03 June 2011

~ Friday Rant ~

A long time ago I came to the conclusion that drugs mainly weed, pot, marijuana or whatever you want to call it plain out sucks. So many people have died needlessly due to drug abuse. I have zero tolerance for drugs. If you want drugs as part of your life, then don't plan on my support or friendship. I believe drugs give people a high, I believe that in some sickness and disease that drugs can help. I have seen what weed does. As a teacher I had students murdered due to drugs. I am not going to tolerate drugs around me. This is something very personal to me and very recently people in my circle of "friends", and I say that loosely, involved weed around me and put me in a potentially dangerous and compromising situation. Sadly this "group" of friends were "grown ups" and should know better....but they didn't. I needed to just vent and write this.

I don't expect people to live perfect lives, I am far from perfect. I have so many flaws and issues, but drugs just straight out make me mad. It's useless, a waste of life. Life is challenging enough, why throw in drugs? I guess I appreciate that this recent event happened. It gives me clarity and helps me take a stand on my personal beliefs. I have always had a huge respect for the Police and all law enforcement, I even planned being a Police Officer in High School. I really think the abuse of drugs will always be a never ending battle and the Police sadly are the ones that deal with it on a daily basis. Huge respect to the work they do. This is just an all over the place rant, but I am just annoyed and peeved and it's Friday. I think drugs suck is the basic message here. :P

~ Storm ~

02 June 2011

~ U2 Concert in Edmonton, June 1st ~

U2 awesomeness

So we had tickets purchased through a friend to go see U2 live in Edmonton. We left Vegreville, drove in to the big city and had a quick bite to eat and then headed to the Stadium. The gates were open and the concert started at 7:00pm. Our friends were late so we missed a chunk of the opening act "The Fray" but I was happy to be walking in just when they played the one song I really knew of theirs...."How to save a life" and we finally got through the mass of people to our seats.
U2 in edm June 1st
The stage was impressive and the sound was pretty intense. U2 came out and just kept the crowd entertained. I enjoyed it, the weather for the most part was decent. However a few raindrops fell. As the night arrived so did the problems related to alcohol. People around made choices to ignore the no smoking law and light up various forms of things.....some illegal from the smell of it. It was obvious why there were so many police and security around. That many people + alcohol = poor choices and people acting like morons. I think Bono needs to make his new cause for helping the world should be not allowing alcohol at his concerts. Some of the people at the show were functioning with limited brain cells to start with, adding alcohol to the mix just seems to make the situation worse. Oh well, drugs and alcohol seem like they are never going to go away. Humans seem to enjoy abusing them, and I will continue to smile and wave at the people who make these things a part of who they are.
U2 crowds.
But I am not going to let people like that ruin the memory of great music and a great band. I will remember a fun night out with the wife and a super start to the summer of 2011 with a great concert.