27 July 2009

~ Jessica and Joel ~

I am about to head to my nice cool basement and PUMP some rockband....relax and eat some food. 
~ It's Official ~
~ They Did It ~
~ Sealed with a Kiss ~
~ Joel ~
~ The Boys ~
~ Natural Light ~
~ The Family Dog ~
~ Daughter and Mother ~
~ Mom and Dad with Jessica ~
~ Father and Daughter ~
~ Jessica and her Baba ~

26 July 2009

~ Jessica and Friends ~

Some new edits from Jessica and Joel's wedding. :)
~ Jessica and her girls ~
~ Jessica ~
~ Jessica ~
~ Pre-Flight Check ~

~ 5d Mark II please!!!!!! ~

Okay, my cry goes out.  Someone please be nice and buy me a 5D Mark II. hehehehe, okay, I am begging, someone!!!  I know Bill Gates is reading this, or Oprah, even Tom Cruise!!!   Someone get me this camera so I can do some crazy cool video like this.....WOW!!!

AWESOME 5D Mark II video here.  Or if you don't wanna gift me a 5D you can gift me a 500D!!! As shown here it is just as tasty!!!  I really dig this video too! :)

I can see how cool it would be to shoot a wedding with this in addition to my photography:

Свадьба Ивана и Алёны from Olegvideo on Vimeo.

~ More Jessica and Joel Edits ~

~ Jessica and her Crew ~
~ The Wedding Party ~

25 July 2009

~ Jessica and Joel | Wedding ~

~ Jessica and Joel ~
~ Jessica ~
Congrats to Jessica and Joel who tied the knot.  It was a WICKED HOT day. temperature in my Matrix read +41 when I got in to it after the ceremony.  I pretty much melted in the heat.  Thanks to Jessica and Joel for braving the heat to get some great photos.  I really enjoyed the day with these awesome young people who are so much in love.  :)
More edits to come...enjoy the HDR shot, I snuck them out to get some shots.  We had fun with the setting sun. 

23 July 2009

~ Jenn comes Home Today ~

Jenn arrives today.  :)  I am pretty excited, also the weather looks awesome for the next few days!!! Summer rules!!!

~ Melanie ~
~ Melanie ~
~ Melanie ~

22 July 2009

~ Wednesday ~

July is speeding by.  Today I was delivered a new logitech G11 keyboard.  I had thought one of the keys wasn't working on my keyboard.  So I called them a few weeks ago to try and get it figured out.  The customer service guy I spoke with said I had a faulty keyboard and that is needed to be replaced, he came to this conclusion by having me do a series of tests.  Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I found the keyboard did work fine...it was a glitch in photoshop.  I restarted photoshop and it worked fine.  I had already faxed my stuff to logitech for the warranty replacement to be sent to me.  I called them back and found the guy I spoke with had never even entered any info down.  I told them to cancel everything as the keyboard I have works fine.  The guy told me he'd look after it....then today a new G11 arrives from logitech.  Hmmmm, guess it's free keyboard day for me.  Since I already have one, a friend of mine might be the lucky recipient of this keyboard.  But considering my lack of friends lately, lol....I might be adding it as a backup in case this one does bite the dust. :)

Here is an edit of a model named Mel that I shot a long time ago, just a fresh edit:

~ Mel ~

21 July 2009

~ Alberta Scapes ~

~ Field of Dreams ~
~ Old Barn ~
~ Lonely Road ~
~ Clinging to the Past ~
~ Big Sky Alberta ~
Today I was thinking about my life and thinking about how over time I've seen a few close friends just drift away. It sure has been tough, the last 3 years I taught at a school with an all female staff. I made a few friends there but no one I'd say is a really close friend. A few guys I have taught with have drifted away as friends. One of my really close friends is basically a complete stranger to me now and I don't really understand why. I guess it happens. Anyway, I have been attempting to make some new friendships. Some photography related but those have not really worked out either. Maybe it's tough because I live pretty far away from most people. Vegreville is not the most friendly town to live in. Also I don't drive a big 4x4 rig rocket....so tough to fit in here. I am going to try and play hockey again this winter. Maybe I'll meet some peeps there to be friends with.
So I'll throw it out there on my blog: WANTED: A friend!! :) My interests are photography, video games, computers, movies, nature, sports, comic books, good food, art in general and lots more. If you play tennis even bigger bonus. Contact me today if you'd like to hang out....I am feeling friendless this summer. :)

19 July 2009

~ Summer Sketch ~

I was just in the mood tonight to use the wacom and draw something. So without really thinking about anything, I just started to draw. I pumped the music and just let the creative energy flow. I don't know what it really means but it's just kind of how I am feeling tonight. Heheheh, don't read too much in to that.
~ Summer Thoughts ~

~ Shandro Church ~

Here is another edit from my scouting of the locations for an upcoming wedding in this area. Here is the church that Jessica and Joel will be married at.

~ Shandro Church ~

18 July 2009

~ Love this Weather ~

Finally some nice summer weather. The weekend looks great with this heat wave!! :) Loving it. Here is a recent edit of Ashley, she has been my top rated model. Gets the MOST hits on flickr or basically any website I post work on.

~ Ashley Phoenix ~~ Ash ~
~ Ashley ~~ Ash ~

17 July 2009

~ Nice Weather ~

Now this is what a weekend should be like....HOT!!! Jenn heads away to Fiddle Camp.....so it's me and the CATS again. Fun Fun!!!

Here is an edit of Emily.....:)

Enjoy the weekend everyone.
~ Emily ~

~ Emily Edit ~

I am using onone's photo tools version 2 and love it. Here is an edit using the a holga setting. Onone products are amazing....highly recommend them. :)

~ Emily ~
~ Emily ~

15 July 2009

~ Shandro Area Church ~

~ Shandro Area Church ~

This picture was taken in the Shandro area, near Andrew. I am shooting a wedding there this summer. I went out to scout the location and snapped this shot. Today was a good day, got my passport application in, now wait 2 weeks to get it. Jenn and I attended Harry Potter, GOOD MOVIE!!! The theater staff in Sherwood Park were all dressed up as characters from the movie, that was pretty cool. :)

Green Day-Know Your Enemy (Official Music Video)

Love this song, listen to a ton of Green Day when editing in photoshop. :)

~ Photoshop Art ~

I got a new magazine from Chapters and was inspired to create some photoshop art with an image taken of Emily. I did this quite quick, just free handed the outline of her on photoshop using layers of the original photo. Then used a lot of my tablet, pressure sensitivity brushes and the smudge tool to work the eyes and face. The rest was quickly done considering I am TIRED and wanna go to bed at 4am. :) Love night owl photoshop sessions. I love the night to be creative and try new ideas. Pumping "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day. Anyway, here is the edit, I am going to be doing more photoshop art this summer. I think it will become a new passion of mine. Photography will still be up there, but I wanna combine them and really start doing some creative works.

~ Emily ~

14 July 2009

~ Emily Edits ~

Any feedback on the new branding bar would be MUCH appreciated....be critical I can take it. :) I wanna make something that isn't totally out there but still shows off my info......

~ Emily ~
~ Emily ~

13 July 2009

~ Emily Edit ~

A shoot done recently with Emily Hudson and photographer friend Owen of NakedEye Photography in Sherwood Park.

~ Emily ~