29 November 2008

Weekend is here

The weekend is here....it has been a long week. 2 nights of parent teacher interviews is rough, makes for lonnnnnng days. I am excited to do some shoots this weekend. I have some portrait work that should be fun. It's also the time for December to enter in, xmas lights are popping up all over town. It's a beautiful time of year. I personally would like some snow, it sure makes it feel more like winter. If it's going to be cold, I would like snow with it.

24 November 2008

Photography Mentor

For photographers intersted in sharing and learning more about photography from other photographers, check out this cool website. It was shared with me by Smileyeyes and has some cool features. You can have your work critiqued by your peers and there is also live interviews done with professional photographers. I have not had much time to do much on the site but it sure looks interesting and possibly helpful. :) Here it is photography mentor.

It's hard to believe Christmas is so close...such a busy time of year for a lot of people. Stressful too, with people shopping, making travel plans to be with families. It sure is easy to get lost in the confusion and mad hustle. I am looking forward to just having time with Jenn and our 3 cats. Yesterday was fun, Nestor came by to visit and watched the Grey Cup with me. It was Finnigan, Nestor and me, the 3 dudes, watching the game. Finnigan is just a cool cat, loves to chill out. I also got 2 achievements on NBA 2k8, versus my buddy Nestor. Kobe Bryant's and Kevin Garnett's. I'd like to get NBA 2k9 so Nestor and I can continue our rivalry in the next edition of basketball.

It's a very busy week ahead and I sure hope to stay away from getting sick. I will have to drink a ton of water today and just have lots of sleep. Anyway, not much is new, had a maternity shoot cancelled on the weekend so I am kind of slowing down the photography. I am excited to be doing a photo shoot coming up of a Dodge Viper. That will be very cool...it's a portrait session...more details to come and hopefully some pictures. Other then that NOT a whole lot on the photography front for moi. Just a lot of things to wrap up from previous shoots and always edits to do, I could never run our of material to edit. Mass hard drives full of images, sitting and waiting for me to work on. I am not sure how other photographers are but I never get to edit even half of the shots I would like to.

23 November 2008

Find something else to do Lloyminster Blog Stalker

You in Lloydminster that checks my blog non stop.....find something else to do with your life. Turn your computer off maybe, you don't need to always check my blog. It is annoying and just a bit creepy. Plz take a hint.....move on......stop reading my blog. Thanks.

20 November 2008

~ Samantha Valentine ~

I went back to a shoot with Samantha Valentine and did some new edits. I think she is an awesome model, so much fun and very creative. It's SO easy to take amazing pictures of this girl.
Today I go in to the hospital for the doctor to cut out 2 moles that I think need to go. I have had moles taken off before so hopefully this is just standard and will not come back as anything bad. It's hard to know though and I am just happy to be getting this taken care of.
This week sure has gone fast, it's already Thursday, wow, the year is blowing by like mad. I hope I can catch up on some work this weekend. Go Oilers tonite, they have their hands full with the Wings. Also looks like creepy Lloydminster blog stalker is back after taking a break from constantly checking my blog....guess this person has nothing better to do then blogstalk me.

18 November 2008

16 November 2008

Jenn Video

A video I had to make for Jenn cuz this song makes me think of her all the time :)

~ Weekend Ends Peacefully ~

Well, it was quite a week. I did some good relaxing with my cats. Nahla, Scully and Finnigan. They sure are a bunch of cats. It makes it tough with two cats and no Jenn around to help with them. I think Nahla and Finnigan are slowly becoming buddies and Scully is going to take a LONG time to come around to the new man.
I have to say that my buddy Sonny and I have had a BLAST playing the new Gears of War 2. That game is highly addictive and cool. We're pretty awesome for a couple old video game dudes. I have to say a sad weekend for Edmonton teams. Esks are out, Oilers are back to their losing ways. I am going to have to quit watching sports....I am not sure when Edmonton can get back to winning but it sure doesn't look like they want to. I hope Mac-T gets the axe. I am not sure how much he can keep losing before the owner or someone in power can smarten up and fire him. Time for a change Oilers....this less then average hockey is getting tiresome. Jenn and I decided we're not going to waste our money going to games until this franchise gets a different direction. Since games are on TV we can be Oiler fans that way and save our money for other entertainment.
I can't believe November is almost over. Xmas is around the corner, that is awesome. I can't wait for holidays and time with my beautiful wife and our 3 cats.

14 November 2008

Lightroom Presets Video. Seim Power Workflow photo editing

Gavin knows his lightroom, this video sums up why I like lightroom so much.

Lightroom Work

just a quick video, the quality isn't great but gives an idea of how I edit on my 64 bit lightroom 2.....(drool)

3 Cats

06 November 2008

Cynthia McLeod and Jon Matthews Concert

Cynthia and Jon rocked Vegreville last night. It was awesome to hear her play and Jon has mad talent too. They are playing in Edmonton tonight at the Trap and Gill. They are two talented people and Jenn and I wish them nothing but the best as they continue their tour.

04 November 2008

Busy Times

It's another busy week. Working on edits for April and Andy again. Also loving the Oilers 2 game win streak, yipeeeeeeeeee. I'll post Halloween pics shortly. Hope to get back to updating my blog more.