30 April 2012

~ Monday!!! ~

Quiet Weekend

Not much going on, spent a relaxing weekend at home with the wife....resting was the theme of our 10 year Anniversary.  Did not do much so not going to write much today.  I have a few idea for blogs this week, hopefully they will be more interesting. :)  Just going to post 2 new edits and wish everyone a great week!!!

~ Carla ~ ~ Susan ~

27 April 2012

~ Friday ~

Busy Month

April has felt really busy.  Lots going on at work.  Been doing a LOT of planning and thinking about my photography.  Really want to be taking more pictures as the weather is getting nicer.  My goal is to get a new camera soon so really hope to get shooting so I can soon attain my new camera.  I am so happy to welcome Friday here.  This weekend I am hoping to do some celebrating of my 10th Wedding Anniversary with my lovely wife.  We were both quite busy this week on our actual Anniversary date, we were exhausted and did not do much.  

Not much to say today other than I am happy I have a PD day at work today.  No students....yay!!! Here are some Susan edits(FRESH OFF THE PRESS)....happy Friday!!!

~ Susan ~ ~ Susan ~

25 April 2012

~ 10 Years today!!!! ~


~ April 25 ~

Seems like time has flown....to be here waking up to a 10 year Anniversary.  Life speeding by and a Wednesday that will be busy with work.  However as busy as life gets and as busy as it seems, it is all manageable and tolerable because of that 4 letter word.  :)  LOVE!!! :)  

There are times when life stresses you out, times when you feel angry at the world....but having the support and love makes a world of difference.  I am not going to get all emotional and write all my feelings down about love.    The reason I love art and photography is it expresses visually the things I struggle to say with my words.  So rather than me trying to wax eloquent about my feelings, I'll post some images that are special to me and make me think warm and fuzzy thoughts about my amazing wife.  

~ Valentines Day 45/365 ~ ~ 115/365 8 Years ~ ~ 43/365 Jenn and Nahla ~ ~ 182/365 Canada Day ~

24 April 2012

~ Alberta Voted no Big Shock ~

I basically threw my vote away but it did not go to the Wildrose Party.  I knew PC would win so I really wanted to go for something besides a Conservative Party.  I am tired of the direction AB has been going on in past years.  I would love to see another point of view, but sadly in this province that is wishful thinking.  I am really thankful PC party won, WR party frightened a lot of people I think which is why they did not win as expected.  I have always supported the Liberal Party and liked their healthcare ideas best so they got my vote.

Enough of the politics.  Yesterday was not a good Monday, the weekend rocked but yesterday is easily forgettable and I hope the rest of the week turns around.  Tomorrow is my 10 year Wedding Anniversary, wife and I are too busy to do much to celebrate it during the week.  So this coming weekend is reserved for all that ♥ and romance!! :)

Here are some recent edits from some shoots, happy TUESDAY!!! :)

~ Susan ~ ~ Susan ~ ~ Kelsey ~

23 April 2012

~ Beautiful Monday ~

2nd blog post of the day!!!  It is going to be a lovely day and I am wearing shorts!! First time of the year and loving it.  The weekend was a lot of fun.  I had the chance to do two shoots.  One of a young woman who is going to Toronto this summer for a beauty pageant and needed some promotional shots.  The 2nd shoot with Breanne, a lovely young model that was willing to go the distance to get some fun shots in some "gross" water.  I really wish Vegreville had some nice clean lakes or water to do photos in but sadly we do not.  But I am still pleased with the results.

The 2nd part of the weekend I loved was being able to play the beta release of Diablo 3!!!  That was a BLAST and so much fun to go back and remember those amazing times I had playing Diablo 2.  Now I cannot wait for May 15th when it releases.  Also, so happy the sniveling Cindy Crosby and the Penguins got the boot from the playoffs along with those rioting Canuck fans and their team.  I am really hoping the Senators can go far....would be fun to see them win a Cup.  

As for the election, I am not 100% sure who I am voting for, but I am 100% sure it is not going to be for the Wildrose Party.  They are pretty much scary nutballs and I would not throw my vote their way.  They almost had me but then Lake of Fire dude and I am better cuz I am white dudes scared me away....that and their leader seems sketchy.  I liked the Liberals and how they came out swinging.  Hopefully it will be a PC win, even though I want Liberal I doubt they will get enough support.  Oh well, just hoping Wildrose loses.

Here are some edits for your Monday viewing pleasure:

~ Breanne ~ ~ Breanne ~ ~ Breanne ~ ~ Breanne ~ ~ Breanne ~ ~ Stacey ~

~ Photo Books ~

I have been doing some revamping of my services and have decided to offer photo books now with my sessions.  For more info check my website to book a session and get some beautiful images in a photo book as well as on a DVD.  I am really looking forward to giving my clients the combo of printed work and digital files. There is something special about seeing work in print as opposed to on just a monitor or on facebook.

~ Photo Books ~ ~ Photo Books ~ ~ Photo Books ~

20 April 2012

~ Diablo 3 THIS WEEKEND!!! ~

Blizzard announced an open public beta weekend for Diablo 3.....I cannot resist.  I need to try it out.  So excited for this game.  So, after work today, DIABLO!!!!

Sharing a recent edit of Myriam, happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!

~ Myriam ~

19 April 2012

Top of the Morning to you

Been a long week, starting my 2nd night of parent teacher interviews.  3 hours in the gym meeting parents after school.  I am looking forward to the weekend.  Not going to write much today, just tired and can't wait for today to be over.  I will share some recent edits from shoots and say Top of the Morning to you.

~ Shandy ~ ~ Shandy ~ ~ Nicole ~ ~ T ~ ~ T ~ ~ T ~ ~ T ~

18 April 2012

New FB GROUP for Randy Pond Photography

A New Focus For Randy Pond Photography


When I started out in photography I was able to develop a stronger portfolio due to working with some amazing models.  We shot TFP/TFCD (time for print and time for CD) and it allowed me to get more paid work as well as increase my skills.  Models bring a lot to a shoot, they do not only enjoy working in front of the camera but as any photographer will agree, a good model is essential to creating a great photo.  Just being "pretty" is not enough to be a successful model.  Lots of people have natural beauty but lack the ability to pose, take direction or even just independently work without direction.  Every photographer is different and a model needs to be able to work with all kinds of photographers.  I have shot with beginning models to experienced ones and most always for TFP.  I never used to come up with really creative ideas for a shoot, I would mostly just ask a model to bring lots of outfits and when the day of the shoot arrived I would just spontaneously go out and shoot.  I am wanting to create a new outlook for myself so this is what I came up with:

  • starting right now, I am going to be cutting back drastically on my TFP/TFCD work.  No longer will I be shooting just to shoot.  My shoots will be planned and have a creative theme and will hopefully collaborate with other creative people to make the work stronger.
  • I created a new facebook group that is closed.  If you want to join I will need to approve you.  Within you will be able to discuss ideas, share ideas and hopefully be a part of a shoot.  This will be the best way to get a chance at doing TFP with me.
  • I will be more selective as to who I work with for TFP.  If an idea for a shoot does not fit my theme then I will be charging for the shoot.  I will offer very reasonable rates to models wishing to get work shot for their portfolio.  More news of that will come in my blog and be listed on my website.  Stay tuned, as this is all new I am going to be offering more info in the near future.
  • I will be featuring my projects on my website to showcase some of the things I am shooting.  So check out the site soon to see this new work.
I really want to be a better photographer and feel that this approach will result in better work for my portfolio.  I also feel like the time has come for me to focus more on the business side of Randy Pond Photography and offer new sessions, products and ideas to clients.  I look forward to showcasing new ideas and directions for Randy Pond Photography in the near future.  I will NEVER stop shooting TFP but it is just going to be more strategic and limited so that my work will benefit and so will the people I choose to work with.  

I will leave you with some recent edits:

~ Kelsey ~ ~ Kelsey ~ ~ Carla ~ ~ Susan ~

16 April 2012

~ Sunday Shoot and a good weekend ~

I had a fun great weekend.  On Sunday I hosted a shoot with the lovely Susan and her sister Carla and their friend Kelsey.  It was too cold outside for outdoor pics, so we stuck to the warmth of the studio.  I missed getting a picture of it but they broke a record for bringing the LARGEST suitcase of outfits.  I usually want models to bring lots of clothes but this was tons!!! :)  Which was awesome, but I doubt we even scratched the surface on all the outfits these ladies had at their disposal.

Susan and I had shot YEARS ago and it was great to be able to shoot with her again.  She is such a stunning girl with just a natural presence in front of a camera.  Carla is tall, has great eyes and just kept pulling off great poses.  Kesley's smile was vibrant and she was just full of positive energy during the shoot.  All 3 were easy going and the shoot just kept going smooth.  Finny loved having 3 models to give him attention.  Although he slept during the last part of the shoot.

My hockey update:  So during the shoot I missed seeing the Penguins get spanked by the Flyers.  LOL....I am happy that they lost and by the looks of things Sydney Cindy Crosby had a melt down.  This just makes him appear less and less like the next Great One in the League.  Wayne would of never done the things Sydney did in that game.  What a joke and poor role model to any young hockey players watching that.  When the reporters interviewed him after the game he looked like he was about to cry.  Also when they asked him why he just didn't skate away from all the craziness he looked confused.....hope Flyers get the brooms out and send the Penguins golfing.  On a final note, GO KINGS!!!! Jim Houghson's Canuck's won't be going to a cup final this year from the looks of things, unless they all of a sudden pull of some magic.  Good thing too, I don't think Vancouver wants more riots.

Okay enough hockey talk......here are some edits from my shoot with 3 lovely ladies. :)

~ Girls ~ ~ Kelsey ~ ~ Carla ~ ~ Susan ~

15 April 2012

~ Sunday ~

Sunday today and I get to shoot with Susan Gerth today.  I have not shot with her in a LONG time.  Very cool that she is coming out today.  Wish the weather was nice but I will make the best of it.  Also some good news for people using iphones and ipads.  I have a mobile friendly website now.  Check out www.randypond.ca and see the new look from your mobile device.

Short blog today, just going to share a picture of Elisha Chambers taken a few years ago in Edmonton, I did a re-edit of it today. :)  Hope everyone has a good finish to their weekends.

~ Elisha ~

13 April 2012

~ FRIDAY!!!! has arrived new website features and NICOLE!!! ~

Friday is here and hopefully this means the stress of this week will dissolve at the end of today as the weekend arrives.  I am excited to announce some new features on my website.  Randy Pond Photography now can be viewed in HTML5, what this means is my website now works on the iphone and ipads.  I am also going to be refreshing my portfolio and adding a lot of new work to the site as well as some better information as to what services I am going to be offering.  This may take a few weeks, months, not really sure but the one thing I know is I am going to be making more changes and trying my best to fine tune this photography thing so it starts working for me.

Short blog today, going to share some pics from a recent outside shoot with the lovely and talented Nicole.

~ Nicole ~ ~ Nicole ~ ~ Nicole ~

12 April 2012

~ Playoffs started awesome ~

I am quite happy THRILLED that the Flyers won, coming back from being down 3-0 vs a talented Penguin team at home is impressive. I am also thrilled that a former Edmonton Oiler scored the game winner vs the Canucks. Good old Dustin Penner puts in a goal that helped the Kings take a 1-0 advantage against the #1 Team in the playoffs. Okay that is enough hockey news. Back to the real world. I am really busy with work, maybe slightly stressed even. But looking forward to the weekend. This has been a VERY short week with all of the things I need to get done. Friday is so close and still a TON to do, so I will keep this blog short and sweet and post a few pics from a quick shoot I did yesterday. Thanks to Joanna Hall and Gabrielle D. for coming out and shooting this model with me. It was windy but still so much fun to be shooting outside. Untitled Untitled

11 April 2012

~ Heat Wave Today ~

The weather today is supposed to be closed to 20!!  I am going out shooting this evening around 6pm and excited to enjoy some warm weather.  Should be good without too many insects.  Last summer was the worst for shooting outside with millions of skeeters always ruining shots.  

On a HAPPY note my Edmonton Oilers beat out the Blue Jackets and got their 3rd straight #1 draft pick.  The 2012 Draft Lottery gave them like an 18% chance and they got it.  I was loving it when they pulled the Oiler logo from the envelope and announced Edmonton would be getting the NUMBER ONE pick!!! :) While the  Calgary fans are in turmoil because their team is garbage, at least Oiler fans look forward to what is coming.  I guess their is a reward for being patient while your team rebuilds.  Not feeling one bit sorry for Calgary fans today, hahahha.  

So the 2012 Playoffs begin today.  Not a Flyer fan but I totally want them to beat the Penguins.  NOT a Crosby fan or a Penguin fan here.  In the EAST I am cheering for the Senators.  WEST, I am going for anyone but the Canucks (not a fan either) and hopefully someone like San Jose or Chicago wins....kind of indifferent.  Anyway, playoff hockey is always fun to check out, but without the Oil I am not heavily invested in any team and while most likely be a casual (at best) viewer.  With weather like this I would much rather be outside with my camera.

~ Life ~
~ Life ~ ~ Nicole ~

10 April 2012


Spring is here and I am excited to go out with my camera.  Not going to write much, just share some current spring time images from recent adventures with my camera.

~ Life ~ ~ Life ~ ~ Life ~ ~ Life ~