21 January 2016

~ New Year 2016 and a blank canvas ahead ~

New Year is in full swing now and lots of people have already broke their resolutions which is why I don't like to make them.  I do enjoy thinking about the future and the creative opportunities that may come my way this year.  Every year is exciting to think what images I can capture from life.  I do love art and I am going to try and continue with my 52 week art challenge.  So here are some random things off the top of my head I am considering for 2016....

  • working on putting together my art and photography to possibly have a showing of my work at a venue some where 
  • PAINTING, I say it every year but I want to get the paints out and finish a few of these 
  • This one is the same every year, but shoot some new faces and collaborate with some new creative people (photographers, artists)
  • Game!!! I need breaks from the camera, I like to play some MTG (Magic) or course hop on the console (xbox one) for some fun.  My gamer tag is Phocus on xbox live if you wanna add me.
  • Get stronger spiritually, doesn't have to be church all the time but I want to spend more time connecting to my God and building that one on one connection to Him
I have not really shot yet in 2016 so I'll post some recent edits from a shoot with the beautiful Russian Canadian Galina!!! :)

~ Galina ~ ~ Galina ~ ~ Galina ~ ~ Galina ~