoy photography, I'd prefer you just go away.

In closing, I'd say 2012 I learned a lot about my friendships and saw some friendships I thought were real crumble.  Rather than being depressed about it, I feel excited.  The good friends are still standing tall around me and I see the future of 2013 exciting and full of possibility.  Thanks to those that have supported me throughout the year of 2012.  Your kindness has been bigger than you can imagine.

Looking forward to 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Leaving you with some images taken with my new camera.

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10 December 2012

~ Renee Robyn ~

Renee Robyn is an outstanding model and photographer.  I have had the honor of shooting with Renee a few times and have to say she is one of the best.  She has such great artistic talent and uses it in front and behind a camera.  Those that know of Renee would agree with me that she is such a unique and talented person.  Check her out on FB and see some of the amazing work she does.

~ Holiday Family Photo Session ~

It was really really cold, but this family braved the cold weather and allowed me to shoot some pictures of their family.  It was a LOT of fun, the kids are full of energy and even with the temp dipping towards -30 it was a blast.  I couldn't feel my finger tips near the end but the results made it worth it.  I did get to warm up in the house so it was all good.  :)  Here is the animoto video I made for them from their session.