16 June 2015

June 16th, RIP MULDER

I want to write words today to express my sadness, but my wife Jen wrote some beautiful ones for us.....so I am copying and pasting what she wrote to my blog.

Thank so much for all your support over the last 48 hours as we dealt with our baby Mulder's illness and diagnosis. He was only about one year old.

I whispered goodbyes and I-love-yous and stroked him while he left us at about 1pm today. The vet felt that his fever was getting pretty high and he almost definitely had FIP as we had ruled out most other possibilities. But more importantly, the vet believed Mulder was already in crisis today, and this truly helped me make the hard decision.

I feel at peace with this, and I'm grateful that he did not suffer too long or too much before we knew what was happening to him.

I spent the morning cuddling him. And bawling. Im not gonna lie. He ate some fat food with gravy (his favourite) with happy enthusiasm, but he couldn't finish. About five minutes before we left for his diagnostic test, he went and sat inhis carrier for the first time ever. It was like he knew.

I know so many of you enjoyed watching and hearing about him. I got so many private messages over the last six months from people saying how much they enjoyed him. Thank you for those. We enjoyed him too. I hope his little life with us was so great that it erased all the awful stuff he went through to be here.

Top 10 things I'll miss the most about Mulder (but not limited to 10 of course):

10) I will miss him wrecking all the things.

9) I will miss him crashing out exhausted after wrecking all the things.

8) I will miss his fascination with the flushing toilet.

7) I will miss him running between the shower curtains and falling in.... And having a shower with me.

6) I will miss him being Finnegan's buddy. Nahla could take him or leave him. We can be honest.

5) I will miss him turning on the light. Then turning off the light. Then turning it back on. Then off. Then on. Then...

4) I will miss putting his toys away only to find that he dumped them all out again seconds later cuz he likes it better that way. I mean, how is a guy supposed to find something? And the giant chewbacca lol. Well, giant compared to him.

3) I will miss his enthusiasm for food. Him jumping into my plate of lasagna and the look that said he just hit the jackpot, watching him eating wet food with utter enthusiasm, and his level of focus when he was trying to sneak his face into my plate of food.... Or trying to sneak food from my mouth. He wasn't picky apparently.

2) I will miss seeing him chilling out on Randy's legs looking like he's watching tv too. Like a dude. And cuddling like a baby who knows he's safe and loved.

1) I will miss his spunky little character that was constantly in my face and in my heart. I don't care if he wrecked all the things.

Mulder was a very special, beautiful little guy. He had a very rocky start, and it took 5 months for his path to lead him here. He was here little more than six months, and was almost a year old. I'm glad we saved him and I think he knew happiness and love here. Helping him eased our pain from losing Scully, and now we say goodbye sweet baby kitten.