31 January 2013

~ 31/365 Fat Man ~

Had to shoot a cat, had an eye appointment and the dilated my eyes, so pretty much shot this when I got home and processed it late before bed.  Not feeling so hot, so thankfully my cats to the rescue being my models. :) - Randy

~ 31/365 ~

30 January 2013

~ 30/365 Cold Winter Day ~

Today was a cold day, didn't feel like going outside and exploring, so only went out my front door and shot a quick HDR picture.  Sometimes 365's can be really tough to find a shot that is awesome, I am still pleased with it, even if it's REALLY similar to my previous day 10 pic. :D  Hoping 20 days later people won't remember it as much.

~ 30/365 ~

29 January 2013

~ 29/365 Nahla is 9 ~

Nahla Pearl, we've been lucky enough to be Nahla's human's for 9 years.  She is pretty much the most AWESOME cat on the planet.  :)  -Randy
~ 29/365 ~

28 January 2013

~ 28/365 Apple a Day ~

Today was a super cold Monday....work was good.  A really great lady I work with had her birthday today, so we went to Boston Pizza for lunch.  Overall a really good Monday!!  I am tired, but I always am, I am learning to deal with middle aged life....always being tired.  Well, not much to say....I grabbed an apple to eat for lunch but didn't get a chance.  As I walked out of the school I realized I wanted to shoot it for my 365 picture.  So here is my apple in a tree:

~ 28/365 ~

~ Schoolhouse Shoot 2013 ~

27 January 2013

~ 27/365 Lazy Sunday ~

So tired today, decided to phone this one in.....literally just poked my head outside for 1 minute and shot this outside my front door. :D hehehe, happy Sunday!!! -Randy

~ 27/365 ~

26 January 2013

~ 26/365 Jennifer Jorgensen ~

I finally made my way out to visit Jennifer Jorgensen and see her stomping grounds.  Was a lot of fun, I had only seen her school house in photos, was surreal to actually be there and see it in person.  I was thrilled she allowed me to shoot some pics of her.  Honored to add such a talented photographer and beautiful model to my 365 in 2013!!! Thanks Jennifer......you rock!!!  Also the muffins were yummy too!!! :) -Randy
~ 26/365 ~

25 January 2013

~ 25/365 LUCKY 13 ~

Every day of work, I pull in to lucky 13 and park my ride.  Decided it's due for a pic.  That old post with hand painted numbers......figured for my 2013, 365, this would be a cool pic.  Plus I feel really tired.....gonna go shovel a bit and lay down for a rest me thinks.  Happy Friday!!! -Randy
~ 25/365 ~

24 January 2013

~ 24/365 Tired Thursday ~

I am tired, tired means cat pictures are likely.....turns out I am not the only one tired.  :)  Enough said, happy 24th day of 2013!!! -Randy

~ 24/365 ~

23 January 2013

~ 23/365 Team Cobra ~

As a kid I loved GI JOE, collected the toys, loved the comic books....just a growing up thing. Don't wanna spoil it but this is a sneak peek at a future 365 shot. But most of you can put 2 and 2 together. :) Can't wait to shoot this. -Randy

~ 23/365 ~

22 January 2013

~ 22/365 A Little J.Scott Campbell Ruff Stuff Greatness ~

HAPPY NERD DAY!!!! My books arrive from an artist I have loved for many years.  J.Scott Campbell!!!  The dude is amazing, love seeing his ruff stuff, so many amazing ideas and sketches.  The man is brilliant.  So many amazing comics he has penciled.  This HAD to be my pic of the day, he also signed both books!!!  Here is more info on Mr.Campbell. -Randy

~ 22/365 ~

21 January 2013

~ 21/365 Snow and Cold ~

Tried to get some snowing shots with Sabrina, but the snow wasn't really visible.  Really happy thought with this shot.  Brave model, lots of cold and wind......-20ish!! -Randy~ 21/365 ~

20 January 2013

~ 20/365 Romancing the Cold ~

49ers win today!!!!  They get to play in the Super Bowl!!!  Looks like Ravens and 9ers!!!  I love it.  Today's photo is of Kelsey and Kyle, a couple that drove out to Vegreville today for a couple portrait session.  The good news is they are a great looking couple in love, the bad news, it was -25 today.  We gutted it out and it was a successful shoot and I am thrilled to show them off as my photo of the day.  -Randy

~ 20/365 ~

19 January 2013

~ 19/365 My First Bible ~

This is a picture of my first bible.  I was given it on my Baptism by my Mom and Dad.  Not feeling the greatest this weekend so without further ramble here is the pic:

~ 19/365 ~

18 January 2013

~ 18/365 Weekend is Here ~

Happy Friday, here is today's 365 picture from my 1st shoot with Melissa.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! I want my Oilers to win and my 49ers to win!!! :)

~ 18/365 ~

17 January 2013

~ 17/365 Ice Ice Baby ~

Came home to shovel the driveway and saw these hanging out on the side of the garage.  Had to snap this as my picture of the day.  Really tired, not much to write about today, so here is the 17th pic of the day, I'll let it speak for me.

~ 17/365 ~

16 January 2013

~ 16/365 I'm a Scientist ~

Today was a day I tried to include my cats, 2 of them kind of cooperated, the other bloodied me up and never made it in the shot....lol.  This tshirt is a present from the wife, I always joked with her in any argument that because I taught grade 7 science that I was a scientist.  She laughs at me and found this tshirt at Old Navy for me.  I love it, hehhee, had to make it a 365.  Not happy with the final edit of this, really sloppy photoshop.  :)  Composite shots are NOT my specialty.....but they are still fun.
-Randy~ 16/365 ~

15 January 2013

~ 15/365 Sunset on a warm winter Day ~

A WARM winter day, ran out after school to shoot this. Now heading to BP's for Pasta Tuesday. -Randy~ 15/365 ~

14 January 2013

~ 14/365 An Apple a Day ~

Today was a good old Monday, feeling tired and just wanting to get it over with.  Got home and was not sure what would be my picture of the day.  Seeing this bowl of apples just seemed perfect, nice and easy.  So I set up to shoot an HDR, shot 7 exposures for this shot.  Then edited it using photomatix pro.  Added some presets in lightroom and here is the 14th picture of 2013.

~ 14/365 ~

13 January 2013

~ 13/365 Nahla Peal on a Quiet Sunday ~

Today was a tired day, sat around watching episodes of LOST on Netflix, I never watched this series and there is all 6 seasons on Netflix, so seems like a good show to watch without having to wait until next week for the next episode.  I did a lot of cuddling Nahla today, so seems fitting to make her my picture of the day. Hoping this week brings me a new energy boast!!!

~ 13/365 Nahla Pearl ~

12 January 2013

~ 12/365 Tired ~

Today I am feeling completely tired and exhausted.  Lots of naps and cuddles of cats.  Went out in the cold to snap this image.  Not really much to say, just really happy with life.  Love the new camera and the experiences that photography brings me to capture beautiful images.  Love waking up every day looking for beauty.  -Randy

~ 12/365 Quiet Winter Day ~

~ 11/365 Shooting in Edm at Darcy Evans Photography ~

~ 11/365 Shooting at Mr.Evan's Studio ~

I was excited to go shoot in Edmonton with a great model, Christina.  I worked with Christina many years ago when I was just starting out as a photographer.  She is a super talented model with a lot of creativity.  When she gets in to the zone modelling you are in for a treat as a photographer, it's a pleasure to see her in action.  Darcy Evan's kindly allowed us to shoot in his studio.  Here he is in his land of creativity posing with the lovely Christina.  She has shot with Darcy a few times, you can check out more of Darcy Evan's work at: his website and see the amazing work he does with people and pets.

10 January 2013

~ 10/365 The End of a Day in 2013, by Lazy Pond ~

Today was a long day, from a long week.  The first week back after Christmas holidays is rough for everyone.  Students and staff, we're all exhausted and our semester is about to end.  Today, I was not sure what my 10th picture would be.  I love photography because sometimes you just have to wait for the picture to happen.  Today I knew when I arrived home that the light right outside my door looked about right for today's picture.  I grabbed the wide angle lens and snapped a few shots for an HDR.  Here is today's picture, from a tired and lazy photographer that didn't want to travel anywhere.

~ 10/365 Day End ~

09 January 2013

~ 9/365 Lost keys day, Grip arrived ~

The day started out quite stressful, lost my keys (car, house, the important kind) and had that on my mind all day.  Came home and searched and searched, thankfully I had a spot I couldn't check, because the wife had the car I wanted to search.  When she got home I found my keys, they had slipped under one of the seats.  I also saw a postal notice that a package had arrived.  I went and picked up the package and it was my new battery grip all the way from Hong Kong.  I decided my pic of the day would be of my grip on my new camera, which meant my old camera got in the mix of my 365.  I expect it to be dominated by my 5D but I think there will be times the 7D and possibly the 40D get in the fun!!! :)  Happy Hump Day!!!

~ 9/365 ~

08 January 2013

~ 8/365 Winter Sun ~

Today I was so tired at work, felt like I could just sleep for days.  Fighting off yawns constantly.  I am sure many people can relate to that feeling.  Not going to write a lot (yawn)......hehehehe....here is my picture:

~ 8/365 ~

07 January 2013

~ 7/365 Orange Monday ~

Back to work today, realized I'd have limited light. Saw this yummy looking orange at work and decided to make it my subject. I thought adding the phone would show how we've changed as a society to see the world through technology. Sometimes the world gets blurred outside of our use of technology. :) Deep thoughts for day 7 of my 365. -Randy

~ 7/365 ~

06 January 2013

~ 6/365 Snow shoot ~

I have loved shots of people outside when it's snowing, but when the snow is falling, it's always tough to find someone willing to model.  Today this morning it was snowing HUGE flakes and I sent a text to a local model to see if she was able to come out on short notice.  She got ready as quickly as possible and we drove to a spot, sadly Mother Nature did not cooperate and the snow was just finishing off.  That did not stop us from getting some beautiful winter pictures.  I am quite pleased with the results.  :)  Here is my 6th picture from my journey through the year 2013.

~ 6/365 ~

05 January 2013

~ 5/365 Moxies ~

When we lived in Edmonton we had a date at the Moxies on Calgary Trail, it was a place we liked to go from time to time.  We ended up there tonight for an awesome meal, we're both crazy full now and home to cuddle some cats and watch movies.  Hope everyone had a great holiday, this is our last weekend of holidays before going back to work on Monday.  Here is my 5/365 picture.

~ 5/365 ~

04 January 2013

~ 4/365 Mr Finny ~

Last time I did a 365 I started out with a cat picture.  This year started with a sunrise and then 2 portraits, I knew sooner or later a cat would end up in my 365.  Finny is my little dude and follows me every where I go in the house.  When I saw him laying down on this blanket by the front window, I knew what my picture was going to be today.  Last Friday for me before going back to work in 2013.  Enjoy the weekend.

~ 4/365 ~

~ 3/365 Rooftop ~

3/365 Brought me to Edmonton, AB, to shoot with 2 new models.  Druantia and Samantha....two very similar ladies in looks.  I did get confused at times.  It was awesome to shoot at the location we were at, a really OLD apartment building overlooking the river valley.  Samantha got us permission to shoot up on the rooftop.  My first time being on a rooftop for a shoot, I loved it.  The old building was such a classic place to shoot.  Here is the 3rd image of my 2013 adventure.

~ 3/365 ~

02 January 2013

~ 2/365 Sabrina ~

A new year and with the new year a chance to work with a new model.  Sabrina's from Vegreville and works out great for us to work together and do some creative work.  She came over for a mini shoot today, I was impressed with her posing ability, she really changes poses up frequently and is able to come up with a LOT of awesome looks and expressions for the camera.  It was a lot of fun to shoot with her, I knew right away from the first set of photos that this picture would make my 2/365.  So without further babble, here is day 2 of my 365.  Looking forward to tomorrow, a location shoot in the city of Champs with 2 lovely ladies.


01 January 2013

~ Day 1/365 ~

In 2010 I completed a 365 project.  This year I am going to try and complete another one.  I have a beautiful new camera to start it with and I am so excited to share images from a year of my life with you.  I decided instead of a cat picture for day one, that I'd wake up early and head out to capture the sunrise.  It was worth it, I was able to watch the sun come up on a new year.  That is a first for me, to go out and shoot a new year's sunrise.  I shot this as an HDR, 7 exposures and used Photomatix to edit it, as well as LR and CS6.  Not sure every day will be as impressive as a sunrise like this, but that is the fun of a 365, you never know what a day will bring.  Happy 2013 everyone.

~ Day 1/365 ~