21 October 2015

~ Wedding Photography ~

This summer I was able to shoot a few weddings with my good friend and professional photographer Olivia from Images by Olivia.  She is a super talented photographer and together we had a blast shooting this wedding at the start of Sept.  Weddings are always a fun time seeing the couple enjoying the day with their family and friends and the special moments that unfold.

20 October 2015

~ Fall 2015 ~

It's been a very long time since I've written anything on my blog.  The summer has ended and now fall and my teaching life is in full swing.  It's been a rough year, marked with the sadness of losing our newest cat Mulder at such a young age and right when the summer began.  I still find my happy place is behind a camera and being creative.  Without art, without imagination this world would be a very difficult place for me to exist in.  Social media to me is meaningless without images, I love photos and don't care if they are mine or belong to another photographer.  There are so many talented photographers out there.  I spend a LOT of time on 500px looking at works that humble me and inspire me.

Every year before I go back to school I attempt to do a photo shoot to mark summer ending and just get my last few pics in with warmish weather and natural light before hiding out in studio for the winter.  I will share here some photos taken of the stunning Vickie.  Hopefully I'll BLOG more as I have neglected this blog for a VERY long time.

~ Vickie ~
~ Vickie ~ ~ Vickie ~ ~ Vickie ~ ~ Vickie ~

16 June 2015

June 16th, RIP MULDER

I want to write words today to express my sadness, but my wife Jen wrote some beautiful ones for us.....so I am copying and pasting what she wrote to my blog.

Thank so much for all your support over the last 48 hours as we dealt with our baby Mulder's illness and diagnosis. He was only about one year old.

I whispered goodbyes and I-love-yous and stroked him while he left us at about 1pm today. The vet felt that his fever was getting pretty high and he almost definitely had FIP as we had ruled out most other possibilities. But more importantly, the vet believed Mulder was already in crisis today, and this truly helped me make the hard decision.

I feel at peace with this, and I'm grateful that he did not suffer too long or too much before we knew what was happening to him.

I spent the morning cuddling him. And bawling. Im not gonna lie. He ate some fat food with gravy (his favourite) with happy enthusiasm, but he couldn't finish. About five minutes before we left for his diagnostic test, he went and sat inhis carrier for the first time ever. It was like he knew.

I know so many of you enjoyed watching and hearing about him. I got so many private messages over the last six months from people saying how much they enjoyed him. Thank you for those. We enjoyed him too. I hope his little life with us was so great that it erased all the awful stuff he went through to be here.

Top 10 things I'll miss the most about Mulder (but not limited to 10 of course):

10) I will miss him wrecking all the things.

9) I will miss him crashing out exhausted after wrecking all the things.

8) I will miss his fascination with the flushing toilet.

7) I will miss him running between the shower curtains and falling in.... And having a shower with me.

6) I will miss him being Finnegan's buddy. Nahla could take him or leave him. We can be honest.

5) I will miss him turning on the light. Then turning off the light. Then turning it back on. Then off. Then on. Then...

4) I will miss putting his toys away only to find that he dumped them all out again seconds later cuz he likes it better that way. I mean, how is a guy supposed to find something? And the giant chewbacca lol. Well, giant compared to him.

3) I will miss his enthusiasm for food. Him jumping into my plate of lasagna and the look that said he just hit the jackpot, watching him eating wet food with utter enthusiasm, and his level of focus when he was trying to sneak his face into my plate of food.... Or trying to sneak food from my mouth. He wasn't picky apparently.

2) I will miss seeing him chilling out on Randy's legs looking like he's watching tv too. Like a dude. And cuddling like a baby who knows he's safe and loved.

1) I will miss his spunky little character that was constantly in my face and in my heart. I don't care if he wrecked all the things.

Mulder was a very special, beautiful little guy. He had a very rocky start, and it took 5 months for his path to lead him here. He was here little more than six months, and was almost a year old. I'm glad we saved him and I think he knew happiness and love here. Helping him eased our pain from losing Scully, and now we say goodbye sweet baby kitten.


21 May 2015

~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~

The town of Vegreville is going to be the first of 150 towns across Canada to get murals created by the talented minds of Mural Mosaic  and on May 20th, 2015 it was revealed.  The mural was made up of 1500 tiles that were painted by community members and many of the students attending schools in Vegreville.  The mural is located on the wall of ATB and will join together with the other 150 murals to create a larger image.  Recently elected MLA Jessica Littlewood was there to represent the Alberta Government.  It was a fun day and some very cool art.

I teach art at the High School and was able to paint a tile and have my students be a part of this amazing experience.  Of course I shot some images. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~
~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~

19 May 2015

~ Friends ~

I got to do some photos with two friends.  Using mostly the sigma 35 art and a bit of the 85 1.4 rokinon lens we went to Festival Place in Sherwood Park and walked around taking pictures.  It was a last minute photo shoot but sometimes those are the best kind. :)  Have a great Tuesday!!! :)

~ Olivia ~ ~ Olivia ~ ~ Olivia ~ ~ Friends ~ ~ Olivia ~ ~ Olivia ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~

18 May 2015

~ Destiny Spring 2015 ~

It's been a LONG time since I blogged so I am getting to it.  It's spring now and May long weekend is coming to a close this evening.  I got to see the new Mad Max movie with a good teacher friend, did some attacking weeds in the yard.  Didn't do much for photography so this blog post is about it for tonight.  Awhile back I shot with the lovely Destiny.  She met me in Edmonton and we explored the river valley on a warm spring day.  These are some of the shots we captured.

I was using the Sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens I added to my gear list.  I am loving this lens, it's ability to create mind blowing bokeh is something I adore.  I also love the sharpness and reliability it has.  Most photographers can admit that when shooting at apertures like 1.4 you're bound to get some soft shots as it is a VERY shallow DOF.  I have beyond happy with the results from the shoots I've done with this lens so far and I cannot wait to shoot more with it this summer.  I will try my best to keep more images flowing on the blog and excited to share my outdoor adventures this summer.

~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~

13 January 2015

~ 2015 Is Here ~

2014 Thoughts 

I have neglected my blog long enough.  I really need to start writing again on here.  2015 is here and well in to gear.  Looking back on 2014 I can say I am always going to view this year with sadness as I said goodbye to a precious friend, my cat Scully.  I got to spend about 15 years of my life with her as my cat and it broke my heart when she suddenly got sick and we knew her time had come.  2014 wasn't all bad, I had some really amazing memories doing photography and worked with some talented photographers and models doing creative work.  I also started shooting with a new camera, I picked up a Fuji Xpro1 and I really am loving this new type of non DSLR size camera.  A lot of photographers I know of use this camera line and their results are too awesome to ignore.  I admit I use this camera as an every day camera.  My canon still takes the workload of my shoots but the Fuji is just a fun and amazing little camera to pack every where I go.  I want to give a huge congrats to my friend Roxanne Lavallee, a talented photographer who just finished a 365 for 2014 and has decided she wants to continue it for another year.  I have done 2, one in 2010 and in 2013 and I know how much of a challenge it can be.  She is starting her 3rd I think and it is a joy to see her daily images.

2015 Thoughts 

Now there is a new year ahead of me and I am looking forward to new adventures and moments in creativity.  Just before Christmas I started shooting an Angel theme that I am doing in studio.  So far I have worked with two models on that project and excited to shoot more along this idea.  I said it last year that I wanted to do more visual art and I failed at doing the work I imagined myself doing.  Time goes so fast and I realize if I want to do more art that I need to force myself to get to it or it is never going to happen.  I guess this better be the time to start at is, so hoping the blog might be a place I can share my journey with my return to some art.

For now I'll end this blog with a few images of my last shoot of 2014 with Sean and Clarrisa.  It was inspired by the movie True Romance but with more of a classic gangster look.  I dig the Bonnie and Clyde vibe and these two were fun to work with.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Thanks for following my work and blog.

~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~