19 January 2012

COLD!!! Winter has let me down.

So far winter has not given me any satisfaction.  It started with the LACK of snow.  Looking outside and seeing the world blanketed in the beauty of white is one of my favorite things about winter.  We started with warm weather and no snow, the world was brown and dirty looking.  LOTS of ice everywhere to slip and fall on.  Then shortly after going back to work in 2012 the temperature decides to drop like crazy to -40ish and we still have a dusting of snow out there.  Makes me sad.  Hopefully the snow will come.  If it is going to be this cold at least give us snow winter!!!

For those of you COLD, here are some HOT pictures from my 2012 shoot with the lovely Tatiana!!  She brings the heat.

~ Tatiana ~ ~ Tatiana ~ ~ Tatiana ~

02 January 2012

Welcome 2012

Figure it is time to blog in 2012 and welcome in a New Year.  Looking back at 2011 I feel quite happy with my photography.  I learned a LOT from making so many mistakes, some were really hard to swallow but I live and learn and hopefully won't make those same mistakes again.  There were lots of positives.  I think the big highlight was making so many friends in the Vegreville area and starting a local photography group.  The Facebook Vegreville Photography group is an awesome group.  The photographers there are just down to earth people who love photography.  Lynda and her husband Soren are HUGE in planning and participating in events.  They are the busiest people I know and both love to go out and shoot.  Lynda can model and shoot and is just a cool person, who I feel honored to know.  Then there is Tara (who might move), the Dons (both awesome photographers), the Hallzee clan, then the local models Danielle and Breanne who have been great at coming to support the VPG.  I have also met a model named Nicole who I hope to work with lots in 2012. Nicole is very creative and is so at home in front of a camera.  We also adopted some Edmonton photographers.  Another highlight was shooting weddings with my good friend Mac Sokulski and starting our www.rpmphotography.ca which is now up and running with a few weddings under our belts.  Hoping to continue this in to 2012 and keep enjoying photography with my friends.

Thanks to everyone clients, models, people, my wife and 3 cats for allowing me to work with you.  Without the world around me my life would be so boring as a photographer.  As 2012 is still so fresh, I cannot wait to jump in to it and start snapping pictures and making memories.  Happy New Year everyone.
~ Nicole ~ ~ Nicole ~ ~ Nicole ~ ~ Nicole ~ ~ Samantha ~