30 June 2013

~ 180/365 Caturday again ~

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180 days of 2013.....summer holidays are in swing now.  Spent the day napping and hiding from the HEAT!!! Tuesday is supposed to feel like +38!!!  Scully filled in as my model for my picture.  Not even sure the ISO on this shot, but it was taken almost in complete darkness!!!  Love the Canon 5D!! :) -Randy

~ 180/365 ~

28 June 2013

~ 179/365 Grad 2013 ~

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Another year is over, seeing another batch of young people enter the world.  It's so exciting to see so much potential and youthful energy enter the world.  I wish them all the best. Loving that now I can shed my teacher worries and chill for the summer, but today has BEEN HOT!!!! Need some cool basement time....-Randy

~ 179/365 ~

27 June 2013

~ 178/365 The Media League ~

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My Media League team got our prize packs today from The Media League!!!  Each member got a TML sketchbook and championship tshirt!! (coach included!!)  So now I have a sexy TML sketchbook to draw in this summer!!! Thanks for all my friends that supported my team! -Randy

~ 178/365 ~

26 June 2013

~ 177/365 Clouds ~

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Just a quick shot of the sky tonight.  2 days left of work!!!!! :)  -Randy ~ 177/365 ~

25 June 2013

~ 176/365 New video Card ~

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Spent the evening installing a power supply to support my new video card.  Then played SC2 in amazing full graphical beauty!!! :)  Looking forward to some Diablo 3 on this card.  LAST Tuesday of the school year today!!!! Yipeeee!!!! -Randy ~ 176/365 ~

24 June 2013

~ 175/365 More flower Power on a Monday ~

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LAST MONDAY of the 2012-2013 School year!!!  Glad to see it go.  Still fighting my cold, but feeling a bit better.  Cannot wait for summer, making some plans for shoots.  I can't wait!!! :) -Randy

~ 175/365 ~

23 June 2013

~ 174/365 Super Moon Night ~

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Didn't see much of the moon due to clouds.  Had a tired day, fighting off a cold and just not feeling great.  Had to do some creative editing on this shot to make it look fun enough to pop in to the 365 flow. Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Starting my LAST week of work this week!!! :) -Randy

~ 174/365 ~

22 June 2013

~ 173/365 3 Models ~

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Got away from Vegreville today to go out west to shoot with 3 lovely ladies.  Had to include this as my 365....as it was such a fun day and took some really fun pics.  Hope to work with this crew again sometime! -Randy

~ 173/365 ~

21 June 2013

~ 172/365 Big old Moon ~

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What a week, ends with the poor City of Calgary getting flooded, along with a ton of southern AB locations. :(  I hope for the people displaced that they can find shelter and stay safe.  Went outside my front door and shot this picture of the moon, supposed to be a super moon on Sunday night.  This looks like the start of it. -Randy ~ 172/365 ~

~ 171/365 Worst Night of the year by far ~

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Okay, worst night of the year!!! Watched the Spurs lose to the stupid HEAT with my buddy Nestor, that was the good part.  The BAD part was I am 99.9% sure I ate some BAD food for lunch at school which resulted in a terrible headache and I'll save you further details....but it felt like death.  Was able to snap this picture before going to bed to pass out.  (update: I woke up the next day feeling 100% better, so pretty sure now it was that "food" I ate, note to self, not buying anymore lunch from school for a long while).

~ 171/365 ~

19 June 2013

~ 170/365 Flowers!!!! ~

More flowers!!!  Thankfully there are lots around the house thanks to Jenn! :)  Busy week, still fighting my cold.  Hope to feel better soon.

~ 170/365 ~

18 June 2013

~ 169/365 Engagement Shoot in Vegreville ~

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Shot an engagement shoot today with my photographer friend Olivia.  We met the couple in Vegreville and did a shoot with massive clouds of skeeters attacking in waves.  Thankfully though the clouds cleared and we had a window of time to shoot without rain.  -Randy

~ 169/365 ~

~ 168/365 Kitty ~

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Another kitty shot, as I am having a crazy week busy busy busy.  :)  -Randy

~ 168/365 ~

16 June 2013

~ 167/365 Fathers Day ~

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Fathers Day!!! Still fighting a bad cold and spent most of the day feeling BLEH!!! Called my Dad and wished him a Happy Fathers day.  Not in the best of moods, feeling work stress and sick combined means this coming week I am gonna be quite a grouch I predict.

~ 167/365 ~

15 June 2013

~ 166/365 Caturday!!!! ~

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CATURDAY!!!!! Enough said.
-Randy ~ 166/365 ~

~ 165/365 Media League Wrap up Party ~

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My Media League team had a wrap up party yesterday.  We had some yummy cupcakes made for us with our logo on them.  Thanks to Fran Serna for being so awesome and making these for our team.  We watched a lot of KPOP on youtube and played some Dance Central!! :)  Good times. -Randy ~ 165/365 ~

13 June 2013

~ 164/365 Self Portrait ~

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Watched the last episode of Season II of Homeland tonight, really good show.  Realized it was late, so shot a quick SP before going to bed.....tired....this teacher NEEDS some holidays.  Cannot wait to burst in to SUMMER HOLIDAY MODE! -Randy ~ 164/365 ~

12 June 2013

~ 163/365 Rainy Days ~

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Rainy day, storms all over....power went out at school while our students were writing an English Dept. Exam in the comp labs.  Overall a bleh day, this month is crazy busy....every day goes by in the blink of an eye.  -Randy

~ 163/365 ~

11 June 2013

~ 162/365 June Flowers ~

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Busy day, stress of the year ending is taking a toll.....really feeling the pressure to get things done.  Senior High students are done on Friday!!! So little time to get a LOT of stuff done.  Had a ROUGH night, some LR5 issues......as I get older computer problems seem harder and harder to get my head around.....grrrr. -Randy ~ 162/365 ~

10 June 2013

~ 161/365 JUNE 10, 2013 the day I turn 40!!!! ~

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MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! So I go big on 40th Birthday Days, in fact I go out and shoot pics of TIGER BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for all the kind wishes today and for the people that follow my photography.  I am hoping to keep growing as a photographer and make my level 40 keep getting better!!! -Randy

I had an awesome day, the weekend was fun too, had a nice surprise birthday party with friends.  Jenn was so great and did SO much work to create a fun weekend for me.  I am excited for the next phase of my life and what adventures in photography are on my road ahead.

~ 161/365 ~

09 June 2013

~ 160/365 Birthday PARTY!!!!!!!!! ~

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Woke up this morning to a house full of balloons and my cat dying to eat the ribbon of the balloons.  I got surprised and was able to spend time with a group of great people!!!  Thanks to the wife for planning this for me.  This has been a wonderful weekend.  Thanks everyone for your kindness.  -Randy ~ 160/365 ~

08 June 2013

~ 159/365 Last 30something shoot ~

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I couldn't ask for a better last shoot before going "over the hill" and turning the big 40!!!  These lovely models came out on a cloudy then sunny then cloudy then sunny day in Edmonton!!!!  Thanks to them all, Nikki and Cheryl I've known a LONG time, makes me feel even older when I think about it.  :)  It's been a great weekend.  Happy to have had today to be outside shooting. -Randy ~ 159/365 ~

07 June 2013

~ 158/365 Birthday Weekend Engaged!!! ~

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A rainy day, but awesome start to my birthday weekend.  Had a nice evening with Jenn and look forward to this next 10 years of my life.  -Randy

~ 158/365 ~

~ 157/365 Nestor ~

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My buddy Nestor came over to remove a giant pile of brush from the backyard.  Decided he needed to be in my 365, he is always such a help to us with his truck!!! A great dude!!!

~ 157/365 ~

06 June 2013

~ 156/365 Rainy Day ~

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A storm rolled through town, Finny on high alert watching the storm.  :)  He is a beefcake and a common subject of my 365. -Randy

~ 156/365 ~

04 June 2013

~ 155/365 Purple Haze ~

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A Tuesday, in a week I am feeling kind of stressed.  Seems like so little time left and TONS of things to get wrapped up.  Shot this at sunset and feel pretty happy with the results. :) -Randy

~ 155/365 ~

03 June 2013

~ 154/365 My Cat Finny ~

Worked out at my gym for the first time today.  Was a good time, enjoyed seeing all the muscle heads laughing at the old guy on the treadmill sweating like a beast.  I am learning that I am old and I really don't care.....I just wanna be healthy and live a longer life so I can take lots more pictures. :) -Randy

~ 154/365 ~

02 June 2013

~ 153/365 Myriam and Angela in Edmonton ~

I couldn't pick one model for the pic of the day, so I decided to go with a 2 for 1!!! :)  Enjoy, happy Sunday.  Only one more Sunday left as a 30something for me.  Hoping to grab some awesome pics next weekend too!!! It will be my birthday weekend!! -Randy

~ 153/365 ~

~ 152/365 Nahla ~

Another feeding time picture.....just cuz it was Caturday and I love pics of my cats. -Randy

~ 152/365 ~