19 April 2010

~ 109/365 ~

~ 109/365 Mallet Finger Doc Finny ~

Got two splints for my finger in Camrose today, then went to supper with Jenn and Boston Pizza. Sat by some really loud and annoying people. They were talking, laughing and swearing so loud. Every other word was an F bomb. This province is so full of cavemen/rednecked people. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am sure they were driving this truck too.......

12 April 2010

~ 102/365 Darth ~

~ 102/365 Lost to the Dark Side ~
I was so worried I lost this USB stick, couldn't find him all day. He has all my work files on it. Was about to CRY!!!!
Then the wife finds it in the first place I had looked, YES, I am old and my brain be shutting DOWN.

11 April 2010

~ 100/365 Church ~

~ 100/365 Church ~
Hit the 100 mark on my 365. I have enjoyed this a lot. Some of my face 365 shooters are:
SOME other 365 shooters
Olga: She is a SUPER awesome photographer. Love her ideas and her images of nature and life inspire me. She obviously sees beauty in this world and captures it with her camera. I am a BIG fan.
Owen: he challenged me to so this 365 project and does awesome shots every day, not sure how he does it but he rocks. :)

05 April 2010

~ 95/365 Spring Break Ends ~

~ 95/365 Spring Break Ends ~

Spring break ends today for me. I am happy though, life is good, the grass is turning green and life feels GREAT! :)

Not much to say today, just happy and smiling lots.

04 April 2010

lol....had to add this in....hahahahha......HAIR BAND, 80's style!!!

~ More Great Canadian MUSIC ~

Cranberries - LOVE LOVE LOVE this group!!!

Alanis Morriset, she is so awesome, her voice carries so much emotion and beauty. Proud she is Canadian!!!

Tragically Hip - so Canadian!!! :) Not much to say, but this is song gets played everywhere....bars, night clubs, pubs, radio, hockey games and parties, such a Canadian BAND!!!

Headstones, so sad they broke up. I listened to them when I was in my first year of teaching. I LOVE this song. If I ever have a problem in my life I think of this song. It makes me feel like negativity is not worth hanging on to, smile and wave at it, leave it behind.......life's too short.

~ Fave Canadian Musicians ~

Colin James- got his casset tape, yes I said TAPE, when I was young......lol....I am OLD! He rocks!!!

Alannah Myles- had such a crush on her when I was a kid. I wrote her fan club, lol, she never replied.....:( Guess it was cuz I was too young, LOL!, had her tape too!

Northern Pikes - awesome song, one hit wonder and yes, had their tape too!!! :)

~ Time for something different ~

Usually I am always posting a pic. I thought I would share some music I like. I love this group and pretty much enjoy all their cover music that they add their punk sound to. It's music I enjoy listening to when I edit, high energy! :)

~ 94/365 Dreamer ~

~ 94/365 Dreamer ~

~ 93/365 Medina ~

~ 93/365 Medina ~

02 April 2010

~ 92/365 Good Drugs ~

~ 92/365 Good Drugs ~
Had a good day, it was still lame to have this cold but first day in a long time I really felt a good improvement.
It has been hard to be sick all of spring break, but I still find a reason to smile. Life is good and there is always something that makes it special and wonderful. So even when sick you can discover beautiful and amazing reasons to feel better. (OG)

01 April 2010

~ 91/365 Blue ~

~ 91/365 Blue ~
I had a good day today, even though I am fighting a cold and feeling rough. I still found moments where I could enjoy the day. I had a nice long nap with Nahla and Finny. I did a bit of cleaning and organizing. All in all it was a really good day today.