25 August 2008

Back to Work This Week

So Nestor came over and we had a fun weekend. I took some pics of Nestor (see my Flickr, or my photo blog for those pics). I also went to Red Willow on Saturday with Nestor. He's never been there before, Jenn and I want him to meet a hot single girl there. :)

I got to play some vids with Nestor too, we played Soul Caliber and rocked some new characters. That game is addicting, it's like dressing up barbie dolls and then having violent battles with them....hehehe. I am also happy that today I talked with a dude here in town that will hook me up on a hockey team. They start in Oct. so I will have awhile to grab some new equipment, as my stuff is old and crusty like me and it needs to be updated. I need to exercise more and really get myself in shape. Hope the hockey will help. Well, work starts this week.....YUCKY.....and I also discovered how BAD of shape I am in. Nestor and I played some bball and I am hurting, I need to run more and get my cardio back, especially before I start playing any hockey! :)

22 August 2008

20 August 2008

Busy Week and American Thinking

Well, still no vagabond pictures yet. Been busy here at home with "home" stuff. Plumber came today and evaluated some of the issues we've had with our plumbing. Turns out some of the stuff we thought was "bad" wasn't so bad. I feel it's time for a good rant. In a recent phone call with my sister, I decided out of the blue to ask her if she knew who the Canadian Prime Minister is. She had no clue, her reaction to my shock was pretty much typical American. She didn't seem to care who it was and pretty much said "who cares, it's Canada" and laughed it off. She's married to an American guy that shares those views. It's hard to believe she lived most of her life as a Canadian and has only been in the States a hand full of years and is already extremely disconnected from Canada and doesn't seem to have much clue about anything happening beyond the borders of the USA. Melting pot at work I guess.
I am SO thankful to be Canadian and in a country where culture and the world are not ignored. Canada is NOT perfect but I am lucky, lucky, LUCKY to call this place on earth home. I know many people that would LOVE to be in my position. It's sad when my own sister doesn't seem to know anything about the country she was born in anymore.
Jenn's been away for only a few days and Nahla is missing her like mad. Yesterday she was all anxious about things and today she was just a suck. Chosing to be a suck and cuddle like mad. I was also a lazy bum and wished I had more accomplished. I did go out and buy a copy of Madden 2009. I played the BUCS vs FALCONS and got a close win, 17-14, coming down to a field goal kick late in the 4th to win. While it's NOT even close to being as good a football game as the 2k series, it's the only NFL game on the market and will do for a good NFL video game fix. I hope the 9ers, Bucs and Saints do good this year....I also admit to liking the Colts and since Favre is a Jet I got to cheer for some old man power. :)

18 August 2008

VAGABOND II arrived!!!!! Stay Tuned

This isn't my photo, but a picture of the vagabond II that arrived today. I almost hugged the UPS lady hehehe. Jenn and I also decided to get a g9 to replace the broken g7. She needs a camera for her trip home. Anyway, off to the airport. Will post some vagabond pics asap. :)

17 August 2008

~ A Lady in Control ~

~ A Lady in Control ~
Originally uploaded by Randy Pond

Jenn and I had a trip to Calgary where we saw some good friends. I got to also hang with my friend Wil Yee. He's an amazing artist and everyone should be checking his website and hiring him to do work. http://www.wilyee.com and also had a chance to see O'Neill and her man. We stayed with Jenn's friend Corey. I called some cousins and hoped to do some portraits for them but that didn't work out.

Also, bad news our Canon g7 is a paper weight. It just stopped working.....never had a canon camera die like that. Hope the 40D hangs in there. It would suck to lose that camera to a freak incident. I heard of a program from canon that might help us. If it works out we should have a g9 out of it and be done with out g7. Crossing my fingers and toes. I like the g series camera. My first digi was a g3. Have a soft spot for them.

13 August 2008

Heavenly Alien Bee Item

Just thought I'd drop a teaser on my blog....for all those photographers out there who know what this is....you are sure to be drooling too. Thanks to Nathan for the thumbs up on this....I can't wait to see what kinds of doors this opens as far as photography goes. :)

12 August 2008

New Edit and Back to Work Blues

This is an edit of Joanne, a model who is entered in to a competition called "Alberta's Next Top Model", she contacted me to do a shoot and we were able to hit my small studio and get some shots done for her. As for today, well, it's a cloudly day, raining and not very warm. I think winter is on the way. I already feel depressed about going back to work. It's not funny how quick summer goes. Our little fury baby Nahla also jumped in the dryer and within seconds peed on fresh laundry. What a BAD kitty!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I am gonna go grab some food and maybe watch some Olympics and hope Canada can win a medal already. They need to add some kind of hockey to the summer Olympics....roller blade hockey? :) Then we'd kick some butt!

10 August 2008

Wild Kittens

Jenn and I were out for a walk and as we passed by a junkyard in Vegreville, we noticed a small family of cats. A Mom and her 3 white kittens, we were not sure if there were more or not. I had the g7 with me so I snapped a few shots. It makes my heart feel sad to know they are living without anyone to care for them. They were in a fenced off yard, living underneath a overgrown pallet and next to a huge grocery store. I felt sad, because I know how loved our cats are and just wish we could of taken all of these kittens home with us. They are pretty wild and didn't get scared of us but also didn't seem very trusting in us even though we sat and talked baby talk to them for awhile. I think we amused them. :)

06 August 2008

New Edit(s)

Here is a new Shantelle and Josh edit....more to come me hopes. :)

Smiley Eyes makes cover of Magazine with my Exclusive Photo!!

The new magazine Photo World has exclusive photos of Tammy and she made the cover on a shot of her signing my lens. I just sold it for a LOT of money on ebay and will retire shortly (cough)....not.

Smiley Eyes

I got to meet Tammy of SmileyEyes Photography downtown yesterday. Jenn and I got to hang with one of Canada's Top Photographers. She signed my 70-200 and it's now on eBAY and I hope to sell it and retire a rich dude.
She's a great person and it was awesome to meet her in person with her 2 adorable girls. Trevor Boller "The High Roller" got to meet her too. She is very down to earth and she didn't seem to mind meeting a few of her fans for a short visit.
Here are a few shots from the Tammy "hang out" 2008!!!!

05 August 2008

Love this Bride Shot from Oeil

Originally uploaded by Oeil Photography

great bridal shot, makes me jealous!!

This Photographer is Amazing :)

, originally uploaded by Oeil Photography.

Love this work....inspires me a LOT!!!

Wicked Photographer

I just saw this photographer on Flickr and wanted to share....I am VERY impressed with the work. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sailorgirl/

04 August 2008

Heritage Festival

Jenn and I went to the Natalie McMaster concert at Heritage Days. Congrats to her as she announced she is going to have another baby, she called herself a "yummy Mommy" and explained the baby bump. Wow, that lady can fiddle and dance for a Mom with 2 kids and 1 on the way. Jenn enjoyed it a lot as did I. We had fun at the Greek Pavillion and had some yummy food there, don't ask me to spell any of it. Then we walked back up the hill to our car and picked up Chelsey to bring her out for a few days. It was a good time.

02 August 2008

A Good Day

Went to Red Willow, heard a great Pastor Dan sermon. He rocks. Here are some new edits, using some new tricks thanks to Mr.Cowen for the hookups...much respect! :)

01 August 2008

GreyHound Bus Killing

I heard about the recent murder on the Greyhound Bus from Tammy (Smileyeyes) and was really shocked at the violent nature of this crime. The senseless act has a lot of the world talking and arguing about it. People are saying the people on the bus should of done something, should have helped this young man. I read a lot of people saying Canadians are "pussies" for not carrying guns and better self defence. Some American's were posting how they would of shot this guy, or if the guy had a gun he could have defended himself. I don't think any amount of firepower on that bus could have stopped this act. From what I read it happened quickly and unexpectedly. Panic sets in and I think from what I read that those there that night did the best they could. Thankfully no one else was harmed in this attack. It sounds to me like the victim must have died quickly.
I understand people's anger, fear and frustration when things like this happen. It would of been awesome if some heroic person had a gun, shot this guy dead before he murdered this man. Yet it didn't happen. Evil always finds ways to carry out acts like this. It's a sad world we live in and thankfully here in Canada we don't see this kind of evil very often.
Stuff like this is sick and pure evil. However, I don't think killing this sick guy is the answer. It's a horrible thing to happen but does killing this guy really offer justice for what he did? No justice system would allow for him to be killed in the manner he killed his victim. If Canada did have a death penalty it would be a "humane" killing and that wouldn't even be justice for what he did. It's senseless what he did and I do support the Police and the military using deadly force to protect the innocent. However the innocent can't always be saved and like I said, evil exsists on this earth and it's a fact we need to accept. I believe in the 10 commandments and Thou Shalt Not Kill is a very important one. I realize this is a VERY sensitive subject and one very debatable....everyone has a different opinion. It brings up a lot of issues. I know people have argued with me before and said what if it was someone you loved that was murdered? I can't even imagine nor would I want to how I would feel. Sad, hurt and angry yes. But I do know in my heart I couldn't bring myself to kill another person in revenge for that. I know the nothing could bring back the person I loved and killing wouldn't fix it one bit. I think for myself it boils down to faith. I live a life of faith, faith that God is real, faith that whatever happens in life does not go without notice in God's eyes. He is the judge, jury and executioner and I would rather leave those things in His hands then take them in to my own. We all need to remember that we have a choice, to believe God and do our best to follow Him, or to live with what the world has to offer.
John 6:47 "I tell you the truth, he who believes has everlasting life." NIV