11 February 2019

New Focus for 2019

This year I have made some decisions with my photography.  I have shot all kinds of things in my journey with cameras.  For 2019 I want to really shoot more for myself and for creative reasons.  I love portrait work so I plan to continue shooting TFP work with people to try out creative ideas.  Also my home is for sale and we're not sure what the future holds or where we may move.

I really want to try to focus on a mix of art, photography and make it a personal project to focus on creating stronger images, ideas and push my creativity with it.  Basically going back to school with myself as the teacher.  I am going to revamp my website and social media to reflect this personal journey.  Please hang out and check in from time to time to see how this turns out for me.  I am thankful for friends and family that support me and of course the amazing wife that supports my creative escapades.  I might also try to increase my work on YouTube and create more video work.

Of course I may read this in 2020 and realize I didn't do anything I wrote here but it's good to have goals. :)

I will share the most recent creative edit that will give you a taste of where I want to go this year with my photography and art.  MODEL is MJ and she loves Dr.Who....so this was inspired by her outfit and sonic screwdriver she had.

~ MJ ~

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