11 November 2011

November 11, 2011 Thank You

This world is still an evil place, every day the news is full of evil and wrong doing.  Yet, it is important to never forget the history of the human race and remember the sacrifices made by so many that came before us.  Lots of great men and women have paid the ultimate price to give us the wonderful things we enjoy today.  Freedom in Canada is a special thing and we have such a wonderful country thanks to these heroes.

I really hope that people can learn to be more loving towards each other.  To respect the differences we have and learn to give to those less fortunate.  I admit I live a pretty selfish life and really don't do enough for others. However if we don't start caring about others we are destined to keep fighting, killing and hurting each other.  Some people really dislike religion or the bible.  However if you were to follow what the bible teaches then this world would be a better place.  But even without following the bible, just learning to show love and care for each other would make such a huge difference.

I am hoping to start living a life where I am less focused on myself and try to do more for others.  Those Men and Women that paid with their lives did so for us, so we could be free.  I guess I will end this blog post by just saying THANKS!!!

~ Samantha ~