05 November 2018

~ November 2018 Update ~

I have neglected you BLOG.....time write something new.  So here is a bit of an update.  I am currently fighting off a nasty old cold.  It wasn't fun, sick for a few days but I am on the mend.  Photography has gotten to be SO SO SO slow.  I am not shooting much TFP anymore and have been actually enjoying art a LOT lately.  Watercolor paints are so much fun and I am trying to spend more time with art.  I have also been playing a lot of Call of Duty (Black Ops 4) on my xbox one x.

I am hoping to get my studio lights up one day soon and find a model or two to come shoot here.  I think in a few more days this cold should be gone, just in time for my November break.  Tomorrow in the United States I am HOPING Americans can get it right and vote out some of those moron Republicans.  For me it comes down to tomorrow, if they don't go with the BLUE wave then it will tell the world that America is this toxic and Trump does represent current American values and attitudes...which is seriously sad if that happens.

My photography shares today are from the FLICKR feed, which has just updated it's PRO account.  It's a bit more pricey but I am so impressed with it's features.  Unlimited full sized images and a few more nice features for professional photographers.  I have used 500px less and less over the last few years.  I kinda have a soft spot for FLICKR as I was on it from pretty much the beginning of these photography shenanigans.  So back to the photos for today...these are some sunset pics, shot only a few minutes away from my house.

~ LIFE ~ ~ LIFE ~ ~ LIFE ~ ~ LIFE ~

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