03 October 2011

World Photo Walk 2011 - The Lonely Man

I attended my 2nd straight World Photo Walk.  It is a challenge to get together with a group of photographers and walk for a few hours and try and find a magical shot.  You never know what you will discover but that is part of the fun.  I enjoy looking for those special moments.  I think a highlight from this walk was shooting what appeared to me to be a homeless man sitting against a wall.  He had a bag beside him with what looked to be his belongings and he was reading something.  I had my 40D with my 70-200 on so I aimed and fired.  It wasn't until I was on lightroom reviewing the images that I realized how special this shot was.  I processed it as a black and white and tone mapped it using photomatix.  I also realized he was reading a cell phone manual.  Probably one of those pay as you go phones from a convenience store.  To me this image is really reflective on our society.  We have elevated cell phones to the point where everyone has to HAVE one.  Really makes me think when I see this image about technology and how it is really a big part of our lives.

~ Lone Man ~
~ Lonely Man ~

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