22 September 2014

~ Too much planning Spoils the Fun of Photography ~

When I am planning a creative photo shoot with a model they usually ask me what theme I have in mind.  I have to admit that themes can be fun and there are times when I do have an idea in my head for a shoot.  But the true fun for me comes from not planning shoots.  When the model comes up with looks on her own, does the hair and makeup it's fun and exciting to see what locations we can go discover that fit her look.  Some of my favorite shoots have been spontaneous in the outfits and locations.  I have discovered some really cool places to shoot just by going on an adventure and not knowing the destination.  Had I planned every last detail I would have missed out some great locations, light and images.

EXAMPLE #1(Model: Galina)

~ Galina ~

This is a shot of Galina taken in the country side north of St.Albert, Alberta.  We drove north and we just looked for some country roads and finally I saw this spot off the road we were on.  It was a farmers approach and it was grown with tall grass and lined with rows of bushes on either side.  The light looked great and we stopped to shoot a set of images here.  I could have gone out to scout locations in advance and driven right on by this spot.  Sometimes it's just about the light, light needs to be perfect and locations you scout do not always provide the best light due to weather, time of day, etc.  This spot was just perfect for the images we wanted.  I'll prob never go back to it, it was just a special photography adventure and the lack of planning made it exciting and fun.  It probably has a lot to do with my personality but I really dislike making detailed plans. :)  I am all about the unexpected and not knowing what is around the corner.  I love exploring the world with my camera and if I have a model or not, I think the same goes for nature photography.  Finding the light, the location and capturing a moment that is unexpected and impossible to plan for.  

EXAMPLE #2 (Model: Katelyn)
~ Katelyn ~

We drove around in the St.Albert area too, similar to the shoot I did with Galina.  We were near sunset (golden hour light) and found a construction area where residential buildings were being constructed.  This was mostly an empty field with some large concrete tubes (I have no clue what their technical names were) but they looked cool and Katelyn climbed on them and did some amazing poses.  The only things we had planned was where we would meet (A Tim Hortons) and from their we just drove around.  We had also briefly talked about the outfit but I didn't know her look until we met for the shoot.  It was just fun and I could never have expected we would find a place like this.  I know this is nothing new, many photographers/artists work like this but I just encourage people to sometimes step out of their comfort zones if you are a person that likes planning everything.  Try going out and being random....find something new and exciting and shoot there.  In Edmonton, I know the typical locations you can find photographers: Legislature grounds, many parks, Museum, Muttart, river valley, Fort Edm.....I've shot in these places lots too, but I have to say if I know I'm shooting there I kind of already know what to expect for light, for location.  

So basically go exploring with your camera!! :)  Make plans if you must but just be willing to go off the rails and find something new and be creative with it. :)

17 September 2014

~ Canon 5dm3 and Fuji xpro1 with Katelyn ~

I had a fun summer, did as much photography as I could fit in.  As summer ended and I went back to work I decided I would buy a used Fuji Xpro1.  I have been wanting one for a LONG time, the problem is I am a Canon dude I wasn't sure I was ready to add another brand to my photography addiction.  I asked a few friends for some advice and I found a used xpro1 and decided it'd be a good investment.  After shooting with it I am so excited by the perks of using such a small camera.  I knew having a small body would be fun compared to lugging around heavy gear.  I love the lightweight feel of it and the way it works.  It's totally fun as a photographer to use and it has made photography really exciting to explore with this little camera.

When I was a film shooter I always shot with FUJI film so yeah, it's a LOT of nostalgia to use a FUJI camera.  I also am thrilled with the combo of my Canon and the Fuji.  I can see myself using both a lot now.  I will try and post more from my adventures with this fun little camera.  Here are some samples from a recent shoot with the lovely model: Katelyn


~ Katelyn ~


~ Katelyn ~