19 September 2018

This wild and crazy world....

So I have finally started year 21 of teaching and still loving the challenges and learning I experience every day.  There is a LOT of potential for changes in my life right now but looking forward to what these changes will bring.  I love photography but lately I've been actually doing what I have said I would do for years, which is to pick up a pencil and some art supplies and create some art.  I added a link to my website to showcase my creative side more.  It's felt good to mess around with art and create without the camera.

I am trying my best to not worry about the world but it's been crazy.  Make America Great again and it looks like a dump.  The climate change that so many try to ignore is looking quite real.  So many terrible storms and wild fires.  It's tough to stomach news lately with the nutty things happening.  I am thankful for art, music and creative people.  Thankfully there are people trying to make the world a better place with their talents.

I will drop a few pics here of recent things I've been doing with my camera.  Gonna try and share more art as well.  Stay tuned and if you're reading my BLOG a huge thanks as I am a terrible writer and hoping posting a blog or two will help with that.  The photos in this blog feature a model I love working with: DESTINY and we shot them late summer out in Vegreville.  It's always fun to collaborate with her.  She's always been a great model and friend to work with.  She got me some amazing Oiler players to give me autographs!!! Spoiled photographer here!!!!


~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~

17 September 2018

It's BEEN Forever!!!

I haven't written much in ages.  I guess I could start this blog back up again.  I do enjoy sharing work on it.  I really had this connected with my FLICKR account and it was a lot of fun to post work.  I think I will give this a try again.

It's fall time and so far it's been pretty NOT fall weather.  Mostly SNOW and lots of rain!!  I do love winter but it would sure be nice if there was some fall to be had.  I love the colors of fall and capturing the different colors of the leaves.

Here are some blog photos of a recent shoot with a model from Edmonton named MJ.  She has been so fun to shoot with.  She is also a talented photographer and has a really cool instagram.

~ MJ ~ ~ MJ ~ ~ MJ ~