31 May 2013

~ 151/365 Hungry Cat ~

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Finny's FAVE time of the day!!!!  I love this kitty and he is the most gentle and happy cat ever.  He loves to eat, sleep and sleep. -Randy

~ 151/365 ~

30 May 2013

~ 150/365 ~

Rainy evening, so shot some blossoms, they are almost done for the year.  Such a limited time but so purdy!!! -Randy ~ 150/365 ~

29 May 2013

~ 149/365 Spoiled Kittah ~

This girl just had a yummy meal of gravy, before that licked some delicious drumstick ice cream!!!! Yeah she is spoiled, a total Mommy's girl. -Randy

~ 149/365 ~

~ 148 Gym Membership ~

Joined a gym today, first one of my life.  39 years old and about to hit 40.  Hoping this will allow me to stay healthy and burn stress.  More interested in the stress issue than looking like Arnie.  So if you see me at the gym don't expect to see me crushing mad weights....I am going to be working the small weights and just sweating off stress. :) -Randy

~ 148/365 ~

27 May 2013

~ 147/365 Sabrina and the Apple Tree ~

Sabrina came over and we were able to shoot some blossom photos before they disappear.  There is only a limited window of blossom availability.  I really am happy with this shot.  Too bad there was like a MILLION skeeters out there making the outdoors less fun. -Randy

~ 147/365 ~

26 May 2013

~ 146/365 More Blossoms ~

Went to another fiddle concert today, came home and worked in the yard, had to take a picture of these lovely blossoms as they are in full bloom and look awesome. -Randy

~ 146/365 ~

~ 145/365 Blossoms ~

Got to go to a Calvin Vollrath concert with my wife, it was really cool, he was sharing the stage with Natalie Macmaster....she is pretty amazing.  Good music and really talented musicians.  Inspired me to do some new work with my camera and get my creativity going. -Randy

~ 145/365 ~

~ 144/365 StarCraft ~

So tired, just shot something random and today it was my game of StarCraft and some of nerdy toys that sit on my desk. :) -Randy

~ 144/365 ~

23 May 2013

~ 143/365 Flower Power ~

Flowers in the backyard.  Still feeling wrecked from the long weekend and not really with it.  This year just is getting to me, cannot wait for some summer holidays and hopefully an exciting new school year with some new energy next year. -Randy
~ 143/365 ~

~ 142/365 Apple Blossoms ~

More blossoms.....just cuz they are pretty.  Hopefully I can get a day where there is no wind so I can get some better shots.  Been a windy week and not sure if I'll be able to get the shots I have been wanting with the tree.  Anyway, feeling really bleh this week.  Hope things improve. -Randy
~ 142/365 ~

21 May 2013

~ 141/365 Apple Blossom ~

Apple blossoms are coming, any day now they'll be out.  Hoping to do a shoot soon highlighting them.  Stay tuned.  Feeling tired and stressed with work....hoping things get better this week. -Randy
~ 141/365 ~

20 May 2013

~ 140/365 Flowers ~

A good long weekend, finished off with some work and cleaning.  Had a lot of fun....really don't wanna go back to work tomorrow. :)  But the real world is calling and I'll be there tomorrow to answer the call. :)  Have a great week people. -Randy

~ 140/365 ~

~ 139/365 Star Trek ~

Almost never got my picture taken today, went and saw Star Trek and it was like 11:30 when we got out.  So shot this quick of the theater. :)  Good movie, really enjoy this new Trek.  -Randy
~ 139/365 ~

19 May 2013

~ 138/365 Erin and Ryan ~

I got a chance to take photo's for Erin's sister Megan and her new husband Matt.  This shot is of Erin and her husband Ryan.  I had the pleasure of shooting pictures of her wedding a few years ago.  It was nice to add their picture to my 365 project.  Such a good looking couple.  I am glad to see them still as happy as they were on their wedding day. -Randy

~ 138/365 ~

18 May 2013

~ 137/365 Cherry Tree ~

Slow in updating my 365, but shot this on day 137, a small cherry tree we planted a few years back in our yard.  Always a beauty this time of year....so had to grab a shot of it for my 365. -Randy

~ 137/365 ~

17 May 2013

~ 136/365 Pizza ~

Ended the day with a meal of pizza.....watched some tv and fell asleep downstairs.  Feeling kind of exhausted....think I am still fighting a spring sinus cold. :( -Randy

~ 136/365 ~

15 May 2013

~ 135/365 DOG!!!! ~

Went to Edmonton today after school with Jenn, she went to a fiddle Jam and I went to Best Buy to look after some computer stuff.  After I was done I stopped by to visit my friend Candace VanStryland and shot some pics of her super dog Disco!!! As my photo of the day, it was sure tough to get a decent shot as the light was fading quick and this dog moves QUICK!!! -Randy

~ 135/365 ~

14 May 2013

~ 134/365 Spring Flowers ~

Long day today, was feeling pretty wicked tired tonight.  Shot this just before the sunset.  Hope everyone has a good week.  Hoping a good night sleep will give me some energy for tomorrow. -Randy
~ 134/365 ~

13 May 2013

~ 133/365 Spring Monday ~

More spring shots of stuff growing....cuz I am lazy like that.  On the theme of the Leaf's losing to the Bruins in game 7, I am posting this Leaf picture for all the Leaf fans out there. -Randy

~ 133/365 ~

~ 132/365 Mothers Day 2013 ~

MOTHERS DAY and a HOT one, some leaves are appearing on our apple tree.  Was a beautiful weekend for Mothers to go out and enjoy some warm weather.  I love my Mom and was happy to talk to her on the phone and wish her a happy Mother's day. -Randy

~ 132/365 ~

11 May 2013

~ 131/365 Sabrina at Sunset ~

Wanted to shoot some sunset light pictures, Sabrina was awesome as my last minute Super Model. :)  Thanks for coming out on such short notice. :) -Randy

~ 131/365 ~

~ Brandy Carlile Concert and Jenn ~

Jenn had tickets to go see Brandie Carlile in Edmonton, so she was going out with LIL Z!!! Had to make her the pic of the day!!!♥ -Randy

~ 130/365 ~

09 May 2013

~ 129/365 Spring Day ~

The day was beautiful, it was starting to get windy and cool when I snapped this.  Wanted to show there is signs of spring and summer. :)  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! -Randy

~ 129/365 ~

08 May 2013

~ 128/365 Yellow Flower ~

Just a day where I ended feeling really ill.  Headache and just bleh.  I had a bad sleep and woke up feeling rough.  Took this shot to end the day, quite inspired by the beauty of this shot and look forward to a good night's sleep. -Randy

~ 128/365 ~

07 May 2013

~ 127/365 Finny Cat ~

Mr.Finn!!!! That is all!!! Sharks eliminated the NUCKS!!! -Randy

~ 127/365 ~

06 May 2013

~ 126/365 on a HOT day ~

HOT HOT day today, went from snow last week to hot summer day temperature in no time.  Went out to shoot the sunset tonight.  Love the hot weather, such a quick transition from winter to summer, no spring really. -Randy
~ 126/365 ~

05 May 2013

~ 125/365 Flowers on a Spring, errr Summer day ~

HOT day today, drove to BP's to have supper and found out we had a flat tire on the Matrix.  Thankfully we were able to change the tire in the shade.  Went from winter to summer weather, I think spring decided to skip us this year. -Randy
~ 125/365 ~

04 May 2013

~ 124/365 May the 4th be with you ~

May the 4th I decided to make it special and hosted some friends and models over for a Star Wars themed shoot.  We had a lot of fun and the shot for my 365 is of the lovely Galina in her hot pink Star Wars tshirt.  Loved the shirt and colour.....plus her pose is awesome too.  Thanks to everyone that was involved. -Randy
~ 124/365 ~

03 May 2013

~ 123/365 The Day befor May the 4th be with you ~

The day before the May the 4th be with you.  So I need to have some Star Craft as a way to honor the Star Wars.  Thus my Star Wars bobble heads behind my marine. :) -Randy

~ 123/365 ~

02 May 2013

~ 122/365 Myriam in the Spring ~

This shot was one I knew would be my photo of the day the moment I looked down and chimped it. :)  Had a beautiful warm day to shoot.  Myriam and Sean came out to Vegreville and we shot up a storm then ate some A&W.  Good times. -Randy

~ 122/365 ~

01 May 2013

~ 121/365 Jae Lee Books ~

Jae Lee's an awesome artist, love his work and picked up some books today in Edmonton.  I had one book in this series and found 3 more.  :)  Big comic nerd here..

~ 121/365 ~