12 February 2019

Polar Vortex

This has been some super cold weather last few days.  I have been totally staying inside and not going anywhere.  This morning with wind chill it feels like -42.  I have not been doing much photography but I feel this time has given me some time to edit and really consider where I am going to go creatively in 2019.  I am really going to try and write more as well.  This blog is a lot of fun and for personal growth as a writer I should really give it a shot.  I never really did feel like writing was my jam which is why I was more into creating images with sketches and now with a camera.  I prefer to allow my images to speak for themselves rather than try and write.

I also want to get back onto working on my YouTube channel.  I think it would be fun to show more video work with my cameras.  Possibly mix in some video from my gaming and blend it in with photography work.  Throw in some photography tutorials along the way.  YouTube has been something I have ignored for a long time and I really think it could be a fun way to expand on being creative with photography.

I hope if you're somewhere caught in this polar vortex you're staying warm.  Enjoy the day and look for ways to be creative in your own life.  Without creativity this world is a super dull and boring place to be living in.

This is a great video by John Spencer

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