09 August 2012

~ Heritage Festival 2012 Photos and a good Photography Rant ~


Okay time for a good old rant about photographers/photography.  It really annoys me on FB when I see all of the posts and anger from "Professional" photographers regarding comments like: "You must have a really good camera" and how they like to laugh at people that say that.  I just find it so rude and totally stupid when photographers get bent out of shape about that comment.  Most of the time it is a true statement.  If you are a professional you ARE using a very good camera.  Just like a great cook isn't cooking on an easy bake oven.  Get a clue people, as professionals we WANT pro gear.  It makes our job easier and our images look great and the average person does not understand the technical aspects.  Sure we have an eye for it, composition and creativity that is NOT just the camera.  But please open plea to all photographers, when someone compliments your camera, smile and say thanks.  I am just so sick of seeing photographers make fun of the general public and get angry about it.


Jennifer and I went on Monday to the last day of Heritage Festival, the temperature was in the 30's and wicked HOT!!!  We enjoyed it though, seeing some cool displays of different culture and getting a chance to taste some things we don't get every day.  I think our biggest complaint was the LACK of water.  They had a TON of bottled water available to purchase, but we had our water bottles and the only place to refill was a small water fountain that was NOT easy to fill a water bottle at.  With all those thousands of people and a world that is suffering from pollution why would they not support people using water bottles to cut down on bottled waste?  Seems irresponsible to me.  Here are a few pics from our day there:

~ Heritage Festival 2012 ~ ~ Heritage Festival 2012 ~ ~ Heritage Festival 2012 ~ ~ Heritage Festival 2012 ~ ~ Heritage Festival 2012 ~