28 February 2013

~ 59/365 Cat Therapy ~

Goodbye February, on to March and more 365 adventures.  This is what I call Cat Therapy.....after a hard day of work I come home and let all the stress slide with a moment like this. :) -Randy

~ 59/365 ~

27 February 2013

~ 58/365 Anti-Bullying Day ~

Anti-Bullying day.....I have had too many friends that were bullied by other photographers.  Sometimes it's cause they are new, they don't charge enough or maybe it's just photographers that brag themselves up and act like they are God's gift to photography.....I have been bullied lots when I was starting out and I will stand up for anyone being bullied and made fun of by these photographer jerks that like to think they were born with a camera in their hands.  -Randy 

~ 58/365 ~

26 February 2013

~ 57/365 Spring is knocking on winter's door ~

I can feel spring is trying to bust through this winter!!!  The sun is warming up more and the light is awesome....can't wait to attack spring and summer with my new camera!!! -Randy

~ 57/365 ~

25 February 2013

~ 56/365 Nerd Paradise ~

NERD's Paradise is what I am calling this one.  Kind of a bleh Monday, so this is as good as it gets for todays 365.  -Randy

~ 56/365 ~

24 February 2013

~ 55/365 Only 310 Pictures left!!! ~

When my model today cancelled early this morning, I was left wondering what my pic today would be....until I saw this awesome model working it!! :)

~ 55/365 ~

23 February 2013

~ 54/365 XBOX ~

Game On!!! Addicted to vids!!!  Can't help it, started on my Commodore 64 and just got worse from there. :) -Randy

~ 54/365 ~

22 February 2013

~ 53/365 Myriam ~

Had the chance to shoot the lovely Mryiam after work today.  She came out with Sean MacLean and we had a fun shoot in the studio.  :)  They are both awesome people and I had a great time shooting pics with them. -Randy

~ 53/365 ~

21 February 2013

~ 52/365 FINNY AGAIN!!!! ~

Fat man!!! :)  Couldn't help but throw up a cat picture for today!! 

~ 52/365 ~

20 February 2013

~ 51/365 Guitar ~

Feeling better today, but still not 100%, thinking I must be fighting off something.  Decided to continue my musical instrument theme from before teacher's convention. :) Happy Wednesday and 51st day of 2013 everyone!!! -Randy
~ 51/365 ~

~ 50/365 Felt like Dying ~

Had a terrible evening, really painful headache and was able to shoot this before laying down and suffering the night away in lots of pain....not a great day of my 365 but happy with the results....only took like 3 shots of the plant and this was my fave. -Randy
~ 50/365 ~

18 February 2013

~ Fitness Shoot 49/365 ~

Got to shoot two friends that are workout partners today.  I had shot with Patricia Walroth before and this was Katie's first shoot.  It was a lot of fun, I wish them all the best this year in Calgary as they go to a Fitness Competition.  :) -Randy

~ 49/365 ~

17 February 2013

~ 48/365 Fridge ~

I am all alone this weekend, so been looking at this view a lot.  Decided to make it my picture.....yeah, I have been this lazy and tired.  Tomorrow I plan to make up for this lapse in creativity. -Randy

~ 48/365 ~

~ 47/365 Jaime ~

This was a fun mini shoot with Jaime.  We went out on a mild winter day and shot some nice photos around Vegreville. :)  Happy day 47 of 2013!!!
-Randy~ 47/365 ~

15 February 2013

~ 46/365 Bronze Statue ~

Back in Red Deer College I created this bronze sculpture, it was really a challenge for me as 3D art was never really my thing.  I really like how this turned out and am really happy I had the experience to do something like this.  Decided since I am kind of drained at the end of a crazy week that this needed to be a quick picture for my 365.....so have a good long weekend everyone, lots of photo ideas planned for the next few days!!! -Randy

~ 46/365 ~

14 February 2013

~ 45 Valentine's Day ~

45/365 Valentine's Day, shot this at school today, it was a snow day and had hardly any students.  These flowers were in my classroom, so shot this as my 365. -Randy

~ 45/365 ~

13 February 2013

~ 44/365 VJ the HAIR JEDI ~

This is my hair Jedi Master....the awesome VJ!!! :)  He has been cutting my hair since I moved here.  He loves to laugh and is a pretty cool dude. -Randy

~ 44/365 ~

12 February 2013

~ 43/365 Comic Books Rule!!! ~

This book was returned to me by an art student of mine....decided to make it my 365 pic today.  This book contained art by the amazing J.Scott Campbell who is one of my fave artists.  Comic books will always be a huge part of my creativity, when I draw, or do photography, there is always some element of comic books that creeps in.  :)  Love them and had to bring them in to my 365. -Randy

~ 43/365 ~

11 February 2013

~ 42/365 Cat and moi ~

Today is a Monday, wanted to do a self portrait but decided to highlight the cat since I realized I am turning 40 this year, lol.  Yeah I feel old, also feeling like I am getting sick, need to rest up tonight, really hope I feel better tomorrow.

~ 42/365 ~

10 February 2013

09 February 2013

~ 40/365 Quiet Winter Day ~

Just a quiet and lazy day.  I was wicked tired from my 2 days of convention in Edmonton.  It was good to rest up.

~ 40/365 ~

08 February 2013

~ 2 for 1 blog post 38,39/365

Happy Friday everyone.  I am back from my Teacher Convention in Edmonton.  As usual I attended massive amounts of keynote speakers and had a great time....feeling very inspired.  Not really going to blog much today, just gonna leave you with the 2 images I snapped from my Edm visit.

~ 38/365 ~
~ 39/365 ~

06 February 2013

~ 37/365 Sax ~

Continuing in the theme of music for the early week.  :)  Off to Edmonton for PD day tomorrow and Friday, will prob post my 365 pics on the weekend.  Have fun everyone. -Randy

~ 37/365 ~

05 February 2013

~ 36/365 Piano Tuesday ~

I decided to make the first part of this week a musical instrument theme. :)  Here is the big daddy of them all in our house. :) -Randy

~ 36/365 ~

04 February 2013

~ 35/365 Fiddle Monday ~

I get to hear a lot of fiddle music in my life, the wife usually has fiddles everywhere around the house.  This was a fun shot to take for my 365 today, of an old fiddle, texture already on it. -Randy

~ 35/365 ~

03 February 2013

~ 34/365 Superbowl Sunday ~

Well today the Superbowl was on, I was hoping that this 365 would be like my previous one when the Saints won the superbowl.  I was cheering for them too.  The 49ers looked brutal for most of the game but still somehow came back and got close.  However they lost.  Still the best thing was watching it with a good friend and eating yummy things and drinking lots of pepsi. :) -Randy

~ 34/365 ~

02 February 2013

~ 33/365 Caturday ~

Today was a good Caturday, Nahla got LOTS of cuddles and love today, so seems fitting to make her the 365 picture of the day.
~ 33/365 ~

01 February 2013

~ 32/365 Big Church ~

1 month down, 11 to go.......decided to drive down the street and shoot this big silver dome church that we have lived nearby for years.  Love the distortion from the wide angle.  :)  Can finally see it nice and juicy on full frame. :) -Randy

~ 32/365 ~