03 August 2022

~ Summer 2022 Update ~

A Moment of Growth

I was having a summer where I was praying a lot to God for some inspiration and direction to take my talents and creativity. Within a day or so of praying I got a message from a very good friend, more about this message later. This friend visited me when I was sick, brought me food when I was in the hospital and most importantly kept me in his prayers. Not only did he pray for my health and healing, he got his church prayer group to lift me up in their prayers. I came out of cancer and was faced with a pandemic....my photography was mainly portrait based for so many years. I always love nature, landscapes and seeing it around me was always beautiful. When I started my photography the lenses I wanted to shoot animals and nature were so expensive as they were massive zoom lenses with a LOT of glass. Ok, that backstory is over, back to the message. My friend was able to purchase a Sigma 150-600 lens, which was on sale. He shared this with me and after discussion with my wife, we decided this would help me get going in a new direction with my photography. I called Vistek in Edmonton and turns out they only had 1 lens left and I was able to pick it up. I have always been happy with Vistek and their customer service and was glad I could support a business local to me.

 This image was the first thing I shot when I got home from Edmonton yesterday. I want to share more on my BLOG how this lens and I will work together to showcase how God has gifted us on earth a taste of heaven. Teasers of heaven are all around us, we just got to be open to seeing them and realizing that our Creator loves us and all these things we find beautiful are gifts from Him.

Thanks for reading this and I hope it inspires you to pick up a camera and look for those gifts. God is the ultimate artist and creator. I give Him all the praise for the gifts he gives me and the beauty around for me to capture with my camera.


~ Flowers ~ New lens.

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