29 June 2010

~ 180/365 YEAR IS DONE ~

~ 180/365 SCHOOL IS OVER ~
Back July 6/7 with more 365 and updates......bye for now.
~ Storm ~
Storm taken on my way home from our staff party to end the year.

27 June 2010

~ 178/365 Flowers ~

~ 178/365 MORE FLOWER ~
Nice and relaxing weekend. Got my battery grip for the 7D and love love love love love it. :) This camera is so so sweet. I love everything about it.

25 June 2010

~ Darth Debby 176/365 ~

~ 176/365 Darth Debby ~
LAST DAY FOR SUPPORT STAFF TODAY!!! I have the best E.A.'s ever. :)

24 June 2010

Project 365 Favorites

~ 175/365 CLOSER ~

~ 175/365 ALMOST DONE!!! ~

We are so close now to being done this school year!!!! I can't wait.....only a few more days. My E.A. Debby allowed me to shoot this pic of her. It is pretty much summing up how my last feel days at work felt.

22 June 2010


~ 173/365 Scully ~
So I shot this of Scully on our bed. Very little light in the room. I set the camera to 6400ISO and shot at f2.8 and got this result. I am in love with how amazing this camera is.

20 June 2010

Crazy Heart (2010) - 16. Fallin' & Flyin' (Colin Farrell & Jeff Bridges)

This song speaks to me, sums up some experiences in my life. Awesome movie and song.

~ 171/365 FATHERS DAY ~

~ 171/365 Happy Fathers Day ~
Today was a fun day, lots of beautiful weather and heat. Did some yard work and just feel so much better then I did yesterday. I had a wicked headache yesterday that kept me in a state of yuck pretty much all day. Today feels 110% better. I am so so so excited. Tomorrow I get to go in to Edmonton to get a new camera. I will be picking up a Canon 7D!!! I really love my Canon 40D but so happy to get this camera. I think it is a game changer for me. It will allow me to try some new things with my photography. The image quality is going to be a BIG jump. The noise reduction is one thing I will really enjoy. Also 1080P HD video is another huge jump for me. I am excited to enter the realm of HD video. I am going to be SUPER excited to drive in to Edm tomorrow to get that camera. :)

18 June 2010

~ 169/365 Nahla Pearl ~

So I am hoping to get a 7D camera. Vistek in Edmonton is an awesome place to buy gear and they matched a price for me. I am so excited. The battery grip, a battery and my WONDERFUL 7D that I have been wanting. Now my Canon family will be a G9, 40D and my top of the line 7D. I am excited for this camera. Video is something I REALLY REALLY want to start exploring and getting in to. I hope this will be a good investment and allow me to keep being creative and pushing myself to learn more. Photography is amazing and video is something I really want to get in to next. THANKS to my loving Mom and Dad for helping me get this so soon. I will be paying them back tenfold. I get to see them end of the month!!! Can't wait. I am going to be going PICTURE crazy this summer.
-Randy~ 169/365 Nahla Pearl ~

11 June 2010

~ 162/365 Jenn ~

~ 162/365 Jenn ~

~ Renee Robyn ~

~ Renee Robyn ~
Trying out a new editing look using lightroom 3. :) Love some of the new presets and the grain is a cool addition.

10 June 2010

~ 161/365 June 10th ~

~ 161/365 My Birthday Soda ~
Thanks to my my Florida friend Olga who sent me a cool mug for my Birthday. :) It makes for an awesome photo of the day!!! :)

08 June 2010

~ 159/365 Cherry Tree ~

~ 159/365 Cherry Tree ~
It's been cloudy and cool, lots of rain. It's made the world green and lush. I took this picture of a small cherry tree we planted in our yard a few years ago. It looks so green.....I love the way things GREEN up outside during rainy days.

07 June 2010

~ 158/365 Scully Baby ~

~ 158/365 SCULLYYY ~

I have to admit, this is crazy. There is only 9 days of teaching left and I feel OVERWHELMED. Trying to prep my kids for their final is a bit of an ordeal. I hope they are ready, I think we'll be doing a LOT of review the next while.
My birthday comes on Thursday....not sure how to feel about turning 37....not even sure I have time to even think about how I feel. I'll be too busy with work to notice. Age is just a number....I do know there are things a person cannot fight when it comes to getting older. So I embrace my deteriorating muscles, graying hair, poor eye sight and hearing....hehehe. Bring it on old age.

~ 157/365 Steam ~

~ 157/365 Steam ~

05 June 2010

~ 156/365 Sunset ~

~ 156/365 Sunset ~

Today had a horrid headache and cold, went outside at sunset to capture this image.

04 June 2010

~ 155/365 Colors of Spring ~

~ 155/365 Colors of Summer ~

This week has been a long and hard one. To finish it off I am getting sick, a cold is hitting and not a good time. With only a few days of classes left this is a BAD time to get sick. I will rest up and do my best to survive. I AM excited to finish off this year. SUMMER I CRAVE THEE!!!