17 November 2014

~ Movember 2014 and some Wedding Images ~

I realize my blog has been quiet, so here is an update to what's been going on in my world.  This school year has been REALLY busy and I have not had a whole lot of time for photography.  I did shoot a wedding recently with a young couple at Fort Edmonton at the start of November. (pics below)

I have also started growing a MO for Movember.  I have not been promoting it as much as in previous years.  I would appreciate any support.  Go here to donate: RANDY'S MOVEMBER PAGE

Winter is here now and I am hoping to capture some lovely winter scenes to share on the blog.  I also have a plan for some studio work this winter.  The theme I want to do is angels. :)  I have always loved the game Magic The Gathering, there are some really cool cards with angels on them and the art is amazing.  I have always thought it would be cool to do something photography related of angels but I find it SUPREMELY cliche and cheesy to have a model wearing those fake wings.  I always told myself if I did an angel theme it would need to be something composite so the wings looked better than just fake strapped on wings.  So if you're a model interested in being part of my Angel theme then please contact me. :)

~ H&A Wedding ~
~ H&A Wedding ~
~ H&A Wedding ~ ~ H&A Wedding ~ ~ H&A Wedding ~