19 February 2012

~ Rant about Beliefs ~

This picture pretty much sums up why most people dislike hate Christians.  I was raised in a Christian home and attend the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  My Dad is a Pastor and I grew up attending Church.  I have been able to see the GOOD and BAD of organized religion.  Sad to say there is a LOT of BAD in it.  So many people think it is their duty to go out in to the world and impose their beliefs upon their fellow human beings.  In doing so though, they hurt and damage other people so much that the person they intended to help is turned away.  This woman in the picture above is extending her hand to shake the man with the sign and he looks like he will not even touch her.

To me being a Christian is all about love.  Loving others.  Not going out and judging people and trying with works to make people think you are so good and amazing.  So many good Christians act like good people but secretly have so much sin.  I have always preferred to walk this world and do my best to have a strong relationship with God and do as much as I can to love others and help them.  I don't believe God wants me to be running around pointing fingers at everyone.  God is a LOT more powerful than I am and HE can work on the lives and hearts of others.  He does NOT need me to be a wrecking ball and hurting others by throwing my better than you attitude in their faces.

I really like this picture because there has been so much damage done by "Christians" and it just shows that some people get it.

if you're wondering who these "Christians" are take a look:

Now if more Christians would stop attacking others for being evil and cared more for others like this:

Then the world might start becoming a better place.

03 February 2012

~ Good Song ~

It's FRIDAY!!! :)  Excited for a short week next week.  Going to Teacher's Convention Thur and Fri in Edmonton next week.  It will be so AWESOME to get away for a bit and have a short week of teaching.  I hope to take some pictures while I am in Edmonton.  This is a beautiful song I wanted to share.  Added it to my site tonite.