17 June 2014

Model of the Month for June 2014 - Vickie

What do you love the most about modelling?
 It’s continuously a challenge against myself to improve and become more versatile. Experimenting with body positioning that feels abnormal and of course seeing what the photographer does with the original photographs for editing is always exciting.
What is the most challenging thing about modelling for you?
I’m still incredibly new to modelling, and I think one of my biggest struggles is facial expressiveness.       Trying to convey a story based on your eyes especially while staying relaxed can sometimes prove difficult for me, but it’s just one of the challenges I love about modelling.
Do you prefer color or black and white?
Although black and white can sustain more raw emotion, I’ve always loved colour in my photos there’s just so much more life to them that way!
What tips do you have for models that are just starting out that you wish you knew when you started?
Get comfortable! It helps a ton when you’re in a shoot when you feel relaxed and at ease and it always shows in the photographs. Whether it’s practicing alone, or in the mirror while listening to your fiercest music, feel out where you feel comfy with posing, angles, and then just experiment from there. Also, I find if you ever need a little inspiration it’s never too far away with all the endless tutorials on the internet. J
Do you prefer shooting in natural light or studio light?
Oh, that’s a tough one because I love both! Natural lighting makes everything so beautiful; however, the possibilities when you add studio lights are far more limitless! This year I had the opportunity of working with a ring light and I would highly recommend giving it a whirl to anyone!
Where would be your dream location to do a photo shoot?
An underwater shoot would be something that I have always been intrigued to do, somewhere in crystal clear ocean water, perhaps somewhere in Australia or New Zealand. I also have a huge fascination with reptiles; getting the chance to shoot with some wilder critters would be rad!
What kind of music do you like to listen to when you are at a shoot or getting ready for a shoot?
I adore listening to 90’s hip hop so usually a lot of Wu-tang, Big L, Atmosphere, A Tribe Called Quest, Dilated Peoples, Boot Camp Clik, and typically I mix in some Lana del Ray as well, it just gets me into an amped up mood to shoot!
What color is your favorite?
It would have to be a shade of blue, blue is such a tranquil colour and when you get the right shade of turquoise, such as a rich glacial lake or a tropical ocean I find it so serene and gorgeous. 
What social media do you use?  Feel free to shamelessly plug yourself or stay secretive.
Instagram (@vahickster ) is by far my favorite! It allows me to find people who are interested in similar things as me, like snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiphop, and modelling.  I get to see a great mix of hilarity, and I get inspired for all sorts of things through other people’s concepts and photos.  There’s also far less negativity strewn about as well in comparison to things like Facebook and Twitter, but as any modern day little lady does I am on most social media platforms. 
What would you say is your biggest strength?
I laugh at myself quite easily, so when I’m at a shoot and something turns out a little bit more strange than planned, I try to just go along with it, and make the most of the oddities. Sometimes that strangeness and uniqueness makes for the most captivating part of a photo!

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