25 April 2012

~ 10 Years today!!!! ~


~ April 25 ~

Seems like time has flown....to be here waking up to a 10 year Anniversary.  Life speeding by and a Wednesday that will be busy with work.  However as busy as life gets and as busy as it seems, it is all manageable and tolerable because of that 4 letter word.  :)  LOVE!!! :)  

There are times when life stresses you out, times when you feel angry at the world....but having the support and love makes a world of difference.  I am not going to get all emotional and write all my feelings down about love.    The reason I love art and photography is it expresses visually the things I struggle to say with my words.  So rather than me trying to wax eloquent about my feelings, I'll post some images that are special to me and make me think warm and fuzzy thoughts about my amazing wife.  

~ Valentines Day 45/365 ~ ~ 115/365 8 Years ~ ~ 43/365 Jenn and Nahla ~ ~ 182/365 Canada Day ~

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