30 October 2008

Mission 07 - Permanent Halloween Costume

If u ever thought it was silly to be in a costume on halloween....this guy had to wear his a Loooooong time.

29 October 2008

Shantelle Edits

From an old shoot with the amazing Shantelle. :)

Blog Stalkers FEEDJIT

I have the FEEDJIT addon to my blog which shows me who checks out my blog. It's been interesting to see the different places around the world and some info about them. I can even check a worldwide map to see all the flags of countries.

Edmonton, Alberta arrived on "Randy Pond Photography"
Red Deer, Alberta arrived from
randypond.ca on "Randy Pond Photography"
Coello, Illinois arrived on "
Randy Pond Photography"
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan arrived from
ca.search.yahoo.com on "Randy Pond Photography"

It is interesting to see the same ones over and over and over and yet never recieve any comments. The Lloydminster one checks 2-3 times a day and always searching for me through yahoo.ca and almost borders on creepy stalker status. Anyway, I know some people checking my site are photography clients, friends, people I know but also some are just strange lurkers and kind of makes one wonder. Anyway.....I guess u never can tell.

27 October 2008

Uncle Now

Well, my sister had her baby over the weekend. Her girl's name is Charissa and has a big brother named Caleb. Lauri called me from the hospital on Saturday to let me know the good news. I wish I lived closer so I could capture some cool pics. Anyway, that's pretty much all the big news. I have been fighting a NASTY cold and pretty much totally sapped of energy. It's been really rough dealing with work, lots of stuff going on. Tons of P.D. going on, sub days, sick kids, sick staff.....IPP fun and more. Anyway, hoping after October ends it'll slow down. Who am I kidding? Then there is report cards, Christmas.....maybe xmas break will be when things calm down for moi. Anyway, back to work I go......hoping the Oilers can stop their suckage and get a win tonite vs the Beaners. I am not even gonna talk about the Eks, (cringe) they got pwned by the Dirt Farming Riders.

18 October 2008

One Win Down

Edmonton went in to the Cow Town Den and stole a win from the godless Flames. That was awesome, :) now just hoping they can win tonight. Pretty strong start for the Oilers I'd say. Hope #44 isn't hurt. That would be bad for the Oil. Anyway, check my photo blog for recent April and Andy edits. Here is a teaser.

13 October 2008

Oilers win!!!

Yay, the Oilers got their first win of the year on opening night. Great that Calgary is 0-2, loving that they are on a losing streak. Hoping Edmonton can sweep the home and home series but that would be tough. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

11 October 2008

Maternity Shoot

YAY Calgary lost in O.T. greatness, love when they lose. I also got to shoot Jamie and Theo tonite. Check my photography blog for more edits. :) Anyway, it's late and I need sleep. Hope I win in fantasy football tomorrow. (crosses fingers)

10 October 2008

Awesome program to clean your computer

Everyone needs to check out this link. It's an awesome program to clean your computer up. Check it out, I found it very useful.
I LOVE that Calgary lost 6-0 yesterday. Poor O'Neill, she was not happy after her team got smacked around. Here is to hoping Edmonton wins vs the Avs. I am also going against O'Neill in fantasy football this weekend. She is 5-0 and is pretty cocky she will win. I am pretty sure she will win as my fantasy football team is injury ridden and VERY BAD. I am hoping for a Brett Favre miracle and that he'll earn me some massive fantasy points.
I am so happy it's Thanks-Giving Weekend, yay for snow today too....feels like hockey is back, snow+hockey. :)
Go Oilers!!!!

09 October 2008

Christian the lion Reunion, FULL LENGTH MOVIE, London Lion reunited in Africa

If this doesn't warm the heart you are already dead.

Oilers 3rd Jersey

The Oiler 3rd jersey is an awesome choice. I do miss the McFarlane one but it's still an awesome jersey and I can't wait to see it on the ice this year. I think as an Oiler fan I'd wear any jersey they came up with because I am a diehard fan. Maybe for xmas I will score a sweet 3rd jersey. :) Here is to hoping. Have a good week everyone and happy thanksgiving this weekend.

07 October 2008


October is a very busy week. Lots of work to do and time just speeds on by. Once the school year starts it just is a wild and crazy ride to June. It really never lets up, always something new to do.
Well, the Saints did what I expected. Lost...heheheh. That is why they say Sports Select is harder to win then even the 649. I did love how Bush ran 2 punts back for td's. That dude is FAST!!! The NFL is one tough league to figure out. It is very hard to find any kinds of trends in it.

05 October 2008

Weekend is over

Well, football was fun. I have a chance to win two sport select tickets tomorrow night for Monday night football. If the Saints win I'll win a ticket of $49 and another ticket of like $30. I don't bet big, a whole $4 risked. However sports select is almost impossible to win so I would be shocked if it turned out.

To see latest images from a wedding I shot check my photography blog linked off my website. I also had a lot of fun on Friday, see the youtube video below from the rockband competition at our PD day. Big thx to Mister Hay who organized it....we didn't win but wow that was fun and very cool. We never expected it to be what is was....in front of all the people...we figured it wasn't going to be such a big deal. We also didn't plan on people practicing and going all expert mode. I would of been able to play hard or probably even expert had I put in practice time. However with the 3 ladies I am not sure we all could have done expert. But congrats to the band that won. However I don't know if they deserved the xbox hehehe. A little birdy told me they already have a Wii in their staffroom complete with a plasma screen tv. Now they are totally set.

I had a lazy day today, wish I had more stuff completeted but all in all it was a good weekend.


02 October 2008

~ Rock Band Competition ~

On Friday I get to go to a P.D. Day in the Park. Our district is having a rock band competition during the afternoon and it should be fun. I am going to be playing bass and 3 other staff at our school are joining in to play and sing. What is at stake? Well, if we win #1 bragging rights over other schools. :) Yeah, we teachers are a competitive bunch. The other big deal is we could win an xbox 360 and the rockband game and gear. I would LOVE to win that for our school. The kids would love it too. I am not sure we can win I've heard some other schools have been practicing and are taking it quite serious. I am not sure how our band will do, we're calling our band Simple Minds, hehehhe. Mainly because I am in it. :)

On a hockey note, Cowtown beat the Oil 4-0 in preseason, good thing it's only preseason. I am happy that the Oilers added a tough guy. Hope they can protect their super stars and not get pushed around, This tough guy sounds awesome, 6'6" and 250lbs or so I've heard. It's gonna be cool to see the Oilers have a better season. It'll be HARD to not do better then they did last year considering how BADLY they played.