13 January 2015

~ 2015 Is Here ~

2014 Thoughts 

I have neglected my blog long enough.  I really need to start writing again on here.  2015 is here and well in to gear.  Looking back on 2014 I can say I am always going to view this year with sadness as I said goodbye to a precious friend, my cat Scully.  I got to spend about 15 years of my life with her as my cat and it broke my heart when she suddenly got sick and we knew her time had come.  2014 wasn't all bad, I had some really amazing memories doing photography and worked with some talented photographers and models doing creative work.  I also started shooting with a new camera, I picked up a Fuji Xpro1 and I really am loving this new type of non DSLR size camera.  A lot of photographers I know of use this camera line and their results are too awesome to ignore.  I admit I use this camera as an every day camera.  My canon still takes the workload of my shoots but the Fuji is just a fun and amazing little camera to pack every where I go.  I want to give a huge congrats to my friend Roxanne Lavallee, a talented photographer who just finished a 365 for 2014 and has decided she wants to continue it for another year.  I have done 2, one in 2010 and in 2013 and I know how much of a challenge it can be.  She is starting her 3rd I think and it is a joy to see her daily images.

2015 Thoughts 

Now there is a new year ahead of me and I am looking forward to new adventures and moments in creativity.  Just before Christmas I started shooting an Angel theme that I am doing in studio.  So far I have worked with two models on that project and excited to shoot more along this idea.  I said it last year that I wanted to do more visual art and I failed at doing the work I imagined myself doing.  Time goes so fast and I realize if I want to do more art that I need to force myself to get to it or it is never going to happen.  I guess this better be the time to start at is, so hoping the blog might be a place I can share my journey with my return to some art.

For now I'll end this blog with a few images of my last shoot of 2014 with Sean and Clarrisa.  It was inspired by the movie True Romance but with more of a classic gangster look.  I dig the Bonnie and Clyde vibe and these two were fun to work with.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Thanks for following my work and blog.

~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~