16 March 2010

~ 75/365 Nahla Discovers the Outside World ~

~ Nahla Pearl 75/365 ~
Nahla sat by my computer in the office looking outside at the world. I opened the window and she was loving breathing in fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature. She sat for a long time looking out.....I grabbed my 70-200 called out her name and voilla, 75/365 is done!!!!
What a beautiful day, the snow in my front yard is quickly disappearing. This time of year though looks SO gross and dirty. Lots of brown and rotten things underneath that pure white snow we have been looking at for the last few months. I can't wait for the April showers to do add more green and clean up a little the dirt that seems to be covering everything. Mother Nature is awesome!!! :) I can't wait to start exploring this earth again with my camera. :)

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