25 August 2009

~ Mel and Phil ~

New edits from Mel and Phil's Wedding:

~ Mel's Ride ~
~ Mel ~
~ The Couple Before They Make Their Escape ~
~ Flowers and Rings ~
~ Flowers and Rings ~
~ Mel and Phil ~

~ Coleen and Darren Updated Edits ~

Work is starting for me this Thursday. Nervous and excited.....looking forward to meeting my new staff. Working in Vegreville will be fun. Anyway, here are some new edits from Coleen and Darren's wedding.

~ Coleen and Family ~
~ Coleen's Flowers ~
~ Coleen ~

22 August 2009

19 August 2009

~ Wedding Edits ~

I am back and hitting hard my wedding edits.  I know I have a few brides that want to get their hands on the pictures and I am going to get those done ASAP!! :)  That is top priority, as is getting ready to go back to school.  Life is getting busy again.  Fun FUN!! :)

Here is an ocean pic from our trip, taken on Rosario Beach at sunset.

~ Lonely Driftwood ~

~ I am back ~

Jenn and I arrived late Tuesday night.  We are happy to be home with our kittys.....we had an awesome time and had some really nice experiences down in the States visiting my family.  Here is what welcomed us on our drive home....check my twitter feed for more blackberry pics.  I am annoyed, we stopped in Kimberly to look around and take a break from driving.  While there I broke my blackberry screen, had it less then a month.  The phone was in a protective case, in my pocket and I guess I bumped it against a door and it cracked the screen like it was nothing.  It didn't even seem like it was much of anything and it cracked the plastic or glass over the lcd screen.  The good news is it still works and I believe it can be repaired....phew!!! But wow, that thing is delicate....I'll need a BETTER case for it and will have to baby it to death.  The other good news is we got home alive.  A HUGE Semi truck almost killed us near Cranbrook, BC.  It swerved over a double line from going too fast around a corner and in a split second I swerved with the Matrix and avoided the hit.  If I had reacted a second too slow we would of died.  So all in all, who cares if a blackberry is made cheap, Jenn and I are alive and it's just a silly hunk of plastic.  Here are a few shots from the holiday.

~ Alberta Summer Storm ~
~ HDR Ocean Shot ~
~ HDR Sunset on the Beach ~
~ Cropped HDR Ocean ~
~ Randy & Jenn ~

17 August 2009

~ Back from the Ocean Adventure!! ~

Jenn and I got a sweet tour of Washington State, thanks to my Mom and Dad. They took us to Anacortes, WA....where we were able to go down to a State Park and hang out by the beautiful ocean. I got some lovely sunset shots and some cool ocean pics. Then we went to another beach on Whidbey Island, saw some massively big boats. After 2 nights there we went to Seattle for the day. Jenn and I had never been, so Mom and Dad took us on a Duck tour of Seattle. On the tour we got to see some cool sights of Seattle. Like the Grey's Anatomy hospital front, which is actually an office building. We saw the house used in Sleepless in Seattle and just had a whirlwind tour of Seattle. It was quite cool....then Jenn got her SHOP on and we hit some stores in a BIG mall in Seattle. Of course no where NEAR as big as WEM, but it was pretty cool. Jenn found me some sweet clothes for work. I will be all styling and profiling when I go back to errr......ummmm.........hate to say it....starts with an "S" and rhymes with cruel.
On our way back to Republic, WA, we stopped in a wild little place in WA State called Levinworth, not sure I spelled that correctly but it's close. There we walked around, I had a vegan sausage with all the German condiments to slap on it. It was pretty yummy. The entire town looks very European and has look of a small German town. Lots of cool stores and interesting places to eat. Jenn and I agreed it would be a cool place to visit again and take more time to explore.
I can't believe all the travelling we did and all the really cool things Jenn and I were able to see. I tried taking as many pics as possible, however I can't share them until we return to Canada. We should be back before this weekend. So hopefully everything goes smooth and we get back to our kittens. I think me miss them just a LITTLE!!! :)
I do miss Canada, these Americans weird me out.

11 August 2009

~ Mini Vacation ~

Jenn and I are planning a mini vacation down to the states to visit my Mom and Dad.  It's been a LONG time since I've made the trip down to see them.  We leave today and should be back in about 1 week.  We are planning to visit my cousins in Creston, BC along the way....as well a possible trip to Victoria, BC.  I hope we go, I love Victoria and would LOVE to get pictures of the ocean again.  I can't wait!!! :)

Well, I look forward to posting more wedding shots when I get back and some new nature shots from our trip.  Hope everyone has an awesome finish to their summers.  I'll have my crackberry with me so will be able to respond to emails while we are in Canada, will have it turned off in the States due to roaming charges, etc.

~ Starting the Walk ~

09 August 2009

~ Details ~

Some detail pictures from Coleen and Darren's recent wedding. :)

~ Gifts ~
~ The Cake ~
~ Coleen and Darren ~
~ Caught in the Act ~

08 August 2009

Mel and Phil get MARRIED!!

Mel and Phil

 Congrats to Mel and Phil, an awesome couple who tied the knot and gave me the honor of capturing their wedding photos.  Mel had an stunning dress and was a lovely bride, it was a very fun and relaxing time for Jenn and I.  The day was HOT!!!  Weather was cooking and so was the bridal party.  Everyone managed to survive the photos and here are a few of the edits hot off the camera. :)

On a personal note, found out that Aerosmith cancelled the concert I was looking forward to.  I am debating if I'll hold on to my tickets for a return date or get a refund. 

~ The Photo Shoot is Almost Done ~
~ Cuda-Licious ~
~ Flower Power ~

06 August 2009

~ Feature Gallery now on Randypond.ca ~

My new website allows me to feature my current work.  I have created a gallery for Coleen and Darren
Jessica and Joel can also be found in my featured gallery.

05 August 2009


I am excited.  http://www.randypond/ is LIVE and I can start working on it.  New photos will take some time to go up.  Please be patient as it all comes together. :)

~ Changes ~

Jennifer and I have got some new cell phones.  For people within our circle of friends please contact us asap and we will be more then happy to give you our new numbers.  We have the new Alberta area code so don't be alarmed if you see a 587 number and wonder who that is calling or texting you.  We both have Blackberry phones now.  So we are officially crackberry users.  I really like my phone.  It does a lot more then the CRAP phone I had from BELL.  I can also now twitter, upload flickr pics and just do a TON more with my phone.  If you are a friend with a Blackberry PLEASE let me know.  I'd LOVE to add your pin and be able to chat via the Black Berry Messenger. 

I also have exciting news with my photography.  I am pleased to announce a new website design is coming for 2009, from bludomain.  I have a new layout, features coming and am VERY excited to get it working.  I am going to be needing a few weeks before it's 100% worked out.  I have it ready to go live but it's VERY bare bones right now.  So to Jessica and Coleen who are awaiting their galleries, please be patient as I change over to the new site.  I will have galleries up asap and when the site goes live. 

Lots of fun changes for me in the website and cellphone world.  Summer has been awesome and looking forward to going to ZZTop and Aerosmith!! :)

02 August 2009

~ Coleen and Darren ~

~ Coleen and Darren ~
~ Group Shot ~
~ Coleen and Darren ~

~ Coleen and Darren | Wedding ~

I was introduced to Coleen and Darren through their friend Lindsey who Jenn and I also know.  Lindsey has done some modelling for me in the past.  She was the maid of honor.  Here are some teaser edits, more to come.  It was a long day, off to bed I go. :)

~ Getting Ready For the Moment ~
~ Finished Getting Ready ~
~ The Moment Arrives ~

The largest hot-air balloon gathering in the world,, Chambley, France

This is sweet!!!

~ Wish I was in France to See This ~

This is SO cool.  I wish I had been in France to see this and get some pictures of my own.  What a colourful and beautiful sight it must have been. :)

01 August 2009

~ Weekend is Here | Flowers from Jessica's Wedding ~

Here is a detail shot from Jessica's wedding.  I didn't have much time as the bridesmaids were moving rather quickly in to the church.  I had a chance to quickly snap this shot as she was going inside the church.  I think this was my 70-200, but I forget. :)  Anyway, I love it as a detail shot. :)

~ Flowers ~