21 May 2015

~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~

The town of Vegreville is going to be the first of 150 towns across Canada to get murals created by the talented minds of Mural Mosaic  and on May 20th, 2015 it was revealed.  The mural was made up of 1500 tiles that were painted by community members and many of the students attending schools in Vegreville.  The mural is located on the wall of ATB and will join together with the other 150 murals to create a larger image.  Recently elected MLA Jessica Littlewood was there to represent the Alberta Government.  It was a fun day and some very cool art.

I teach art at the High School and was able to paint a tile and have my students be a part of this amazing experience.  Of course I shot some images. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~ ~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~
~ Mural Mosaic Vegreville ~

19 May 2015

~ Friends ~

I got to do some photos with two friends.  Using mostly the sigma 35 art and a bit of the 85 1.4 rokinon lens we went to Festival Place in Sherwood Park and walked around taking pictures.  It was a last minute photo shoot but sometimes those are the best kind. :)  Have a great Tuesday!!! :)

~ Olivia ~ ~ Olivia ~ ~ Olivia ~ ~ Friends ~ ~ Olivia ~ ~ Olivia ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~ ~ Genevieve ~

18 May 2015

~ Destiny Spring 2015 ~

It's been a LONG time since I blogged so I am getting to it.  It's spring now and May long weekend is coming to a close this evening.  I got to see the new Mad Max movie with a good teacher friend, did some attacking weeds in the yard.  Didn't do much for photography so this blog post is about it for tonight.  Awhile back I shot with the lovely Destiny.  She met me in Edmonton and we explored the river valley on a warm spring day.  These are some of the shots we captured.

I was using the Sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens I added to my gear list.  I am loving this lens, it's ability to create mind blowing bokeh is something I adore.  I also love the sharpness and reliability it has.  Most photographers can admit that when shooting at apertures like 1.4 you're bound to get some soft shots as it is a VERY shallow DOF.  I have beyond happy with the results from the shoots I've done with this lens so far and I cannot wait to shoot more with it this summer.  I will try my best to keep more images flowing on the blog and excited to share my outdoor adventures this summer.

~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~

13 January 2015

~ 2015 Is Here ~

2014 Thoughts 

I have neglected my blog long enough.  I really need to start writing again on here.  2015 is here and well in to gear.  Looking back on 2014 I can say I am always going to view this year with sadness as I said goodbye to a precious friend, my cat Scully.  I got to spend about 15 years of my life with her as my cat and it broke my heart when she suddenly got sick and we knew her time had come.  2014 wasn't all bad, I had some really amazing memories doing photography and worked with some talented photographers and models doing creative work.  I also started shooting with a new camera, I picked up a Fuji Xpro1 and I really am loving this new type of non DSLR size camera.  A lot of photographers I know of use this camera line and their results are too awesome to ignore.  I admit I use this camera as an every day camera.  My canon still takes the workload of my shoots but the Fuji is just a fun and amazing little camera to pack every where I go.  I want to give a huge congrats to my friend Roxanne Lavallee, a talented photographer who just finished a 365 for 2014 and has decided she wants to continue it for another year.  I have done 2, one in 2010 and in 2013 and I know how much of a challenge it can be.  She is starting her 3rd I think and it is a joy to see her daily images.

2015 Thoughts 

Now there is a new year ahead of me and I am looking forward to new adventures and moments in creativity.  Just before Christmas I started shooting an Angel theme that I am doing in studio.  So far I have worked with two models on that project and excited to shoot more along this idea.  I said it last year that I wanted to do more visual art and I failed at doing the work I imagined myself doing.  Time goes so fast and I realize if I want to do more art that I need to force myself to get to it or it is never going to happen.  I guess this better be the time to start at is, so hoping the blog might be a place I can share my journey with my return to some art.

For now I'll end this blog with a few images of my last shoot of 2014 with Sean and Clarrisa.  It was inspired by the movie True Romance but with more of a classic gangster look.  I dig the Bonnie and Clyde vibe and these two were fun to work with.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Thanks for following my work and blog.

~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~ ~ True Romance ~

17 November 2014

~ Movember 2014 and some Wedding Images ~

I realize my blog has been quiet, so here is an update to what's been going on in my world.  This school year has been REALLY busy and I have not had a whole lot of time for photography.  I did shoot a wedding recently with a young couple at Fort Edmonton at the start of November. (pics below)

I have also started growing a MO for Movember.  I have not been promoting it as much as in previous years.  I would appreciate any support.  Go here to donate: RANDY'S MOVEMBER PAGE

Winter is here now and I am hoping to capture some lovely winter scenes to share on the blog.  I also have a plan for some studio work this winter.  The theme I want to do is angels. :)  I have always loved the game Magic The Gathering, there are some really cool cards with angels on them and the art is amazing.  I have always thought it would be cool to do something photography related of angels but I find it SUPREMELY cliche and cheesy to have a model wearing those fake wings.  I always told myself if I did an angel theme it would need to be something composite so the wings looked better than just fake strapped on wings.  So if you're a model interested in being part of my Angel theme then please contact me. :)

~ H&A Wedding ~
~ H&A Wedding ~
~ H&A Wedding ~ ~ H&A Wedding ~ ~ H&A Wedding ~

08 October 2014

~ Black and White, it's pretty fun!!!! ~

I was recently challenged by a photographer friend Todd Weider to do a black and white photography challenge.  The goal is to post 5 black and white pictures in 5 days.  I love black and white photography for a lot of reasons:
  • it has that timeless look to it
  • no colors to distract, it allows for the viewer to just enjoy the light and shadow
  • so much fun contrast
  • just has that artistic look to it
The other part of the challenge is to challenge other photographers each day.  It's fun and not for any real reason other than promoting the fun and beauty of black and white photography. :)

Here is my day 1 photo of the lovely Michelle:

~ Michelle ~

Here is my day 2 photo of Sean:

~ Sean ~

22 September 2014

~ Too much planning Spoils the Fun of Photography ~

When I am planning a creative photo shoot with a model they usually ask me what theme I have in mind.  I have to admit that themes can be fun and there are times when I do have an idea in my head for a shoot.  But the true fun for me comes from not planning shoots.  When the model comes up with looks on her own, does the hair and makeup it's fun and exciting to see what locations we can go discover that fit her look.  Some of my favorite shoots have been spontaneous in the outfits and locations.  I have discovered some really cool places to shoot just by going on an adventure and not knowing the destination.  Had I planned every last detail I would have missed out some great locations, light and images.

EXAMPLE #1(Model: Galina)

~ Galina ~

This is a shot of Galina taken in the country side north of St.Albert, Alberta.  We drove north and we just looked for some country roads and finally I saw this spot off the road we were on.  It was a farmers approach and it was grown with tall grass and lined with rows of bushes on either side.  The light looked great and we stopped to shoot a set of images here.  I could have gone out to scout locations in advance and driven right on by this spot.  Sometimes it's just about the light, light needs to be perfect and locations you scout do not always provide the best light due to weather, time of day, etc.  This spot was just perfect for the images we wanted.  I'll prob never go back to it, it was just a special photography adventure and the lack of planning made it exciting and fun.  It probably has a lot to do with my personality but I really dislike making detailed plans. :)  I am all about the unexpected and not knowing what is around the corner.  I love exploring the world with my camera and if I have a model or not, I think the same goes for nature photography.  Finding the light, the location and capturing a moment that is unexpected and impossible to plan for.  

EXAMPLE #2 (Model: Katelyn)
~ Katelyn ~

We drove around in the St.Albert area too, similar to the shoot I did with Galina.  We were near sunset (golden hour light) and found a construction area where residential buildings were being constructed.  This was mostly an empty field with some large concrete tubes (I have no clue what their technical names were) but they looked cool and Katelyn climbed on them and did some amazing poses.  The only things we had planned was where we would meet (A Tim Hortons) and from their we just drove around.  We had also briefly talked about the outfit but I didn't know her look until we met for the shoot.  It was just fun and I could never have expected we would find a place like this.  I know this is nothing new, many photographers/artists work like this but I just encourage people to sometimes step out of their comfort zones if you are a person that likes planning everything.  Try going out and being random....find something new and exciting and shoot there.  In Edmonton, I know the typical locations you can find photographers: Legislature grounds, many parks, Museum, Muttart, river valley, Fort Edm.....I've shot in these places lots too, but I have to say if I know I'm shooting there I kind of already know what to expect for light, for location.  

So basically go exploring with your camera!! :)  Make plans if you must but just be willing to go off the rails and find something new and be creative with it. :)