30 April 2013

~ 120/365 Morning Snow on a lovely Spring Day ~

I don't understand the hate of snow and winter.  I have lived around it all my life.  It's a season and I happen to love seasons.  The transition between winter and spring is not gradual.  Like this morning when I walked out the door I was greeted with this.  On the weekend it'll be double digits.  Love the seasons and love the place on planet earth I call my home. -Randy

~ 120/365 ~

29 April 2013

~ 119/365 Snow Flakes in April ~

Woke up to everyone complaining about the snow on FB.  But this is a great example of why I love snow and winter. :)  Been wanting a shot like this all winter and it finally came in spring. :)  Thanks to the lovely Sabrina who came over on the spur of the moment so I could get this shot. :)  Happy Spring everyone. -Randy

~ 119/365 ~

28 April 2013

~ 118/365 Lonely Snow Drift ~

Lonely little drift in the backyard survived the weekend.  Will this melt or will more snow come and add to it? :D  Oh you gotta love Alberta in April! :) -Randy

~ 118/365 ~

~ 117/3365 Goodbye Hockey ~

Goodbye hockey season, the Oilers ended a pretty terrible season with 2 big blow out wins, the last coming against the Nucks.  Hope they remember during the off season how to win like this.  Had a lame day so decided to just shoot a pic of the man cave tv. -Randy

~ 117/365 ~

27 April 2013

~ 116/365 Friday ~

Just a bleh Friday, tired and not a lot to talk about.  Just a picture of a 1/2 dead and 1/2 alive house plant. -Randy

~ 116/365 ~

25 April 2013

~ 115/365 11th Anniversary ~

11th Anniversary Day and Jenn and I are really busy.  I had PD Day all day and an Open House tonight, Jenn teaches music.  So had to put this quick shot together to make my 365. :) -Randy
~ 115/365 ~

~ 114/365 Injustice ~

So tired and feeling a bit sick, stupid head cold.  Sinus issues.....not good.  My inner nerd also came out and I got this new xbox game to play.  :)  Fighting games + comic books = a fun night of beating up on the cpu and having the AI beat me up a bit too.  Good times. :) -Randy

23 April 2013

~ 113/365 Janaya ~

Got to shoot with the uber creative Lynda Olsen, our model was Janaya and we had to shoot in the studio since the weather went sour.  Janaya brought some great outfits and I think we all had a good time. -Randy

~ 113/365 ~

22 April 2013

~ 112/365 Streets of Vegreville ~

Good old Monday, went out and shot some pics on main street Vegreville.  It was so warm, loved it. So excited to shoot outside lots this summer. :)  This was just a taste of getting out in some warmer weather. -Randy
~ 112/365 ~

21 April 2013

~ 111/365 Nachos ~

Nachos for supper, they were yummy and needed a picture, as I was so tired from all those pics I took yesterday and being out late at the movies. :) -Randy

~ 111/365 ~

20 April 2013

~ 110/365 Samantha Shoot ~

Got to take some photos of the amazing Samantha today.  Shooting with her is always fun, normally Samatha is the one behind the camera.  She is such a talented person and I have huge respect for her.  Such a kind and thoughtful person.  It was a COLD and WINDY day but we still got the shots.  This was taken with Samantha's amazing 135 lens, I WANT!!!! -Randy
~ 110/365 ~

19 April 2013

~ 109/365 Friday ~

Friday!!!! Had to think of something easy, as I felt super tired and uninspired.  So the 7D and a toy from a Kinder Egg made for my photo of the day! :)  Happy Friday everyone. :) -Randy
~ 109/365 ~

18 April 2013

~ 108/365 Hot Dog Night ~


This is what happens when I have to fend for myself. :)  Veggie dogs, pepsi and candy!!!!  Yep!!!! -Randy
~ 108/365 ~

17 April 2013

~ 107/365

Just a shot in the front yard......not much to say about today.  Just another pic off the journey to 365. :)  Hope everyone had a good day! -Randy

~ 107/365 ~

16 April 2013

~ 106/365 Sunset Walk ~

Went for a walk with Jenn and we saw the sun setting, so decided to make this my pic of the day. :)  Warm day, finally nice to be outside and enjoying some spring like weather. -Randy PS- Processed this on LR5 beta and I am really digging it.

~ 106/365 ~

15 April 2013

~ 105/365 Monday Leaves ~

Monday, this week looks warmer, so hoping to start shooting outside more.  Hear that 2013??  Time for me to get out and blast my canon away at you outside the studio and warmth of my house!! -Randy
~ 105/365 ~

14 April 2013

~ 104/365 Masters Sunday ~

Just a bleh Sunday, woke up with a headache and wasn't feeling good at all.  Watched a LOT of the MASTERS and cuddled my cat Finny.  If this pic had a title, it'd be "Drowing in Spring Snow" hope everyone had a good weekend. -Randy

~ 104/365 ~

~ 103/365 Caturday!!! ~

Last night a rare moment, both girl's cuddling on Jenn's lap.  Scully with Nahla laying nice and close.  These two normally do not want to be anywhere close to each other, so had to be my shot of the day. -Randy

~ 103/365 ~

12 April 2013

~ 102/365 Friday, PD Day and a Shoot with Janaya ~

Had a professional development day in Sherwood Park today, so got a chance to go out and do some photos on a "kinda" warm day.  They are calling for 20cm of snow this weekend starting tonight in Edmonton.  The wind was nasty but Janaya braved it and we got some really sweet pics. :) -Randy
~ 102/365 ~

11 April 2013

~ 101/365 Sketchbook Pic ~

Spent 3 hours during parent teacher interviews tonight and managed to whip up a new sketch in my newest sketchbook.  So not as impressive as Vita yesterday, but it'll do. :)  Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!! -Randy
~ 101/365 ~

10 April 2013

~ Day 100/365 Project with the Wonderful VITA!!!!! ~

Dropping day 100 on you like a bomb with this edit of the amazing Vita.  I take no credit here, Vita's just that awesome. :)  Great to shoot with Vita after such a long time.  Such an impressive model and talented young woman.  Happy to work on some shots with her and hope she pops back in to my 365 project before the year is over. -Randy

~ 100/365 ~

~ 99/365 Ice and Spring ~

Spring is coming, or so it may seem, lots of melting going on but still cold.  Cannot wait for some warm weather to go outside and shoot again.  :) -Randy
~ 99/365 ~

08 April 2013

~ 98/365 Monday, bleh day ~

Just one of those days where it's sunny, but still winter....teasing us with sun but not quite being spring.  Really tired today, it's going to be a LONG week! -Randy

~ 98/365 ~

07 April 2013

~ 97/365 Rogue ~

Got to hang with Darcy Evans today and the lovely Angela for a fun Rogue theme photo shoot.  Thanks to them both for a fun day. -Randy

~ 97/365 ~

06 April 2013

~ 96/365 Quiet Day ~

Just a quiet day....not much to say other than I was really tired and didn't feel like going far for a photo.  Lots of melting and ice around, so thought I'd shoot that for today's pic.  Have a good weekend everyone. -Randy

~ 96/365 ~

05 April 2013

~ 95/365 Jenn and Finny ~

Jenn and Sir Finny, she is the reason we have this big old fat bundle of cat joy! :)  Decided to make this a wife and cat combo!! :)  Happy Friday everyone. :) -Randy

~ 95/365 ~

04 April 2013

~ 94/365 Finny Thursday ~

Tired, so tired, doing report cards, so I am phoning it in with another easy cat picture. :D  GO OILERS, tonight as they strive to stay in the playoff hunt. :) -Randy

~ 94/365 ~

03 April 2013

~ 93/365 Nahla Pearl ~

~ 93/365 ~

~ 92/365 Janaya Shoot in Elk Island ~

Went to Fort Sask for my dental appointment of 2013, hoping it is my only one.  Then on the way home took a stop for a mini shoot  in Elk Island Park with the lovely Janaya.  She didn't bring "appropriate" footwear so we couldn't be too brave and go off the main trails.  But it was her first time in Elk Island Park so she didn't really know what to expect I think.  Still I am happy to be out shooting in the sunshine. :) -Randy

~ 92/365 ~

01 April 2013

~ 91/365 APRIL FOOLS DAY ~

"APRIL FOOLS" Day is here, I decided to try my luck with the old "I'm moving to Edmonton and starting my life as a PRO, selling my digital cameras and ONLY specializing in wedding photography" trick.  I think I fooled a few, but most people knew this was a joke. :)  Kudos to the smart ones!!! -Randy

~ 91/365 ~