18 June 2010

~ 169/365 Nahla Pearl ~

So I am hoping to get a 7D camera. Vistek in Edmonton is an awesome place to buy gear and they matched a price for me. I am so excited. The battery grip, a battery and my WONDERFUL 7D that I have been wanting. Now my Canon family will be a G9, 40D and my top of the line 7D. I am excited for this camera. Video is something I REALLY REALLY want to start exploring and getting in to. I hope this will be a good investment and allow me to keep being creative and pushing myself to learn more. Photography is amazing and video is something I really want to get in to next. THANKS to my loving Mom and Dad for helping me get this so soon. I will be paying them back tenfold. I get to see them end of the month!!! Can't wait. I am going to be going PICTURE crazy this summer.
-Randy~ 169/365 Nahla Pearl ~

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