25 February 2009

~ Wednesday ~

Feb. is almost done, YAY, getting so close to spring, I can't wait to get outside more with my camera. I am going to hit that vagabond II like a madman this year. I got it kind of late in the year last year and did not really get much play in with it. I think my challenge with it will be learning to meter it and using natural light mixed with strobe. I did okay learning to use my 430ex but that helped because it was in sync with my 40d, the alien bee's are going to be under moi control. So it'll be up to me to get it "right".....but that is the fun of photography. You get those "happy" surprises sometimes and it just turns out right.

I think my goals this summer season are going to be:

  • more nature
  • more natural light and strobe shots
  • hopefully more male models (still don't have enough in my portfolio)
  • more couples (wanna try some new ideas of shooting couples for my port)
  • more babies, heheheh (practice for when I have one and for my port)
  • more kids
  • more pets/animals (maybe) hehehe, if I can get away from shooting my kittens
  • Hmmmm, that's a long list, I prob will never get through :P

~ Shantelle ~