31 July 2013

~ 212/365 Anti PC and Apple today ~

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Had a stressful day with my windows 8 and iphone 5, both gave me equal amounts of grief.  So on a rare day I hated both Apple and PC!!! :)  Good times, hehehe. -Randy

~ 212/365 ~

~ 211/365 Iphone 5 ~

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Went in to Edmonton yesterday to do some shopping for a cell phone, came home with an iphone 5.  Got to see Sean and Myriam and went to see a most awesome movie!!! Pacific Rim in 3D IMAX!!!! -Randy

~ 211/365 ~

29 July 2013

~ 210/365 Janaya on Whyte Ave, Summer 2013 ~

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It was a LOT warmer today for my shoot on Whyte Ave with Janaya.  When I first met her it was winter and super COLD!!!!  It was great to have a chance to shoot with her again.  Enjoyed exploring Whyte and all the spots to shoot.  Had the usual creeper audience too while we shot....good times. -Randy

~ 210/365 ~

28 July 2013

~ 209/365 Family Farm Shoot ~

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Family photo shoot on a farm near Vegreville.  Had to make this my photo of the day.  Love the story it tells of a little boy adventuring on his John Deere tractor while Dad keeps a watchful eye.  Windy day but still lots of fun to shoot with this family and capture some memories for them. -Randy

~ 209/365 ~

27 July 2013

~ 208/365 Dani ~

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It has been YEARS since I 1st shot with Dani, was nice to connect on a shoot again.  Last time was a group shoot, this was our first time shooting 1-1.  She is a super cool model that just seems at home in front of a camera.....almost like she's modeled a few times before, hee hee.  :)  Thanks to her for a fun shoot. -Randy

~ 208/365 ~

26 July 2013

~ 206/365 SP ~

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Busy week of photos.  Decided to get a SP today, got a new hair cut today.  :)  Not that you can really see since I cut some of my head out. :)  I think I better post more cats soon. -Randy

~ 206/365 ~

25 July 2013

~ 205/365 Wall Walking Model ~

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This has to be one of the coolest poses I have ever seen a model pull off. :)  Huge props to Leanne for this shot.  I suggested she try and get a leg up on the wall and she went all spidey model and just free styled it.  :)  Really had a fun day, shooting with 2 models....just too bad Sherwood Park Toyota gave me some terrible customer service today.  Other than that today rocked! -Randy

~ 205/365 ~

23 July 2013

~ 204/365 SP Day ~

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Spent the day working with photos.  So decided my pic would be me with a camera.....gonna be doing TONS of it this summer. :) -Randy

~ 204/365 ~

22 July 2013

~ 203/365 Family ~

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Thanks to my friend Chandra Fisher and former teacher pal and her awesome Hubby Joker!!! (Mass Effect ref).....for letting me shoot with them and their awesome girl.  It was great to see you all again!!! -Randy ~ 203/365 ~

~ Banff 202/365 ~

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Got to go to a shoot in Banff, invited by Jadeyn and met some awesome photographers and other models.  Such a fun day and friendly people to hang out with. -Randy

~ 202/365 ~

~ 201/365 Lovers ~

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This was a beautiful moment captured in the fading sun of a really HOT day in Calgary. :)  Took a LOT of photos, was fun as always.  Had to make it the photo of the day. -Randy ~ 201/365 ~

21 July 2013

~ Two Calgary Models 200/365 ~

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I was so lucky to shoot with 2 awesome Calgary models.  Jadeyn and Tatiana were so kind to fit me in to their busy schedules for a shoot.  :)  I was so happy to be able to spend a HOT summer day shooting around Calgary with these ladies. -Randy ~ 200/365 ~

~ Calgary Arrival 199/365 ~

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This guy is one amazing artist.  Thanks to Wil I was able to get my photo of the day.  I was able to stay with Wil while in Calgary and so happy to see some of his current projects.  Inspiring work!! :)  Thanks again Mr.Wil! -Randy ~ 199/365 ~

17 July 2013

~ 197/365 Tennis Tuesday ~

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Tennis is a sport I have always LOVED!!!  I got a chance to go out last night and play.  I have to admit my brain thinks I am way younger than my body does.  It was a blast to play after such a LONG time.....but ouch, had a hard time walking around after.  Hope to maybe play a bit more this summer. -Randy ~ 197/365 ~

16 July 2013

~ 196/365 SP Day ~

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Last few days have been working on cleaning out my basement.  Feeling tired and total lazy man mode....so this sp I am hiding behind the ipad for good reason. :)  Gave the cats a break. -Randy ~ 196/365 ~

15 July 2013

~ 195/365 Stormy Day ~

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Went out to try and shoot some lightning last night and failed. :)  So ummm, what you get is a cheesy edited image of what I wished I had seen.  Didn't do much editing of any kind yesterday.  Was too busy cleaning out some stuff in the basement.  Still not done that job.  -Randy

~ 195/365 ~

14 July 2013

~ 194/365 Celtic Games ~

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Had an awesome day, checked out some art, went to Fort Edmonton.  Saw some STRONG people do things that I can't even dream of doing. :) -Randy
~ 194/365 ~

~ 193/365 Mr.Gravy ~

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Thanks Mr.Finnegan for filling in as my photo of the day on another day when I was tired. :)  I've been tired a LOT this 365.  But I know he has a following of fans, so for those that love seeing Mr.Gravy here is a shot for you. -Randy ~ 193/365 ~

11 July 2013

~ 192/365 Katelyn at Rundle Park ~

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Got to shoot with the lovely Katelyn today at Rundle Park, mother nature tried to rain us out....however me being a Pond, it didn't really phase moi.  :)  Had a lot of fun shooting with her and hopefully we can collaborate again on some photos.  I also went to the Paint Spot today and picked up a roll of canvas!!  My goal to paint this summer looks like it'll happen now. -Randy ~ 192/365 ~

10 July 2013

~ 191/365 Canola Fields ~

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Something fun about shooting some bright yellow canola fields.  I was able to get Sabrina out for some evening shots before the thunder rolls in to storm all night.  It's been a HOT day, happy to end it with a photo shoot. :)  -Randy

~ 191/365 ~

09 July 2013

~ 190/365 Cat Whisperer Pic ~

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Always nice to feature a furbaby that isn't mine in the 365 feed.  This kitty belongs to a friend of ours in Edm , we visited them today and I did some cat whispering with their kitty.  Then we went and watched Man of Steel, which was pretty much a 9-11 super hero movie.....I am old...seriously no one can do superman better than Christopher Reeve.  It was still a good summer blockbuster destroy a bunch of stuff flick. -Randy ~ 190/365 ~

08 July 2013

~ 189/365 Self Portrait LAZY day ~

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LAZY summer day.....not shaving....just relaxing and enjoying the heaven that is summer. :) -Randy

~ 189/365 ~

07 July 2013

~ 188/365 Sick Day ~

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A BAD BAD headache almost ALL day.  So my kitty Scully filled in quick!
-Randy ~ 188/365 ~

06 July 2013

~ 187/365 Crazy Sky Lights ~

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Driving home late tonight I saw there were these crazy lights in the sky, so stopped to shoot them.  Enough said, now off to sleep I go. :) Easy pic of the day done before the day has even started. :) -Randy

~ 187/365 ~

~ 186/365 Summer Day at the Leg Pool ~

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Got to shoot 2 lovely ladies today down at the leg grounds. :)  Two former roomies!!! :)  Beautiful warm summer day and some pool photos. -Randy ~ 186/365 ~

04 July 2013

~ 185/365 Finnegan Thursday ~

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Finnegan being hopeful, when ever he is in the kitchen he is on high alert for the chance of being fed some gravy!!  He loves eating and any movement in the kitchen gets him worked up.  -Randy ~ 185/365 ~

03 July 2013

~ 184/365 Summer Day ~

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A beautiful day, not too hot, great summer weather.  Went to the gym tonight and had a great workout.  Looking forward to more days like today this summer.

~ 184/365 ~

01 July 2013

~ 182/365 HAPPY CANADA DAY ~

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This is Canada Day, a day where the temperature ruled.  It was over +30 and just super HOT and really one I just wanted to stay cool in the basement.  I hope everyone enjoyed the day.  I was going to just post a pic of the thermometer but felt I should try and get out and shoot a landscape.  So here it is, had to hand hold this shot since I forgot the tripod adapter at the house. -Randy

~ 182/365 ~

~ 181/365 Summer Day ~

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Just a hot summer day.  Spent resting and enjoying the freedom of summer. -Randy

~ 181/365 ~