31 May 2010

~ 151/365 MacGyver ~

~ 151/365 MacGyver RULES ~

I loved the show MacGyver growing up. It inspired me to carry a Swiss Army style knife. I use it for so many things. I really don't know how people can survive without a knife like this. Plus it's totally handy if I need to save the world and all I have is a paper clip and some chewing gum. :P

Today I took off my mallet finger splint....hoping my finger has healed. Can't really bend it much, joint is all frozen from being in a splint for 6 weeks. Hoping it'll come back to normal soon. Just happy to have the annoying splint taken off. :)

30 May 2010

~ 150/365 RAIN, SNOW, IN MAY???? ~

~ 150/365 COLD, RAIN, SNOW ~
This weekend was cold, rainy and just seriously a nice weekend to stay inside and relax. We bought the movie The Road and watched it last night. I was really impressed by the acting and just the overall story. Really makes you think what life would be like without all the things we sometimes take for granted. Animals, food, trees, clean water, shelter......I think as a society we generally live with a false sense of security.

Also happy to see Pronger and the Flyers lost!!! hehehehe, GO HAWKS!!! They are so young and fast, it's awesome to see they are winning. Reminds me of the Oilers back in the day! :)

28 May 2010

~ 148/365 Pop Shoppe Friday ~

~ 148/365 Pop Shoppe Friday ~

Friday sure came slow....even if it was a SHORT week. Today will probably DRAG by too. Hope the weekend is awesome. :)

20 May 2010

~ 140/365 Mac is healing up!! ~

~ 140/365 Mac is on the Mend ~

My friend Mac had open heart surgery this week. I am really happy to report he is doing well, sleeping a LOT and hopefully back on his feet soon and out of the hospital and back to his friends and family.

Thinking of you Mac.