29 October 2007

New Prices

Just been thinking. I have paid so much out of my pocket for equipment. I am still paying off some. However, the prices I was charging are not even paying for my meals and gas on some jobs. I have been shy about asking for more, but I do feel strong in my skills and know I deserve more for my work. If people think it's too much, then more power to them. Go out and buy the lighting, the memory cards, computer equipment, hard drives, lenses and spend time learning the craft. I think it's worth it to charge far more and get something back. I am not greedy but I would like to eventually be able to upgrade equipment, replace older equip. and just see my efforts rewarded. My new prices will be posted on my www.pbase.com/phocus73 soon.

Ok, that's my Monday rant. Now off to do a TFP with some models....heheheh. I am a goof.