09 January 2014

~ 365/365 FINISHED!!!! ~

© Randy Pond Photography - www.randypond.ca

D-O-N-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So happy to finish this baby off.  Wanted to get a sunrise, but was in Edmonton this morning and it was snowing and cloudy.  Got to see my buddy Sonny for a yummy breakfast then drove home and captured this scene in a fun spot I like to visit for photos close by my house.  Thanks to everyone that followed my 365.  I do them for myself but it is fun to share the photos from a year of my life.  I highly recommend photographers try it, it's not easy but it's rewarding.  I am looking forward to a 2014 with many more pictures to share.  Maybe not one a day, but more art and more fun in visual images will be coming from me.  Just feeling happy with love in my heart for the life I have.  -Randy

~ 365/365 ~