30 August 2013

~ 242/365 Dream Car ~

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Well, today ended the last day of staff only.  Next day of work I'll be facing the real deal.  Nothing compares to the rush of a first day of a school year.  People that think teaching is easy need to give their heads a shake.  Millions of possibilities on how to start a year, possibly the most important day ever.  For most teachers it's a make or break day.  Decided to relax a bit tonight and take my pic of this awesome car model aka TOY!! :)  It's my dream car, hence the dreamy editing. Have a great LONG weekend everyone. -Randy

~ 242/365 ~

~ 241/365 Film Flashback ~

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My HIPSTER phase, shooting a few rolls of film before lending the camera to a friend.  It's been YEARS since I shot film.  Definitely NOT my cup of tea....love digital way too much, but fun to relive the OLD days. -Randy

~ 241/365 ~

27 August 2013

~ 239/365 Jane Shoot Pt.II in Vegreville ~

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Got to shoot with Jane today again, she drove out to Vegreville with her bf Jeff and he did an amazing job holding the reflector on this shot.  He gets A++++ for reflecting work.  Totally love the lighting in this shot, Jane had to battle off clouds of killer wasps and a wild fox and homeless tent people but we nailed this shot.  -Randy

~ 239/365 ~

26 August 2013

~ 238/365 Monday Garden Pic ~

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This year is just blasting by!!!  My 365 is definitely on the down slope now.  Really tired today, rainy and cold day and just feeling bleh about heading back to work, summer ending.....-Randy

~ 238/365 ~

~ 237/365 Savannah ~

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Did 2 photo shoots, the first with Savannah and then with a couple for some maternity photos and the Mom to be is named Savannah as well.  Today was a Savannah x2 day. :) Last Sunday of summer, back to teaching mode this week. -Randy

~ 237/365 ~

24 August 2013

~ 236/365 Fiddle Roost Edmonton, AB ~

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Went to the Fiddle Roost tonight to support their moving fund raiser.  It's currently located close to Whyte Ave and is a place that supports musicians and gives them a place to preform and jam.  Tried to shoot an HDR shot and I think it looks moody as a b/w. -Randy

~ 237/365 ~

23 August 2013

~ 235/365 Leaving the Badlands ~

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Packed up the camp and headed for home.  Stopped to take this shot at a lookout not far from where the campground was.  Great few days of adventuring around the badlands snapping photos. -Randy

~ 235/365 ~

~ 234/365 Badlands ~

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Went to the badlands, haven't been there in a LONG time.  Went down for a night and did some shooting with friends and had a good time.  Was fun to revisit this spot, last time I was here I didn't know much about photography.  I feel I did it more justice this time than my last visit. -Randy

~ 234/365 ~

21 August 2013

~ 233/365 Keren ~

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Keren came out to Vegreville today with her awesome BIKE and we shot up some pics!  Keren is a sponsored rider and model and has many many talents.  Always an honor to get to shoot with Keren! :)

~ 233/365 ~

20 August 2013

~ 232/265 Finny ~

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Was going to try and NOT shoot a cat as my 365 picture, but couldn't resist.  He was being all sleepy on this cat bed.....I am unable to resist this cute kitty! -Randy

~ 232/365 ~

19 August 2013

~ 231/365 HDR Sunset ~

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Went out for some groceries and decided to try a landscape shot for my 365....considering I have been shooting so many cats and portraits....wanted to mix it up! :)

~ 231/365 ~

18 August 2013

~ 230/365 Veggie Burger BBQ ~

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BBQ today!!  Veggie BURGERS!!!! Woke up with a headache, one of those days where I just felt bleh!!  Lots of cat cuddles and resting. -Randy

~ 230/365 ~

17 August 2013

~ 229/365 Harley Quinn ~

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The shoot went in to day 229/365 so Samantha as Harley Quinn is my 2nd shot in my 365 from the same shoot. :)  Really liked it in color but I dig b/w too.
- Randy

~ 229/365 ~

~ 228/365 Gotham Slumber Party ~

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Gotham Slumber Party theme, was created by these 3 creative ladies.  Thanks to Samantha Woods for contacting me about the shoot.  My studio has never seen so many awesome props.  Lots of fun, excited to share more images from this fun shoot.  I have always loved comic books, so this one was a lot of fun to shoot. -Randy

~ 228/365 ~

~ 227/365 Flower ~

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Just a shot of a flower, was a busy day....cleaning and organizing the basement. :) -Randy

~ 227/365 ~

15 August 2013

~ 226/365 Old School ~

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Wow, 365 is burning up.  Here is a camera that won't be taking any pictures for my 365.  An old camera from the days when I shot film.  I find it funny how so many "hipsters" want to go back to those days.  I am considering shooting a roll on it just for fun.  But I won't be going back to film unless for some crazy reason digital format dies and all companies support film again, which isn't looking like a possibility any time soon.....well, as possible as the Calgary Shames having more cups than a bra. :P -Randy

~ 226/365 ~

13 August 2013

~ 225/365 Finny AGAIN!!! ~

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Water was out again today, we jetted off to Edm and saw Elysium.  Good day, just chillin in Edm.  Back to work on stuff tomorrow.  Took a vote on which cat I should shoot on FB and Finny won, so here he is, 2 days in a row.  -Randy

~ 225/365 ~

~ 224/365 Sleepy Man Cat ~

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Spent the day cleaning my basement, again!!!  This lil buddy kept me company.  Of course he wasn't much help!! :) -Randy

~ 224/365 ~

~ 223/365 iPad Kitty ~

My CAT Scully playing on my ipad. :)  Just a quiet day at home, did lots of editing. -Randy

~ 223/365 ~

10 August 2013

~ 222/365 Wedding Vows ~

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Finally I got Marnie to get in front of my camera.  Been asking her if she ever wanted family photos, etc for years.  She never once accepted my offer.  But today she was renewing her wedding vows and I got my shot.  Thanks Marnie for allowing me to be there to snap some memories for you today. -Randy 

~ 222/365 ~

09 August 2013

~ 221/365 Kayla ~

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This model's name is Kayla Hrehorets and I am honored to be able to do this shoot with her today.  I first met her at a wedding where I was immediately impressed with her sense of style.  It took us a long time to finally do this shoot, but well worth the wait.  She is inspirational and just hanging out with her today for a mini photo shoot was great.  She is a young woman that has so much potential and was so much fun to photograph.  -Randy

~ 221/365 ~

07 August 2013

~ 219/365 Photography Judging ~

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"Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes."
Jim Carrey
This was my awesome assistant today, but she is very qualified to judge in her own right.  She takes some pretty awesome photos herself.  I had a fun time hanging out with a group or cool ladies that helped the job go QUICK!!!  Some really talented people taking beautiful pictures. -Randy

~ 219/365 ~

05 August 2013

How To Improve Your Photo Backdrop Within A Budget Of $100

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~ 217/365 Cherry Tree ~

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A small cherry tree we planted a few years ago....had to make it a 365 pic.  Finally looking like a real tree even though it is still little. :) -Randy

~ 217/365 ~

04 August 2013

~ 216/365 Maurya ~

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EAST INDIAN FOOD!!!!  Love LOVE love LOVE love!!!! I have to say Maurya is my fave place to eat in Edmonton.  Vegetarian HEAVEN!!!!!  Has to be in my 365, because of how awesome it is!!! -Randy

~ 216/365 ~

~ 215/365 Scully Cat ~

© www.randypond.ca
Scully being awesome.  This cat has really opened up this year.  She demands a LOT more....food,cuddles,food,cuddles......yep.  She is a wonderful kitty!!! -Randy

~ 215/365 ~

03 August 2013

~ 214/365 Kitty Day ~

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This kitty makes all my editing fun because she lays beside me and is all kinds of CUTE!!!  A lot of my 365's are of cats, prob because a BIG part of my life is spending time with these fur babies. :) -Randy

~ 214/365 ~

01 August 2013

~ 213/365 Some Summer Water Fun ~

© www.randypond.ca
Tried to shoot a water shot today.  I had done one years ago, decided to try it again this summer.  I was not sure what to expect, but I am happy with the results. :)  Nice hot day to shoot such shenanigans. :) The models were awesome, thanks ladies for playing along with my water idea. -Randy

~ 213/365 ~