14 September 2008

Weekend is Ending

Well, the maternity shoot went great. I got to watch some football on Sunday. Also got the garage floor painted. So when winter comes the Matrix will have a nice new clean floor to drip salty snow all over. We also went to Trina's BDAY party with the Wolfe. That was a lot of fun....played charades (cringe)...ok, that part wasn't my fave but it was cool watching people be silly....(I was prob the wost).

My fantasy football did ok....although old man power favre could of helped me a bit more. I think I will be 2-0 after Monday. I also think Lindsay beat her hubby, he's gonna be mad, heehhehe. Well, another busy week ahead. Closer to Jenn's 35th bday...hope we can party it UP and not be sick. Lots of staff are sick, kids are sick, going to be tough to sneak through healthy this month. Anyway I am off, here is an edit from my shoot this weekend. Check my photography BLOG for more edits.

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