10 September 2008

Long Week

First full week of the year and my body feels drained already, however it's the middle of the week and hopefully there is light near the end of the tunnel. I am looking forward to the weekend. It's been a busy week of work and I can sense a few stressed people, including me at work so I am probably not alone in wanting the weekend to arrive sooner then later.
I do have problems getting out the door to work. My sweet little kitty Nahla cuddles up in my lap when I check email and now she is in a warm little ball on my lap, purring and cuddling. She's so warm I don't wanna get up and go anywhere, she's pretty much begging me to head back to bed and sleep the day away and right now that is a VERY tempting idea. heheheh. I could go for the cat life. :)

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Hope Walls said...

I've often envied the life of a cat. September's kicking a lot of our butts. I'm just hangin' on and trying to remember there is no destination just the ride. Giddyap.