23 February 2009

~ Older Shots ~

Sometimes, (okay a LOT of times) I like to go back and edit from previous shoots. It is what makes me happy, I guess it's my form of artistic expression and a lot cleaner then getting out the acrylic paints and making a mess. Here is a shot of Shantelle I took awhile back. I used my 430ex and used an off camera bracket for this shot. It was a LOT of fun, windy and a bit cold and Shantelle just always looks great....so I have tons of worthy images to edit from our shoots. Hopefully we can do some updated shots soon. I recently heard from her and she is interested in doing more work. I hope to do more outdoor and on location work with her. I think it'd be awesome to go out with the vagabond and go crazy. :)
~ Shantelle at Sunset ~

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Carol Kerfoot said...

OK LOVE this one too!!!