07 December 2015

~ Missing you Mully - sad ramblings for my lil Mulder kitty ~

Feeling a very heavy heart today as I came across some photos from my iphone last year around this time when we welcomed Mulder in to our lives.  He was a young kitten with a world of bad experiences that were so ugly and dark.  He experienced some of the worst of humanity and had some health related challenges that he eventually over came.  We loved him so much and he just became part of our family.  We never knew, never imagined his time would be so short with us.  We got him just before Christmas 2014 and by summer of 2015 he was diagnosed with a fatal virus.  Saying goodbye crushed our hearts and my wife and I miss him so much.  For those of us with pets and animals we know that unconditional love and those lessons about life that we learn from our pets.  That connection is so amazing I consider it a precious gift from God.  I do love technology and video games but mankind cannot compare to the creative talents of God.  My cats did not just evolve in to being these amazing little creatures.  They were created by God and no one will convince me otherwise...that is the power of my faith.

When I said goodbye to my cat Scully I felt such an deep sadness but a renewed feeling of faith and belief that I will some day see my lost pets and family.  Heaven to me is real, it exists in my heart and to me gives me that much needed hope for something better than this world.  Mulder experienced some pure evil from humanity and I know God didn't create us to treat his creations that way.  I am thankful we were able to love him and create a home for him that surrounded him with love.  As christmas 2015 comes I will feel sadness but also a calm for knowing he was here to teach me and I was here to love him.  Not really caring who reads this....this was written for Mully and for me.  I love you lil dude....I know you're gone but you live in my heart and I know God will reconnect us one day.
Your tall cuddle buddy Randy! xoxox

My new kitten. So far he haz no name. I am voting for Mulder. Mully for short.