30 August 2016

~ End of Summer 2016 ~

I almost never got to shoot my END OF SUMMER 2016 edition.  Really busy getting back to work so I will share some of the quick shots I got of the model.  Thanks to Angela who met me in Sherwood Park after her work and on a cloudy and rainy evening.  Here are the shots, hoping to blog some summer work from summer including the Wil Yee wedding in BC!!!!

Thanks for stopping by to check out the BLOG!!!!
~ Portrait ~ ~ Portrait ~ ~ Portrait ~

29 April 2016

~ Mini Shoot in Edmonton with Craig ~

Shooting With Craig

Last night I met with a male model in Edmonton for a mini shoot.  We did a shoot for about an hour.  I don't often get to work with male subjects so it was a blast capturing pics of Craig but really the gender of a subject does not matter it comes down to light and just shooting cool locations and making the best shots possible.  Here are a few shots from our shoot:

~ Craig ~ ~ Craig ~ ~ Craig ~ ~ Craig ~ ~ Craig ~ ~ Craig ~

28 April 2016

~ Some new Black and White Shots for 2016 ~

Thursday - APRIL 28th, 2016 - Trying to Get Back To Blog Life

I have hardly been updating this blog....I need to refresh my photography blog and hopefully try and do an update once a week.  I really do love blogging.  I never really know who is reading what I write nor do I much care as it's just fun to share random thoughts and ideas and never know where they end up.  More important than my writing is being able to share the photography I do.  If it wasn't for people I would not have much fun doing photography.  People are interesting subjects and I find each portrait I shoot a new challenge to get images of a person that they appreciate and will value.  Life is so short, I want people to look back fondly at an image of themselves and remember that was them at a certain point in their life.....or even more special have my image be a lasting memory of that person for generations to come.  I just created a new black and white gallery on my FB photography page.  Black and white images are so timeless and really show the beautiful contrast of shadow and light.  I love to shoot in RAW format and then edit a shot to color or black and white.

21 January 2016

~ New Year 2016 and a blank canvas ahead ~

New Year is in full swing now and lots of people have already broke their resolutions which is why I don't like to make them.  I do enjoy thinking about the future and the creative opportunities that may come my way this year.  Every year is exciting to think what images I can capture from life.  I do love art and I am going to try and continue with my 52 week art challenge.  So here are some random things off the top of my head I am considering for 2016....

  • working on putting together my art and photography to possibly have a showing of my work at a venue some where 
  • PAINTING, I say it every year but I want to get the paints out and finish a few of these 
  • This one is the same every year, but shoot some new faces and collaborate with some new creative people (photographers, artists)
  • Game!!! I need breaks from the camera, I like to play some MTG (Magic) or course hop on the console (xbox one) for some fun.  My gamer tag is Phocus on xbox live if you wanna add me.
  • Get stronger spiritually, doesn't have to be church all the time but I want to spend more time connecting to my God and building that one on one connection to Him
I have not really shot yet in 2016 so I'll post some recent edits from a shoot with the beautiful Russian Canadian Galina!!! :)

~ Galina ~ ~ Galina ~ ~ Galina ~ ~ Galina ~

07 December 2015

~ Missing you Mully - sad ramblings for my lil Mulder kitty ~

Feeling a very heavy heart today as I came across some photos from my iphone last year around this time when we welcomed Mulder in to our lives.  He was a young kitten with a world of bad experiences that were so ugly and dark.  He experienced some of the worst of humanity and had some health related challenges that he eventually over came.  We loved him so much and he just became part of our family.  We never knew, never imagined his time would be so short with us.  We got him just before Christmas 2014 and by summer of 2015 he was diagnosed with a fatal virus.  Saying goodbye crushed our hearts and my wife and I miss him so much.  For those of us with pets and animals we know that unconditional love and those lessons about life that we learn from our pets.  That connection is so amazing I consider it a precious gift from God.  I do love technology and video games but mankind cannot compare to the creative talents of God.  My cats did not just evolve in to being these amazing little creatures.  They were created by God and no one will convince me otherwise...that is the power of my faith.

When I said goodbye to my cat Scully I felt such an deep sadness but a renewed feeling of faith and belief that I will some day see my lost pets and family.  Heaven to me is real, it exists in my heart and to me gives me that much needed hope for something better than this world.  Mulder experienced some pure evil from humanity and I know God didn't create us to treat his creations that way.  I am thankful we were able to love him and create a home for him that surrounded him with love.  As christmas 2015 comes I will feel sadness but also a calm for knowing he was here to teach me and I was here to love him.  Not really caring who reads this....this was written for Mully and for me.  I love you lil dude....I know you're gone but you live in my heart and I know God will reconnect us one day.
Your tall cuddle buddy Randy! xoxox

My new kitten. So far he haz no name. I am voting for Mulder. Mully for short.

21 October 2015

~ Wedding Photography ~

This summer I was able to shoot a few weddings with my good friend and professional photographer Olivia from Images by Olivia.  She is a super talented photographer and together we had a blast shooting this wedding at the start of Sept.  Weddings are always a fun time seeing the couple enjoying the day with their family and friends and the special moments that unfold.

20 October 2015

~ Fall 2015 ~

It's been a very long time since I've written anything on my blog.  The summer has ended and now fall and my teaching life is in full swing.  It's been a rough year, marked with the sadness of losing our newest cat Mulder at such a young age and right when the summer began.  I still find my happy place is behind a camera and being creative.  Without art, without imagination this world would be a very difficult place for me to exist in.  Social media to me is meaningless without images, I love photos and don't care if they are mine or belong to another photographer.  There are so many talented photographers out there.  I spend a LOT of time on 500px looking at works that humble me and inspire me.

Every year before I go back to school I attempt to do a photo shoot to mark summer ending and just get my last few pics in with warmish weather and natural light before hiding out in studio for the winter.  I will share here some photos taken of the stunning Vickie.  Hopefully I'll BLOG more as I have neglected this blog for a VERY long time.

~ Vickie ~
~ Vickie ~ ~ Vickie ~ ~ Vickie ~ ~ Vickie ~