30 March 2010

~ 89/365 Finny in HDR ~

~ 89/365 HDR Finny ~
So today my cold did not seem to want to retreat. So I decided to run to the doctor. I had no appointment so I called the two clinics in our town and found out one was doing a walk in from 1pm-3:30. I showed up at 1pm and was at home at 1:45 with my prescribed pills and napping until like 5:30pm. I think that's pretty good to see a doctor without an appoitment. I have had longer waits even with appointments.
Today was a bit cooler then the weekend. Wind was cold. Of course I stayed inside today....downloaded the new maps for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2....totally got pwned on the first map I tried. Was playing some really high ranking prestiege players. It will take some time to learn the new maps. Jenn leaves for Ontario tomorrow for a bit. So I am on cat sitting duty....gonna have all 3 sucky cats wanting cuddles. I am up for the challenge.
Also hoping to do a few photo shoots. I have one planned with the amazing MAC!!! Looking forward to working with him again.

17 March 2010

~ 76/365 Top of the Mornin ~

~ Top of the Morning 76/365 ~
Hope everyone wore green and had a fun day!!!

16 March 2010

~ 75/365 Nahla Discovers the Outside World ~

~ Nahla Pearl 75/365 ~
Nahla sat by my computer in the office looking outside at the world. I opened the window and she was loving breathing in fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature. She sat for a long time looking out.....I grabbed my 70-200 called out her name and voilla, 75/365 is done!!!!
What a beautiful day, the snow in my front yard is quickly disappearing. This time of year though looks SO gross and dirty. Lots of brown and rotten things underneath that pure white snow we have been looking at for the last few months. I can't wait for the April showers to do add more green and clean up a little the dirt that seems to be covering everything. Mother Nature is awesome!!! :) I can't wait to start exploring this earth again with my camera. :)

15 March 2010

~ 74/365 Spring is Coming ~

~ 74/365 Spring is Coming ~
Spring is coming, I see signs everywhere, even in my front yard. Loving this weather. So sad about the snow mobilers that were killed this last weekend in the mountains. The bad part is there were warnings, I don't sled and even I know this time every year people get killed in avalanches while on snow machines. It isn't rocket science, maybe after a LOT of people die from this others will start to clue in? Maybe it's dangerous to ride high powered machines up mountains of snow and ice??? I feel bad for the families but come on people, smarten up.....accidents can happen but please use common sense and be safe. Is it really worth it to lose family and friends just for a thrill ride?

14 March 2010

~ 73/365 Renee Robyn ~

After many years of wanting to do a shoot together, Renee Robyn and I got to do a shoot today. She came out to the studio and we had a wonderful shoot together. She's a beautiful model and was such a pleasure to work with. I hope I get an opportunity to shoot with her again.
~ 73/365 Renee Robyn ~

09 March 2010

~ 68/365 Scully Having a Bath ~

~ 68/365 Scully Having a Bath ~
My cat Scully having a bath, she looks really impressed I shot her here with a camera. Wow, this 365 thing keeps me busy. I have been so busy with work too, coaching basketball, thankfully basketball is wrapping up now. Can't wait to get through it, Spring Break is coming soon too, LOVE IT!!!! :)

03 March 2010

~ 62/365 FINNY AGAIN! ~

~ 62/365 Finny AGAIN!! ~
When tired and bored of this 365 project, Finny is a good model, willing to get his pic taken.